21 February 2020

Table of Contents for Post Excon 2017

Interaction- Rajinder Raina, General Manager- Marketing,Escorts Construction Equipment

Fuel consumption still remains a big time USP

Escorts Construction Equipment (ECE), has been ‘Making in India, and selling Globally’ long before ‘Make in India’ became popular. It is an entrenched player in Emerging Markets. In an exclusive tête-à-tête with CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES, RAJINDER RAINA, GENERAL MANAGER - MARKETING, ESCORTS CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT, foresees robust demand for his products, and identifies popular USPs among customers.


Could you throw some light on the current market scene?
It’s not only the volumes that are picking up, it’s the general sentiment that has picked up. The numbers are going up month on month as there is a sustained demand.Besides the volumes,the market is evolving on multiple fronts which augers well for the industry.


Recently there has been news about some accidents in articulation products, any comments?
See articulation products in underfoot conditions which are not fully done up, is avoidable. Even as far as metro is concerned, it’s a no-no product there. It was for one of these concerns that Escorts upgraded the Hydra to “F-Series”& “TRX-Series” cranes where travel,operational& material handling safety is fully taken care of besides the other versatilities. These “Safe” cranes are built on a dedicated platform using the aggregates used in a commercial vehicle which makes it that much safer.
This crane that Escorts unveiled today,at EXCON 17,is designed keep in view primarilythe Smart cities that are going to up up in immediate future.
Almost 90 per cent Smart city projects are brownfield, all existing cities are being retrofitted as so room for manoeuvring is very small/confined spaces, so we designed the crane with very small footprint, not compromised on lift, or range, everything we have kept the same.The low turning radius of the crane is its USP.
For example,to make Pune a smart city, the size is already fixed, you can’t move buildings around, so you need machines which can provide a good fit in such conditions.


What are the 3 main differentiators that separate your products from competition?
If you ask me, fuel consumption still remains a big time USP, because it constitutes around 60 per cent of the total cost of operation. Second point, emission norms are going to be in place, with strict adherence to that, government is not going to give any leeway. We ran into trouble five months back when they almost clubbed us with motor vehicle segment. It took us almost one and a half month to declutch ourselves from there. But with the dates now defined for meeting next level of emission norms, everyone is gearing up to meet the requirements. This in fact will enhance fuel economy further, which customers are looking for. Third point is the operator comfort, fit and finish, earlier people never used to pay for these attributes of the product in this segment. But today it has become a differentiator. Last but not the least, safety as a point of differentiation has picked up.


What new products are in the pipeline?
As of today we are going to consolidate on cranes and compactors. Backhoe we have two of them. The other product in Backhoe Loaders we launched recently is for the export market. It is fitted with an imported Perkins engine to ensure backup outside of India.


Your feedback on EXCON 2017?
We are happy with the response we got at EXCON. Our decision to participate came about late,but I think it was well worth it.What gives me confidence is that the mood across all the players/exhibitors is gung-ho. So the feel good factor is palpable.

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