Saturday, October 24, 2020

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Interaction- Toshiyuki Konishi, General Manager, Sojitz India

We are getting lots of repeat customers in States we operate in


A global major in mini excavators, Kubota is rapidly gaining market share in this segment in India. In an exclusive interview to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES, TOSHIYUKI KONISHI, GENERAL MANAGER, SOJITZ INDIA, explains the reasons for their rapidly increasing market share in the mini excavator segment.


As an exhibitor, what are your expectations at EXCON ’17?

We see a higher market share and better awareness of mini excavator from the EXCON 2017.


Tell us about your Manufacturing Base in India.

We are importing the complete range of Kubota mini excavators from Japan, till certain volumes reaches in Indian market, we don’t have plans to manufacture the machines here in India.


Cutting edge Smart Technology featured in your machines. Such as; engine control, SCADA, PLC, Telematics, IoT, etc. Also Safety and Operator Comfort features in your machines.

Our world-class ROPS/FOPS cabin has seat belt for enhanced operator safety.

The ‘engine neutral start’ technology, allows the engine to start only when safety lever is set at locking position.

And unless the safety lever is set at locking position, our ‘Engine Start Safety System,’ will prevent the machine from moving, preventing accidents caused by faulty operating procedures.

The ‘Anti-collision Structure Hood and Guard Plate’ are located 30 mm inside the rotating part to prevent damage by accidental collision.


Green environment friendly technology in your products.

Kubota has been achieving a dominant position in the field of compact industrial diesel engine (below 100 HP). Our high output, low fuel consumption, and clean exhaust, E-TVCS engine delivers world-class performance. The U30-5's diesel engine delivers superior horsepower, low noise and vibration levels, exceptional fuel efficiency, and complies with EPA's 2008 Interim Tier IV emissions regulations.


World-class safety

Since 1978, Kubota entered European and North American markets which enforce strict laws and regulations on safety. Our know-how accumulated over these years is applied to the latest model to provide a reliable working environment for operators.


Major demands made by end-users of your equipment. Is there a shift from initial cost price to TCO in Buyer Decisions? Importance of Aftermarket Services.

Most Indian customers are price conscious. As Kubota never compromises on quality and our products are world class quality products, customers are now relying more on quality after using Kubota mini excavators, we are getting lots of repeat customers in each of the States we operate, and increasing dealer service and parts outlets across India. Down time of Kubota mini excavators are rare compared to other brands.


What distinguishes your products vis-a-vis the competition?

Kubota mini excavator are known for world class quality, best service support, Kubota’s proven powerful engine, Zero tail swing with Boom swing to work in narrow space,



Impact of GST on your company.

Introduction of GST has facilitated level playing field for all the mini excavator suppliers in India, yes the market growth has hampered for few month but it has recovered consistently in next months.



Your outlook for the Indian ECE market. Which sectors will be the major demand drivers?

We are expecting a positive demand for mini excavators in India and the market will continue to grow and many new potential mini excavator applications, and increasing number of competitors, will improve the market size.



Give us an understanding of your company’s performance this year and your outlook going forward?

We have achieved better sales volumes compared to last year sales and expect the volumes to double in this financial year.

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