Wednesday, September 23, 2020

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Spotlight- Everest Engineering Eqipment

Fully galvanized men & material hoist

EVEREST ENGINEERING EQUIPMENT PVT LTD., will be launching the GJJ fully galvanized men and material hoist (Passenger Hoist) in this EXCON 2017, with very economical pricing. This is the most wanted equipment launch in the construction Industry for multistoried buildings, cement plant, steel plant, refinery, power plant, and dams. P V RAMDEV, MD, EVEREST ENGINEERING EQUIPMENT PVT LTD, elaborates on the USP of their new product.


To overcome all these problems, as well as to increase the life span of the men and material hoist, we are launching this fully galvanized hoist which will be welcomed by Indian construction Industry.

“We will also display anti-collision systems for tower cranes in this EXCON, which can be fitted on any make/model of tower cranes. The collision between tower cranes and nearby structures are quiet common phenomena at construction sites. These collisions are a safety hazard at site, and sometime become fatal and delays the project. Our anti-collision systems are specifically designed for Indian site conditions with a ground monitoring and data upload system through radio control with Government of India specified frequencies for crane control.” 


About Everest: It is notable that recently

Everest Engineering Equipment Pvt Ltd., bagged an order for 62 units of 12t flat top tower crane from construction major BG SHIRKE, which is the biggest tower crane order in the history of tower cranes. With this order Everest has supplied 158 units of tower cranes to the pre-cast building industry in India within a span of 3-4 years.

Already with its vast experience, professional skills, and prompt services, Everest has been able to achieve higher levels of growth pattern during the past two years. Apart from standard solutions to fit customer requirement, Everest experts can offer customer solutions like tower cranes for 200m and above heights. Passenger Hoists to fit inside the lift shaft, High Speed Passenger Hoists for 200m – 600m heights to suit the customers’ special and specific requirement.


For More details: Please visit our stall

B40, Hall 4, between Dec 12-16, at EXCON 2017, Bangalore, India.


Importance of hot dip galvanized men/material hoists

We have observed with our vast experience of 28 years in this Industry, that most of the hoists are supplied with painted cage, mast, wall tie, etc, and are getting quickly rusted due to the sprayer of curing water everywhere in the concrete structures and the monsoon season, especially at project sites at the sea level where the rusting is very rapid and uncontrollable due to high moisture content in the atmosphere.

The rusting of cage and other parts endanger the passengers in the hoist, because many-a-times the rust crosses the corrosion allowance and thinning allowance limits. Most of the end-users do not realise the seriousness of excess rusting of cage, mast, wall ties, and other parts.

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