21 February 2020

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Interaction- Sachin Nijhawan, Vice President & Business Head, Mahindra Construction Equipment

G75 delivers zero compromise grading

Every time Mahindra CE decided to develop a new product, they spoke to their extensive client base to know what tech specs they wanted. True to its innovative DNA, it has developed a disruptive product. In an exclusive interview to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES
SACHIN NIJHAWAN, VICE PRESIDENT, & BUSINESS HEAD, MAHINDRA CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT, talks about their new product launch, and introduces an upgraded version of their BHL which is already loading increasing market share.


Could you give us a brief overview of your launches at Excon?
We mark our foray into the fast growing road construction equipment segment with the launch of our Mahindra RoadMaster G75 Motor Grader and the expansion of our existing range of backhoe loaders with our first higher horse power variant,  the SX90 under the aegis of our established brand EarthMaster.
The RoadMaster G75 has been specially designed and developed in India after an in-depth understanding of the needs of the road contractor fraternity. The G75 is powered by a 79 HP DiTEC engine developed by Mahindra, which is coupled with a 3 m (10 ft) wide blade. It is fully equipped to withstand India's rough terrain and heavy usage conditions. This product will free contractors from using outdated sub-optimal methods and opt for mecahnised solutions at affordable prices. This product is specially aimed to meet the grading needs for large government flagship programs as Pradhan Mantri Gram SadakYogna and Smart City, as well as for major district roads, other district roads, border roads, rural roads, hilly areas, and widening of state and national highways. It is also well suited for applications such as embankment or earthwork, for laying of railway tracks, and levelling of large plots for industrial construction.
Our second product, the higher horsepower, Mahindra EarthMaster SX90 is a rugged and versatile backhoe which is set to deliver excellent output at the lowest cost of operations. It is well suited for construction, demolition, loading and excavation operations. It is also apt for multiple applications with a wide range of applications available. It is powered by a 90 HP 4915-IA-CEV engine developed by Mahindra.


How are these products different from the products already available in the market?
Our RoadMaster G75 is optimized to deliver zero compromise grading at 33 per cent cost, as compared to conventional motor graders. What we're saying is, ‘it will do 50 per cent of the work, in one third the cost, with same quality,’ of a large motorgrader. So a normal motorgrader costs anywhere between Rs.80to Rs.120lakh. For this we have an all-India one price of Rs.33 lakh. Our Roadmaster G75 has undergone over 6,000 hours of rigorous testing in the harshest of terrains and for the toughest of applications. It has been validated on all performance, safety, and reliability, parameters and is backed by Mahindra's dealer sales and service network covering over 400 districts. We are confident that this product will prove to be a game changer in the market.
EarthMaster SX90, our backhoe loader, uses the revolutionary specially developed Mahindra DITEC Engine, which helps save over 10 per cent diesel when compared to other standard backhoe loaders. Its DiGiSensesystem, an intelligent communication system, keeps the person in charge informed in real-time about the machine through regular mobile phone based SMS updates. With this, our customers can have complete information like daily work reports, or warnings like low fuel, filter clogging, engine oil pressure, and hence control their business in the most efficient manner possible. They can manage the entire fleet of machines remotely, i.e. from the comforts of their office/home, or even while in transit. Also we are the only company coming up with innovative attachments, which are the first in the industry.
Plus its robust one-piece structure, Best-in-Class hydraulic forces, durable transmission, extended banana boom and longer loader arm, give the SX90 an unassailable advantage over its counterparts. Plus a big spacious cabin that allows easy access and new ergonomically designed cluster for better accessibility, it provides for Best-in-Class operator comfort. Its backhoe end provides for quick excavation cycle time and higher digging forces leading to higher productivity.  So our backhoe is not just a backhoe. It is a versatile machine. We can truly call it the ‘Next Generation Backhoe Loader.’
Besides this, both products offer State-of-the-Art technology at affordable prices, unmatched quality, superior style, operator comfort, and its innovative telematics technology – DiGiSENSE. Plus they come with a one year, unlimited hours warranty, eliminating the customer’s anxiety when it comes to expensive repairs.
So both our products are path-breaking in their range.


When is production expected to start?
Regular production will start from February and March 2018.


What are the other products being showcased here?
Apart from theSX90, other models in the EarthMaster series displayed at EXCON 2017 include standard variant VX, which comes with joystick operation, SXL,  the front-end loader with extended arm, and the new concept DrillX, a unique solution for piling applications.
Coupled with state-of-the-art technology that is affordable, unmatched quality, superior style and operator comfort this equipment is optimised to deliver zero compromise piling at 50per cent, as compared to conventional solutions.
The products comes with a one year, unlimited hours warranty, eliminating the customer’s anxiety when it comes to expensive repairs. The Mahindra Construction Equipment are being manufactured at Mahindra's State-of-the-Art facility at Chakan, Pune. Mahindra's Product Development team has utilised extensive consumer insight and feedback to develop this product, which is built to withstand India's rough terrain and heavy usage. In addition, the products offer all the relevant features using the latest vehicle systems and technologies at competitive prices.


Are all these products developed in-house?
Allproducts have been designed and developed at our State-of-the-Art facility at Chakan, backed up by a grueling testing regime, and sourcing of the best components. In fact everything showcased at our pavilion is indigenously developed. So we are offering latest vehicle systems and technologies at competitive prices. It is truly, ‘Made in India, and Made for India’.


How was the response at EXCON?
We are getting a lot of traction for all our products, and we are very happy with the response.

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