21 February 2020

Table of Contents for Post Excon 2017

Interaction- Pinaki Niyogy, VP-CTO, TIL

There will be very good demand for our products in the coming days

Partnering India's Infrastructure growth since 1944, TIL Limited is one of the leading providers of a wide range of infrastructure equipment that represent some of the finest in global technology. In an exclusive interview to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES, PINAKI NIYOGY, VICE PRESIDENT – CHIEF TECHNOLOGY OFFICER, TIL, gives us details on the new products launched by TIL at EXCON 2017.



Tell us about your new product launches?


We have launched the Mobiload 315, thelatest entrant from TIL in the pick-n-carry crane segment. It has a maximum capacity of 15 MT at 2.5m radius over front for pick-n-carry operations and 8 MT at 2.5 m radius for 360° slew on-tyre duties. The machine is ideal for rental, construction, mining, shipping, oil refineries, heavy industries and engineering sectors in India. And the second product is the RT 750, the latest addition to our comprehensive range of rough terrain cranes. It has a maximum capacity of 50 MT at 2.5m radius with 360° slew on outriggers and 12 MT with 360° slew on tyres. Another significant product launched at Excon 2017 is the new Hyster-TIL® ReachStacker for everyday container handling applications.  We also have 3 different types of asphalt plants. Given the kind of activities that are happening in the Roads sector in India, we expect the demand for our products to increase significantly going forward.Earlier, policy makers favoured concrete roads because the longevity of concrete roads was considered to be high. But now we are gradually realising that asphalt roads are equally good. In the US asphalt roads are used because asphalt can be recycled much better than concrete. The Astec hot mix asphalt plants being offered by TIL for customers in India can recycle 50 per cent of the Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP) and produce warm mix asphalt of upto 220 tons per hour (TPH). Until now, the demand for such large plants was low because national highways were being done mostly in concrete, but I am sure that as policies are reviewed, we will come back to asphalt roads in a big way. Accordingly, we have plans to launch a 120 TPH parallel flow asphalt plant, the Nomad, in India. Needless to say, we have a very high level focus on the asphalt plant line of our business. TIL is the only company in India that has the design and technology capabilities to manufacture the entire gamut of material handling and port equipment, viz. – an extensive range of mobile cranes (industrial cranes, truck mounted cranes, rough terrain cranes, all terrain cranes), lattice boom crawler cranes, rubber-tyre gantry cranes, reach stackers, container handlers, forklifts, hot mix asphalt plants, crushing & screening solutions. Our products have diverse applications across jobs and sectors– be it container handling, material handling, construction, road building, cement, steel, paper, irrigation, etc. Even the Hyster  TIL®ReachStacker, which is the product of choice for everyday container handling operations with a capacity of close to 45 tons, can be used for very heavy-duty industrial pick-and-carry operations.




What are the main challenges still afflicting this sector?


Indian crane manufacturing companies have been traditionally geared to focusing on volumes, i.e. predicting the future demand for machines and ramping up production accordingly. But going forward, the primary issue will be the lifting capacity of these cranes. In India the largest crane segment is the pick-and-carry segment of 15 tons capacity with most companies focusing on capacities of 20 – 40 tons in the upper range. So there will be a challenge in the event that the demand for even higher capacity machines picks up suddenly and substantially, which we believe will be the case in India. When that happens, we will have to once again depend on imports. So that’s the challenge we are going to see in the future when more and more demand is going to arise for the bigger machines. The other side of this challenge is that until and unless the demand for these big machines stabilizes in a long term sustainable way, the component manufacturers are not going to come and set up their factories in India. And consequently, the availability of components will also be a big challenge for us in the  future. But yes, the volumes are going to increase manifold and companies will need to have forward-looking investment plans in place. Today, the total demand for cranes is around 8000 machines. If you compare that with China, 4 years ago, the demand was for 36000 machines and the demand was mostly for the higher capacity machines.If you look at TIL, we have 2 factories and a land bank of 300 acres that we acquired specifically for the sake of future expansion. Going forward, if we find that the demand is sustainable, we will continue to invest. We already have the land, which is one of the biggest assets for any company that seeks to expand and diversify. So we are adequately ready as far as infrastructure is concerned.




What is the reason that the demand is lacking for the high capacity machines?
Presently, the demand for high capacity machines seems to be lacking because high-end machines cannot be used everywhere. For example, in case of an asphalt plant of 220 TPH capacity (which is very popular in the US), our market surveys had shown that with such a machine in deployment, the rates at which asphalt roads can be built in India will be significantly better. Then suddenly, there was a shift in policy and the Government decided to focus more on concrete roads. So naturally, that posed a significant challenge to the proliferation of high capacity machines. That’s why I used the word sustainable. We demand has to be sustainable, with stable policies, irrespective of the government in power. Today, Amitabh Kant’s speech was very encouraging. With the various growth enablers already present and the kind of aggressive expansion strategy that the government has undertaken, we expect the demand for our products to improve considerably.

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