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Spotlight- Sojitz India

Kubota Mini Excavators in India


Established in 1890, Kubota - taking full advantage of its forward-looking management policies and by incorporating unique R&D activities - has made constant efforts to remain on the leading-edge of development and innovation.


Kubota launched its 1st mini excavator model in 1974, since then it has had 40 years’ experience of construction machinery business.
Now, Kubota's mini excavators are highly esteemed in Europe, North America, Japan, and other Asian countries. Kubota mini excavators in particular, which meet European safety standards-considered the most rigorous in the world--are renowned for their amenities and advanced features, winning the largest market share in the world from 2002 to 2016 (continuously for 14 years). (Source: Off-Highway Research 2014).
In 2013, Kubota started selling mini Excavators in India through its distributor Sojitz India Pvt. Ltd for the Indian market and sold around 175 + mini excavators in Indian market and operates in Kerala, Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Telangana, Maharashtra and West Bengal and achieved No.2 place in Indian mini excavators segment in 2015.
In 2013, Kubota’s mini excavators achieved accumulated sales of 400,000 units in the world.


Over 40 years’ experience always set the latest global standard of mini excavator. By the end of year 2012, Kubota had manufactured over 400,000 mini excavators in the world. Kubota mini excavator achieved No. 1 Share in the world for 14 years in a row. Kubota mini excavator promises you to experience the most advanced technology as the pioneer of mini excavator industry.-tail Swing
Zero-tail Swing. Boom Swing
It can realize “Digging along the wall “ in combination with “swing structure”
Good for job in narrow area (example, beside the road, in house area, in plantation)
High visibility


Conquering the international market, Kubota mini excavator combining the zero-tail and boom swing features.
During the historic development of mini excavator market of over 30 years, the two basic conceptions, boom swing and zero-tail swing, revealed the importance for the first time in 1980s to comply with the global need of diversified construction sites. During the late 1990s, Kubota took the lead by launching its international standard mini excavator integrating both features for global market.


Boom Swing
The boom swing realizes direct digging operation close to the house edge without put the machine in motion. Combined with zero-tail swing structure, the machine is very suitable for operations in tight places.
The Kubota mini excavator adopts zero-tail swing structure. When the machine is swiveling, the tail always remains within the track width. It realizes the worry-free operation in tight places.


Auto Idling System
Save up to 10 per cent of fuel with Kubota's Auto idle. When the control levers are in neutral for more than 4 seconds, the engine RPM automatically idles. Move any control lever and the engine RPM immediately returns. This innovative feature reduces noise and exhaust emissions while reducing operating costs. Even in urban area and during nighttime, you may carry out operations at ease.


Smooth, Quick and Powerful Operation
Relying on its highly productive, ultra-maneuverable, cost-efficient, and environment-friendliness, the new hydraulic system is ready to perform efficient and powerful operation.


NEW-H.M.S Hydraulic System
Kubota adopts "3 pump system," using three independent pumps for boom, arm, and swivel, to make the co-operation of bucket, boom, and swivel, smooth and efficient. It mounts high capacity control valve and hydraulic variable pumps to realize superb shoveling and loading performance.


Smooth Operation
Thanks to the superb matching performance of each front attachment, realizes efficient and smooth operations.


Travel on the Straight
The machine can travel straight even when the front attachment is operating


Four Simultaneous Operations
Bucket, boom, arm, and swing, can be operated simultaneously and smoothly.


Powerful Jack-up Performance
Even under idling condition, the machine can be jacked up with the bucket or blade.


Prevention of Boom Lowering
Kubota's unique anti-drop valve will prevent natural lowering of boom from its lifting position.


"H" shaped Track Roller
The "H" shaped roller increases lateral stability and operator comfort during travel.


High output, low fuel consumption, and clean exhaust E-TVCS engine with world-class performance.
Kubota has been achieving a dominant position in the field of compact industrial diesel engine (below 100 HP).an-running Kubota Engine
Powerful and dependable, U30-5's diesel engine delivers superior horsepower and performance. It offers low noise and vibration levels, exceptional fuel efficiency, and complies with the EPA's 2008 Interim Tier IV emissions regulations.


World-class safety
Since 1978, Kubota has entered European and North American markets which enforce strict laws and regulations on safety. Now with remarkable achievement and experience accumulated over the years, all the know-how are applied to the latest model to provide a reliable working environment for operators.


The world-class ROPS/FOPS cabin (supplied with seat belts) is used for enhanced operator safety.


Wide and comfortable Space
The cabin offers good visibility and wide space, which minimize operator fatigue even for long-hour operation.


Deluxe High-back Seat
Swivel Motor with Disk Break
When the engine shuts off, the swivel will be locked automatically. Therefore, swivel lock pin is not needed during transportation.


Engine Neutral Start
The engine can be started up only when the safety lever is set at locking position.


Engine Start Safety System
If safety lever is set at locking position, the machine will not move preventing accidents caused by faulty operation.
We have simplified the jobs for routine maintenance and formal inspection and service. You are able to carry out all operations at ease to keep good machine condition.


Simple and Easy Maintenance and Service
Thanks to the full-opening rear and right side bonnets, engine, control valve, and various components are accessible for easy inspection and repair.


Right Side Bonnet
Inspection points of the hydraulic system are consolidated at the right side of the machine body for easier access.


Rear Side Bonnet
Consolidating engine components onto rear side for quicker and easier access.


Anti-collision Structure Hood and Guard Plate
Both the hood and the guard plate are located 30 mm inside the rotating part to prevent damage by accidental collision.


Boom Cylinder Protector
The new, thicker steel plated V-shaped boom cylinder protector safeguards against damage from attachments, rocks, or loading.


Independent Hydraulic Hoses for Blade
Maintenance and replacement of such hoses can be carried out more easily and conveniently.


Being the First in the Industry that uses Waterproof Electrical System
Supplied with sleeve, the highly water-proof electrical joint proves to be a preventive countermeasure against electrical system failures.


Double Air Filter Structure
Such structure is to keep intake system clean.


Built-in Hoses for Attachment
With such design, hoses are safe from damage during operation.


"X"-shaped Frame + Slanted Track Frame
Both components are designed to reduce soil accumulation on track frame.


Pilot System with Pipeline Filter
Pilot filter element is provided to prevent failures caused by clogged operation circuit.


Kubota mini excavator is widely used in various construction fields such as road, municipal works, pipe networks, gardening and water conservancy combining with the use of multiple attachments.
You may carry out operations at ease under various special conditions and construction environments. The real world-class Kubota mini excavator is ready to take any challenge.

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