Saturday, October 24, 2020

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Interaction- Rajesh Kawoor, Senior Vice President, Universal Heavy Engineering Division, Universal Construction Machinery & Equipment

Our machines perform with highest accuracy


This company has been practicing “Make in India and Sell Globally,” with a strong manufacturing base in India. In an exclusive interview to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES,  RAJESH KAWOOR, SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT, UNIVERSAL HEAVY ENGINEERING DIVISION, UNIVERSAL CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY & EQUIPMENT LTD., highlights the smart technology and green virtues of their machines.



Tell us about your Manufacturing Base in India. Do you practise Lean Manufacturing? What is your current level on the Six Sigma (6σ) scale?

Universal has three manufacturing bases in India. One is based at Shivare, near Pune, second at Shindewadi (near Pune), Satara District, and third at Rudrapur, Uttarakhand. We follow the lean Lean Manufacturing practices. As far as Six Sigma is concerned, we are working on it.



Cutting edge Smart Technology featured in your machines.

We are adopting the latest technology available in the market. We have adopted similar or better technology which is adopted in various machines manufactured by the top machine manufacturers in the world. We are using Scada/PLC technology in our controls of the machines. With these controls most of our machines can be monitored remotely. We are also using the best of assemblies and components which are used globally. With the adoption of the smart technology, our machines perform with the highest accuracy.



Green environment friendly technology in your products.

We have adopted all the prime movers which are pollution free or below all the emission norms. During the operation of our machines there is no wastage, so the end user does not have to worry about the waste management for our Equipment. Also most of the range of our machines have adopted zero emission designs.



Major demands made by end-users of your equipment. Is there a shift from initial cost price to TCO in Buyer Decisions? Importance of Aftermarket Services.

Yes we are experiencing the shift from initial cost to TCO by the buyers. Currently most of the users are working out the TCO for the total life of the machines before taking a decision. Aftermarket Services are very important in the construction equipment Industry. In construction industry, the deadlines for completing the project is reducing day by day. As all the machines are working on the projects continously, the demand for prompt after sales service is increasing. Without after sales services, the machines will hamper the progress of the project, which will then incur heavy losses.



Do you practice ‘Make in India and Sell Globally,’ use your India manufacturing base to supply the global market.

Yes, we are practicing “Make in India and Sell Globally.” As we are manufacturing the machines for more than 35 years, all our machines are totally manufactured in India. We produce most of the components in-house. We are using our manufacturing base to supply to the global market for many years.


Your assessment of India’s manufacturing policy, to what extent does it foster growth of your company.

India’s current manufacturing policy is comfortable for the manufacturers. Due to the current policy, our company has made substantial development in our infrastructure, which has helped us make a good positive growth.



What distinguishes your products vis-à-vis the competition? What is your current market share in all your product categories?

The products manufactured by Universal have adopted the technology which is always one step ahead of the products available in the market. The manufacturing processes adopted by Universal guarantees the quality of the equipment. In our equipment, there is a substantial quantity of steel and lot of cutting and welding is required. To cater to the high demand of cutting and welding, Universal has invested heavily on the automatic profile cutting machines and German and Japanese welding robots. We have adopted the user friendly, but latest controls on our machines, which ensure zero error during operation of our machines. The aggregates used in our machines are of highest quality used worldwide.



Impact of GST on your company.

As far as Universal is concerned, there was no major impact on our company. In fact in some areas we have been benefitted due to the uniform GST across India. During implementation there were some issues which were not so serious.



Your outlook of the market. Which sectors will be the major demand drivers?

We are very positive that the market will improve substantially in the near future. As we see that more emphasis is given to infrastructure sector, the major growth will come from this sector. Currently many projects are being awarded in the roads and highway sector and the demand for construction equipment is already on the rise.



Give us an understanding of your company’s performance this year and your outlook going forward?

Our Company’s performance is getting better day by day. We have also introduced some equipment in our portfolio and this has supported the performance of our company. With the changing dynamics of the market, we are going forward with a positive outlook.




Universal, a leading Indian manufacturer of concrete equipment has set up the “UNIVERSAL HEAVY ENGINEERING DIVISION” by adopting latest production processes and quality controls confirming to International Standards, it will cater to growing demand for higher capacity concrete batching and mixing plants (45 cum/Hr. to 240 cum/Hr. capacity).  Out of three manufacturing facilities across India spread over 37 acres, this division has been allocated 15 acres for manufacturing of higher capacity Concrete Batching and Mixing Plants at Shivare, Pune.  Its R&D center uses latest design software for designing larger capacity equipments, and has heavily invested in German and Japanese Robotic Welding Systems. It uses latest Quality Control Equipment/Instruments to achieve highest Quality as per International norms.

Universal’s Technical and Development team works closely with customers to understand their requirements for better products with better technology. Based on the feedback from the Customers and through internal discussions our Technical and R&D Team works to introduce latest user friendly features. They also work with our Vendors for product development.


For above 45 Cum/Hr. up to 240 Cum/Hr. concrete batching and mixing plants, Universal uses best available aggregates including advanced, user friendly, control systems, which make their machines simple without compromising on Quality and output, making them very competitive. This has also reduced maintenance costs. Universal has  standardized components from reputed proven manufacturers. Universal has also simplified the Batching and Mixing Plants to make it user friendly, which will ensure the cost benefits in the longer run. The components used by Universal have already proven their longer life.

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