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Spotlight- Putzmeister

Putzmeister: Once more “closer to your business!”

Putzmeister will welcome their clients and partners at EXCON, South India’s largest equipment exhibition, from 12th to 16th December. The world leading solution provider for pumping, mixing, and placing concrete, mortar, and industrial solids, celebrates its 10th anniversary in India this year. The Indian subsidiary has recently enriched its product portfolio by launching mortar machines especially suitable for affordable housing projects, and underground equipment, to help build the country’s thriving infrastructure.


A rich network of 8 sales offices, 36 service centres, and 19 spare parts centres, across India, enable Putzmeister to always be closer to the customer’s business. From high-rise or vertical construction, to plastering, from shotcrete to waste water management and irrigation projects– Putzmeister’s sales and service engineers have expert knowledge of all application areas.


An event experience, tailored to the customers’ needs

Putzmeister is known for its different approach to trade shows, the main focus being on customer-experience.

In 2014, Putzmeister kicked off the legendary ‘Elephant Night’ at bC India, where industry experts meet after a long day of work right on the exhibition grounds and connect over drinks and delicious fingerfoods. At EXCON 2015, Putzmeister brought “The 7 Wonders of the 21st Century” to Bangalore.

The impressive holographic show, presenting the most renowned landmarks in the world built with the help of Putzmeister equipment, turned out to be the main show-stopper. It resulted in a footfall of more than 5000 visitors without showcasing a single machine.

The focus on the visitors’ experience will be continued at EXCON 2017: The visitors can expect a glimpse of the biggest challenges Putzmeister has recently overcome in India and in the world.

Putzmeister will exhibit a selection of its latest equipment. “Rather than showcasing our complete fleet of concrete, mortar, and underground equipment, we have observed the market dynamics and selected the most compatible equipment which meets the challenges that our Southern clients are facing,” states Wilfried Theissen, MD, Putzmeister Machines, India. He adds, “We believe that providing the contractors and builders with the right machines paired with expert advice and tailor made service agreements will lead to success on both sides.”

EXCON will be topped off with a new edition of the legendary Elephant Nights. Partners and Clients of Putzmeister are already looking forward to this yearly event filled with music, performance acts, and laughter.


Rounding up a successful year

Destabilised by the demonetisation and the implementation of the Goods and Service Tax (GST), the Indian economy has faced many challenges in 2017. Putzmeister was able to keep a steady pace of growth. It has fortified its market leadership in India with increasing sales in truck mounted concrete pumps. Especially the BSF 36-4 has proven to be the ideal machine for India’s projects due to its unique features such as the ‘I frame’ concept which offers improved torsional properties in comparison to the fixed frames, and has the same elasticity as the chassis. On top of that, the 4 arm boom with the Z-fold system ensures a low unfolding height and enables it to manage the most unusual concrete placing challenges. The boom can easily maneuver around obstacles and is able to pour concrete before being completely unfolded, making it very flexible. The cross support developed by Putzmeister, which is stable and reliable, saves time, and space, without compromising on safety. With the optional OSS (One Sided Support), the telescopic support legs can be securely placed in minimal spaces between obstacles, and hence reduce the width by 1/3 from the original 7 m. This feature comes in handy in congested sites when building metros, flyovers, etc.

The sales of Putzmeister’s stationary concrete pumps remain strong in 2017, with the BSA 1407 D evolving into the absolute bestseller. The new generation eSmart machines are ideal for the rough and challenging Indian construction industry, especially in mid-range construction sites. Its HMI display allows to determine the real time operating status of the machine, and to diagnose faults easily. On top of that, the new BSA 1407 D has lesser hydraulic components as compared to the previous model, making it more maintenance friendly with lesser usage of oil.

With the government’s initiative “Housing for All by 2020,” affordable housing is the need of the hour. Putzmeister understands this requirement, and thus, the German manufacturer has introduced one of its globally most renowned mortar equipments to India, namely the P 13, MP 25, S5, and Mixokret. After Putzmeister’s introduction of the batching plants MT 0.5 (30qm) and MT 1.0 (60qm) in 2015, this latest launch is likewise a result of a long process of research and development.

Putzmeister’s batching plants have received many enquiries since launch due to their unique features. In contrast to other batching plants offered in the market, the MT 0.5 and MT 1.0 are available in multiple variants such as Skip & Pocket Bins, Inclined Belt Conveyor & Inline Bins, or Skip & Inline Bins, which are suitable for a wide range of applications. With a robust design for India’s tough operating conditions, the batching plants ensure that the customer’s project can run at its full capacity from day one. Maintenance is easy, with built-in features like the automatic lubrication system, which requires minimal manual intervention and periodic supervision. Fitted with the cutting-edge batching software, the MT 1.0 ensures high degree of automation through its user friendly interface that allows comprehensive process visualization and control over batching functions at your fingertips.

Yet again, Putzmeister’s specialists meticulously and patiently worked on the introduction of their mortar equipment for over 2 years. This was done along with some of their biggest clients, who as experts of the housing industry, expressed their requirements and tested the equipment. Following Putzmeister’s mission statements “Experience paves the way” and “Solid Partnership,” the concrete leader’s focus on the knowledge exchange with the local industry experts always proves itself and results in a long lasting success for both sides.

Let’s take Putzmeister’s plastering machine MP 25 as an example, it has proven to have the potential to set new Standards in the Indian construction industry. Reliable and compact, the MP 25 is ideal for conveying and spraying gypsum and premixed dry mortars at high speeds of up to 40 litres per minute. Compared to manual labour, it has zero wastage of unused material due to no rebound. This machine gets a tough job done, in a fast, economical, and clean way.


Looking back at 10 successful years in India, the German Concreting Technology Leader is looking forward to presenting a fleet of products selected especially for the needs and requirements of its southern clientele.


Visit the stall in the orange lot at booth OD10 from 12th to 16th December, and get your free passes to the Elephant Nights well in advance.


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