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Interaction- Karoly Repas, Senior VP- Marketing & Technical, Lubricants, Total Oil India

Guarantee of a long term commitment to quality

This is a brand known for its quality products, a DNA which comes from developing lubricants for almost a century. Total is the world’s fourth-largest oil and gas company, and has products across applications, segments, and sectors. It has also developed strategic assets in India which go beyond oil & gas, into solar energy and CSR. Total's operations in India include Marketing & Services, Gas & Power, New Energies, and Refining & Chemicals. Total India’s Technical Centre underlines its commitment to better energy in the Asia-Pacific region. The global major has been lubricating the Indian market since 1993, under TOTAL and ELF brands. In an exclusive interview to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES, KAROLY REPAS, SENIOR VP- MARKETING & TECHNICAL, LUBRICANTS, TOTAL OIL INDIA PVT LTD, showcases their product line and discusses the global market for lubricants.



What are the latest market trends in mining?

Equipment for new mining projects, and equipment already operational in the mining industry, such as mining drills and breakers, crushing, pulverizing and screening equipment, are used under extreme temperature and pressure, and require regular lubrication. Hence, growth of the mining industry acts as a major driver for the mining lubricants market. Increase in the demand for coal in electricity generating applications, and the growing demand for base metals such as copper, nickel, lead, zinc, iron and others are also fuelling the demand for mining lubricants.

The increased demand for better quality mining lubricants acts as a driver for the market.

Higher quality products that can sustain under extreme temperatures and pressures are preferred by the mining industry. Most manufacturers of mining lubricants focus towards the development of products that are anti-oxidant, waterproof, rust preventive, and non-toxic.



How do you assess the demand for lubricants in mining?

To evaluate the demand for lubricants in mining, we deploy multiple methodologies. The two elements that help us to assess our sales projections is accounting the projected growth in the mining sector and the projected growth in production of output.

Due to the rise in prices of raw material and fuel, the construction & mining equipment industry is facing cost pressures thereby generating the need to lower the total cost of operations. Moreover, there are challenges in implementing some aspects that have established themselves in the western world. On the other hand, there is a visible shift towards adoption of world-class technology for better fuel efficiency, higher productivity and profitability. We at Total, offer a wide array of unique solutions such as energy efficient lubricants, long drain engine and hydraulic oils for equipment manufacturers and users. The usage of these cost effective products & services enhance equipment life and has a lasting benefit on the environment as well.

What is the year-on-year growth you project for lubricants in mining?

The mining lubricants market in India was valued at $120.3 million in 2016, and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.4 per cent from 2017 to 2022. The Indian mining lubricants market is the second-largest in Asia- Pacific. Growth of this market is due to the significant efforts made by the Indian government, to accelerate the growth of the mining industry through speedy clearances and transparent auctions.



What are the new products and solutions offered by your company for mining equipment?

At Total we offer mining lubricants in mineral as well as synthetic categories for all types of equipment functions.

Our product range includes lubricants for engines, manual transmissions, automatic transmissions, hydraulics, greases, gear oils, compressor oils, special oils for pneumatic tools, heat transfer fluids, solvents and detergents, combustion improvement additives, anti freezes, and coolants.

Globally, the high end Mining Dedicated range includes “TP Star”, 2 products Rationalized concept meeting 5 Different lubricant application needs of Mining Equipment, Engine oil Range of Rubia TIR and Dedicated Mining Engine oil Range of Rubia Works, Energy Efficient Hydraulic oils of Equivis HE,
Specialised Transmission & Hydraulic oil Dynatrans Range and Specialty Greases of Ceran Range & Hiper SSG1.

Total Rubia Works encompasses of a comprehensive range of high performing engine oils which are only dedicated towards construction and mining equipments. The product promises to deliver superior resistance against oxidation, soot dispercency and detergency. It also helps the engine and equipments to operate to the best of their potential to provide superior performance.

The Hot Tube Test established by Komatsu in the field a laboratory test evaluates the high temperature stability of diesel engine oils and prevents engine scuffing. Total Rubia Works meets the stringent performance standards of Hot Tube Test.



What is your outlook on the opportunities for lubricants in mining?

Growth in the Asia-Pacific mining industry is expected to drive the global mining lubricants market from 2016 to 2021. The market for mining lubricants in emerging countries, such as China and India, is growing rapidly owing to the rising demand from various end-use industries. Emerging automated lubrication systems is one of the key opportunities of the mining lubricants market. Growing mining industries in BRICS economies is expected to be a lucrative opportunity for mining lubricants market players.

Improper lubrication results in high cost of operation in terms of replacement of machinery, labor for replacement and repair, and downtime or loss of production. With increasing competition and growing challenges, the availability of highly updated technology is a vital factor for the proper functioning of the mining industry. Additionally, due to the increasing cost of workforce and safety requirements, there is a growing need for process automation. Automatic lubrication systems reduce the number of breakdowns due to equipment failure.

The use of automation helps increase the production rate, reduce labor cost, and improve worker safety and product quality. Consequently, a majority of end-user market players prefer automated lubrication, which, in turn, is driving the consumption of mining lubricants.



Would you like to share any other information?

With the production, supply chain, and presence in over 150 countries, Total is a major player delivering full range of industrial lubricants.

Thanks to the local technical presence, Total provides a high level of service to optimize the cost.

Total closely works with the equipment manufacturers to create high technology products for optimal performance and productivity of the machinery. Total invests in technologies to find the most suitable components to reach energy efficiency through formulations designed in the Research Centres.

Total Lubricants ISO 9001 Certification is the guarantee of a long term commitment to quality. From the initial design stage, Total’s R&D team seeks to develop products that minimise toxicity risk and environmental impact.



TOTAL Group has a diversified and growing presence in the Oil, Gas, and Speciality, sectors in India:

Hazira LNG & Port – JV with Shell, LNG import terminal with a capacity of 5 million ton. The facility is operational since 2005.

South Asia LPG – JV with Hindustan Petroleum, has to its credit to be India’s first underground Cavern LPG storage facility at Visakhapatnam, operational since 2007. The cavern has storage capacity of 60,000 tons.

Hutchinson S.A. India Liaison Office deals with Sealing systems; Vibration, acoustic and thermal insulation; Fluid transfer systems; Transmission and mobility.

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