Monday, September 21, 2020

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Interaction- Miron Thoms, Vice President & Head of Volvo Penta India

Indian OEMs benefit from our “Make in India” initiative

One crucial Brand missing in India’s manufacturing ecology was Volvo Penta, crucial because they make Best-in-Class engines, and engines are at the heart of any manufacturing ecology. In an exclusive interview to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES,
explains how their engines are geared to meeting global emission regulations so their Indian OEM clients can play in the global market.


Tell us about product line for the Indian market. In what way will your customers benefit using Penta engines?

We at Volvo Penta are not just an engine supplier but rather see ourselves as an engine partner. With our experience and synergies within the Volvo Group, from the automotive and construction segment, we share the same with our customers and partners. Volvo Penta has a focus on specific segments in order to optimise drivetrain and engine installations. Targeted segments are construction, power generation, mining, material handling, agriculture as well as special applications.

The new engine 5 l and 8 l is also designed for meeting global emission regulations based on the same base engine, offering OEMs a simple engine room design for all markets. This helps OEMs to reduce R&D costs and reduce variants. These are benefits for Indian OEMs for both, domestic as well as global demands and support Volvo Penta’s strategy to accelerated growth in India.



What benefits have you reaped by setting up a manufacturing base in India? What is the response from the market?

In April 2017, Volvo Penta started the production of the new engine platform, 5- and 8-litre industrial engines, at the VE Powertrain (VEPT) plant in Pithampur, India. The first response from our Indian customers has been very positive.

Indian OEMs benefit from our “Make in India” initiative due to shorter lead times, reduced freight and duty expenses. Also we are now closer to our customers and proud to produce in India.

The new engine platform manufactured in Pithampur offers low fuel consumption and improved reliability. To even further improve uptime our engine portfolio is backed up by Volvo Penta’s efficient service network and world leading parts distribution system available in India.



Tell us about your engine platform and their targeted business verticals?

The Volvo Group has decided to reduce the engine platform to 5 base engines, 5 L, 8 L, 11 L, 13 L and 16 L displacement. Except the D5 4 cylinder engine all engines have an inline 6 configuration.

The 5-liter and 8-liter engine ranging from 105 kW to 235 kW are made in India.

11-liter, 13-liter, and 16-liter are available from 235 kW to a maximum rating of 565 kW. For the power generation segment, Volvo Penta offers 85 kVA to 650 kVA. The most powerful 650 kVA rated TWD1653GE is certified for CPCB2 can be operated as standard in ambient temperatures as high as 52 °C. This engine is the most powerful engine for power generation in its displacement class.



Importance of Aftermarket Services as a Strategic Differentiator.

Volvo Penta is continuously improving its Aftermarket network and increasing the number of touch points in India. Today we are present at 61 locations with 85+ touch points throughout the country. Our regional warehouse and parts distribution Centre is located in Bangalore and offers customers high parts availability. Volvo Penta provides global aftermarket support in 130 countries to support OEMs to trade in both, the domestic and export markets.

We continuously train our dealers and technicians to further improve their competence levels. To further support our ambitious growth strategy Volvo Penta is establishing a new exclusive training center coming up in Bangalore soon.

In addition to our White, Blue, Silver, and Gold, service agreements, we have various soft offers which are served to customers through our dealers. One example is the Volvo Penta Oil Analysis, a preventive maintenance tool which helps to stay one step ahead by increasing uptime.

Also the new Volvo Penta Action Service is now available for end customers around the world in 18 languages, 24X7.

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