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Interaction- V.G.Sakthikumar, MD, SCHWING Stetter Sales & Services

Our customer confidence on our products are unshakeable

This global concreting major is cornering maximum market share across concreting equipment verticals in India. In an exclusive interview to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES 
discusses their product line and market outlook for India.


Tell us about your Manufacturing Base in India.

One of the first companies to have ventured into the concrete equipment business in India, SCHWING Stetter India is a 100 per cent subsidiary of SCHWING GmbH, Germany, an 83 year old, $ 1 billion concreting equipment manufacturer with its headquarters in Herne, Germany.

SCHWING Group has 12 manufacturing units worldwide and is present in over 145 countries.  The company was registered in June 1998 and began operations in 1999. In 2001, it set up its own manufacturing facility at Sriperumbudur in Chennai, followed by the second facility in 2004, exclusively to manufacture truck mixers. In December 2006, the company inaugurated its third facility for concrete batching plants.

In March 2012, the company inaugurated its fourth facility for world class boom pump production to support the three existing manufacturing facilities to meet the growing demand. Manufacturing concrete equipment and non-concrete equipment in India through our “Make in India” campaign, it has always been our forte. The company is also a part of SCHWING–XCMG Group.



Green environment friendly technology in your products.

For green environment friendly technology, Stetter recycling plant RA 20 was created to solve the problem of concrete being dumped onto the ground. It could be reused with Stetter recycling plant and it can give a customer a cost saving of Rs.15 lakh in a year from the recycled concrete and recycled slurry water. Also, Schwing stationary concrete pump SP 1400 was awarded the best energy efficient machine recently. Across our entire product range, the products are made with the best of features to be energy efficient, best quality, and safety. The products by Schwing Stetter are long lasting and are easy to operate and maintain.



Major demands made by end-users of your equipment.   Is there a shift from initial cost price to TCO in Buyer Decisions? Importance of Aftermarket Services.

The customers are always knowledgeable and they are making decision based on nature of the project and their interest in doing many repeat projects to decide on a particular model of the machine. However, total cost of ownership is fast catching up and that is one of the reason in spite of being expensive, we enjoy good patronage from our customers.

We are known for a strong after-market support to the customers and that is the pillar of our relationship.



Do you practice ‘Make in India and Sell Globally,’ use your India manufacturing base to supply the global market.

We are always increasing the local content in our product to make it more competitive. It varies from product to product. But our goal is always to maximise the local content without compromising on the performance characteristics of the machine. As you are aware, our machines are now exported to more than 20 countries from India.

What distinguishes your products vis-a-vis the competition? What is your current market share in all your product categories?

Schwing Stetter’s products are reliable and long lasting. Customers prefer our products over competition because of its long standing heritage of quality, safety and energy efficiency. Our customer confidence on our products are unshakeable



Impact of GST on your company.

GST is going to be a big game changer for industry in general. We had hiccups in the transition stage and many of the customers decided to postpone their purchase hoping for rate rationalisation.

We are settling and we are invoicing machines with increase in growth after the implementation of GST.



Your outlook of the market. Which sectors will be the major demand drivers?

Current construction equipment market in India is to grow at a rate of 25per cent.Road, irrigation, ports, RMC, railways, metro rail, power (i.e) nuclear, thermal, solar, wind, hydro, gas based, real estate, and other community buildings are the major demand drivers for our product line.

We have crossed all the major chasms in terms of demonetisation and the GST implementation. The market is settling down now, and we are confident of a better outlook in the coming year as the Government of India has announced the Rs.5.35 lakh crore Bharat Mala Pariyojana to construct 34,800 km of highways. This outlay of Rs.6.92 trillion is for building an 83,677 km road network over the next five years. The concrete road construction is one of the best example which helped the growth of concreting equipment. Roads are number one sector in pushing the business growth.

More and more of these roads like national highways, expressway roads, are becoming concrete roads than asphalt roads. So, the road sector is the number one in pushing the growth of Schwing Stetter India’s business. Similarly India has in many towns, the metro rail construction in Delhi, Pune, Nagpur, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Chennai, Ahmedabad, etc going on, this sector is driving the concreting business again. In future, real estate is expected to grow further from its recent slowdown.



As an exhibitor, what are your expectations at EXCON ’17?

EXCON has provided an excellent opportunity in the previous years to showcase our new products to our existing and new customers. At Schwing Stetter, we have always paid attention to environmental issues and being a concrete equipment manufacturing company, we have always laid emphasis on indigenising products and introducing newer product range, always keeping in mind of the customer requirements. We look forward to a remarkable EXCON 2017.



Cutting edge Smart Technology featured in your machines.

Our cutting edge technologies are; hydraulically driven twin cylinder pumps, patented rock valve technology, patented mixer design technology, in-house electronics and automation wing, “EASY system” which allows the customer to use the concrete boom pump in a restricted area. A normal operation involves extension of all the four outriggers to stabilize the equipment. However, the customer has the option of using only two outriggers and stabilizing the boom in a space and still able to operate the boom with a coverage area of 141 degrees. This system is very advantageous in tight spaces. This option is very special from Schwing Group.

Schwing Stetter India consistently works on delivering products that are user friendly, Smart, and robust. When we talk about user friendliness, then the first thing that comes to our mind is software and SCHWING Stetter India is probably the only company in India who have an in-house electronics and automation department. This department is involved in design and production of control panels for our truck mixers, concrete pumps, batching plants, and so much more. Because of the in-house expertise available, with a vast experience of over 19 years in India, we are able to quickly respond to the customer needs and feedback on our equipment. Schwing Stetter India has the in-house team for both panel building and software development, and the customisation is done based on the customers’ requirements.

Our advanced control systems help the customer right from initial quotation to production planning, the production of the concrete itself and the management of mixer and pump fleet, right through to the issuing of the invoice for the concrete delivered. Besides this, the system can be integrated with peripheral equipment like weigh bridge, cement feeding system, etc. which helps the customer in correlating of various statistics for production and accounting management, inventory management/control, etc. We have not only the capability of linking our system with the customer’s ERP system, but also we provide own ERP solution for smaller customers.

Control system for smaller plants:

Our new control systems MCI55 for the smaller capacity batching plants have many added features, using the Siemens Micro PLC. This control system can help the customer operate the plant both in manual as well as in auto mode. There will be a SCADA software interface, which will be offered as an option. Besides this, there will be a touch panel, graphic mimic screen, manual and automatic moisture correcting system, and additional weigher capacities.

Control System for medium size plants:

For the medium range batching plants, we have a MCI 100 control system, again with Siemens Micro PLC, SCADA, Data Transfer and Alarm Annunciation, SMS facility giving critical alarm on production quantity, automatic moisture correcting system, and automatic calibration for weigher, online water correction for discrete and continuous mode, and many more.

Control system for higher end batching plants:

For the high end batching plants, we will introduce our New MCI550 control system. This control system will come with an automatic calibration facility for all weighers, silo changeover possibility during operation, accurate manual consumption, schedule based batching, maintenance scheduling, all kinds of statistical reports, SMS facility giving critical alarm on production quantity, PID (Proportional Integrated and Derivative Control) based batching operation, auto batch power recovery mode, authorizing based password control, plant networking, etc. This control system can also be integrated with weigh bridge measurements, and GPS facility.

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