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Spotlight- Dillinger Group

The Dillinger Group’s Evolution, 330 years


The Dillinger Group is made up of a series of top-ranking companies which together provide maximum quality and best possible service in the field of heavy plate. This applies to both, the work of our integrated iron-and-steel plant, to the production of coke and smelting of iron by Zentralkokerei Saar GmbH and ROGESA Roheisengesellschaft Saar mbH, two subsidiaries owned jointly with Saarstahl AG, and to the production of liquid steel and semi-fabricates. Heavy plate is produced at two locations, Dillinger Hütte, in Dillingen, and Dillinger France, in Dunkirk.


In addition, our trading, flame-cutting, and semi-fabrication affiliates provide further downstream services and customised solutions for sales, plus semi-fabrication of heavy plates, and other steel products. The 2014 business year also witnessed the inauguration of Steelwind Nordenham GmbH, a 100 per cent Dillinger subsidiary specialising in the production of monopiles for the offshore wind-energy market.


EUROPIPE GmbH, the world's leading producer of pipes for oil and natural gas pipelines, with locations in Germany and the USA, was founded in Mülheim on the Ruhr, as a 50 per cent subsidiary of Dillinger, specifically for the production of pipes from pipe-making plates in 1991.


The Dillinger steel service centers keep more than 100,000 t of Dillinger heavy plates for fast ex-stock deliveries. Thus, you have access to a wide range of grades, an extensive stock list, and also extraordinary dimensions. Further services as stock logistics, cutting, weld edge preparation, machining, fabrication of welded components, and heat treatment, complete the service package and satisfy your specific needs of prefabrication.


Europe's leading producer of heavy plates for more than 300 years, Dillinger has focused on that one very special material for heavy fabrication–steel. Its production demands both strength and skill, but those who understand and master it are rewarded with outstanding properties, as demonstrated by Dillinger over 300 years. Steel is thousands of years old, but is still full of undiscovered new potentials. It is precisely this which motivates Dillinger to redefine industry Standards again and again. The Group is focused on applications of steel in heavy fabrication.


Its lightweight fabrication is cost-efficient: Ever thinner and thus lighter plates with ever higher mechanical strengths are used to reduce moving loads for resources-efficiency reasons. Lighter, more slender structures can be fabricated with fewer welds and thus require less welding time.


For Ultra-heavy loads like lifting equipment and mining machinery it manufactures ultra-high force steel with ever higher mechanical strengths with extremely high plate thicknesses.


In context of Safety, Dillinger’s ultra-high safety Standards apply in applications that are, both economically and ecologically, extremely sensitive, such as offshore oil and gas production. The demands made on the plates used in terms of, toughness reserves, and internal cleanness, are then enormous. These plates need, not only mechanical strength, but also extreme toughness to ensure safety against fracture.


  • 1685 Ironworks founded by the Marquis de Lenoncourt on the instructions of Louis XIV
  • 1804 First plate rolled at Dillingen
  • 1809 Germany's first joint-stock corporation
  • 1835 The Dillingen Platemaker's Gauge becomes the recognised Standard throughout Europe
  • 1948 Dillinger is a co-founder of SOLLAC
  • 1961 Commissioning of the world's first continuous slab caster
  • 1981 ROGESA and ZKS founded
  • 1985 Commissioning of a 5.5 m four-high rolling mill
  • 1991 Founding of EUROPIPE, jointly with Mannesmann and GTS Industries
  • 1992 Integration of the GTS Industries heavy-plate mill
  • 1998 The world's first continuous slab caster for slab thicknesses up to 400 mm and featuring Soft Reduction
  • 2010 The world's thickest slab: 450 mm!
  • 2014 GTS Industries becomes Dillinger France
  • 2014 Steelwind Nordenham founded
  • 2016 New vertical continuous caster CC6 sets innovative Standards in all dimensions


Product Profile

Dillidur and Dilllimax grades can be supplied in following grades:

Wear Resistant Steel







Ultra High Strength Steel





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