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INteraction- Pravin Patel, CMD, Spantech Engineering Industries

Our machines are simple to operate and maintain

This is a company attuned to the shift to TCO in Buyer preference. In an exclusive interview to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES, PRAVIN PATEL, CMD, SPANTECH ENGINEERING INDUSTRIES discusses their marketing strategy and expectations at the forthcoming trade fair.


Tell us about your Manufacturing Base in India. Do you practise Lean Manufacturing? What is your current level on the Six Sigma (6σ) scale?

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is in Vadodara, Gujarat. We have all the latest technology equipments to make sure that our manufacturing quality is very high. Lean Manufacturing, yes we do practice Lean Manufacturing principles. The professionals from industry will know that, lean focus tremendously on waste reduction. We continuously monitor and eliminate wastage by adopting lean principles. We also insist the same at supplier’s end to ensure that we have the right product at right quality at right time with right cost.

We are now implementing Lean six sigma. There are many projects under execution now. I am sure all our efforts will benefit our customers to improve their construction quality and timely completion with a robust, reliable machine from us.



Cutting edge Smart Technology featured in your machines.

We have adopted the best technology in our machines to make sure that our customers have the best machine in terms of quality and price. Our machine’s look and performance proves this. We have adopted a zero compromise stand for our machine quality and performance, be it machining, fabrication, or surface finish. The eye for details is something we are really proud for. We are very proud to say that our machine is a world class one and our customers approve this.



Green environment friendly technology in your products.

Even though our products are environmental friendly, we still tried to improve upon it. For example the oil we use in our machine is a very special one, with four years of long life. It means, the customers need not to change the oil up to four years. It is a huge advantage for our customers in terms of reduced down time and reduced disposal of used oil.




Major demands made by end-users of your equipment. Is there a shift from initial cost price to TCO in Buyer Decisions? Importance of Aftermarket Services.

Our machines are simple to operate and maintain. This is one of the major expectations from an end user. We constantly interact with end users to understand their views and to get suggestions for further improvements. At construction site, we don’t expect an educated operator to operate our machine. Hence it should be simple to operate and easy to maintain. We ensured it through our design.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is still not very clearly understood by many of our customers. Many of the customers still consider the initial cost only. When a customer purchase a machine with less initial cost he may be happy at that point of time, but he may not even know very clearly what was the money spent to maintain the equipment. The down time causes the delay in completing the project which must be multi folds of the equipment cost. We hope the shift from Initial cost to TCO in Buyer decision will come soon.

After sales, is our major strength after the Product Quality and Reliability. We believe in being with customer whenever they need. We also provide a service to our equipments at fixed intervals, whether customer calls us or not. We believe maintaining the equipment in good condition is our responsibility. Customers prefer us because of this approach.



Do you practice ‘Make in India and Sell Globally,’ use your India manufacturing base to supply the global market.

Yes, of course. Very soon, we will start our exports to various countries. And we are also taking participation in upcoming events outside India. We are very sure that we can be competitive with very high quality.

Your assessment of India’s manufacturing policy; to what extent does it foster growth of your company.

The objective of the National Manufacturing Policy is to enhance the share of manufacturing in GDP to 25 per cent within a decade and increase the rate of job creation in manufacturing to create 100 million additional jobs by 2022. Government of India has designed specific policy instruments to achieve this objective. We are exploring and taking benefits of these schemes to foster the growth.



What distinguishes your products vis-a-vis the competition? What is your current market share in all your product categories?

Our products are unique in terms of its High Quality, Performance, and Aesthetics. All our customers appreciated it many times repeatedly. Our unique design gives a peace of mind to our customers for its reliable performance. Eye for details and zero tolerance on compromise is our key differentiators. By end of 2018, we are planning to capture more than 50 per cent market share in this segment.



Impact of GST on your company.

100 days of implementation of GST is a good milestone to reflect back, it is still not enough to give any verdict on either success or failure. Industry has been largely supportive of GST. The provision of Input Tax Credit (ITC) in the GST will be beneficial for the construction and infrastructure sector. We hope our customers can reap the benefit of this.  It is encouraging the way GST Council has been monitoring the on-ground situation and is cognizant of issues faced by the industry.



Your outlook of the market. Which sectors will be the major demand drivers?

We are Optimistic about the market. Sales and forecast for construction equipment from 2013-2018 predicts an annual growth of 10 per cent. With Government of India focusing on infrastructure development, we feel this will happen.



Give us an understanding of your company’s performance this year and your outlook going forward?

We are very happy with our progress so far. Our customers are very Happy. We are continuously developing new products to serve the industry. We are adding three products and will be launching in EXCON 2017. The journey will continue.



As an exhibitor, what are your expectations at EXCON ’17?

EXCON, being a very important and renowned show, we believe it enhances our brand value. The major purpose is to network with our customers and showcase our capability. We are sure both these objectives will be met.

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