04 July 2020

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Spotlight-Enovation by FW Murphy

Machine Control – Simplified

A leader in rugged machine control solutions, Murphy by Enovation Controls, works with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) globally bringing together different aspects of their equipment, enhancing features, making it user-friendly, smarter, safer, and ultimately more efficient. The company combines strong application knowledge, years of experience, and a strong Indian presence, to provide machine control solutions to several major OEM’s in India.


Why Machine Control?

A modern equipment with a well-designed display user interface, engine and transmission safety, hydraulic interlocks and control, incorporating rugged and reliable sensors, improves the way machines operate. It simplifies control for the operator and plays an important role in enhancing the equipment’s overall performance.

Harpreet Singh Wahan, GM, Sales & Marketing, Murphy by Enovation Controls, (India), underlines, “We partner with Equipment OEM’s to incorporate control systems that are totally customised for their equipment and application. This ensures that the solution they offer to their customer has their branding, their touch, and most importantly the Intelligence they want added. This ensures they are creating a product differentiation in the marketplace.”



Control Solutions for Mobile Machinery OEM’s

  • Vehicle Management and Engine Safety Solutions– for all kinds of Mobile Machinery.
  • Hydraulic Control Systems – All kinds of Hydraulic control – ON/OFF, Proportional Valves and related Interlocks.
  • Drill Assist System (DAS) – Mining, Exploratory, and Water-well Drill Rigs.
  • Weigh Assist System (WAS)– Payload and Weighing for Forklifts, Stackers, Wheel Loaders.
  • High Current Switching Solutions– IP67 solutions for switching Lights, Horn, powering Sensors etc.



What’s new at EXCON 2017?

We are in HALL 4; STAND D73, for the first time we are exhibiting the following products in India …

PV1100 - 10.6 inch Full Color Touch display – Rugged Display with Connectivity option.

PV1200 - 12.3 inch Full Color, Wide Angle Touch Display - Rugged Display.

XMD - Bluetooth Configurable Hydraulic Valve Driver

DVC710 - Hydraulic Master Controller



Why Murphy?

With a corporate purpose that focusses on Conquering Complexity, Enovation Controls focusses on things that benefit the customer – Strong Application Knowledge, Flexibility and Local Presence. Very high on priority is the ‘Local Touch’ factor, so Murphy set up an office in Pune for customising and integrating OEM equipment, with all programs and configurations made and tested right here in India.



ABOUT Murphy By Enovation Controls:

As a part of Sun Hydraulics, Enovation Controls is a 75 year old established global provider of control systems and Instrumentation.

With manufacturing locations spread across USA, UK, and Asia, Enovation Controls today serves a variety of applications, including off-highway and mobile equipment, hydraulics, on-highway vehicles, commercial and recreational marine, military and industrial stationary verticals.


For more details visit:

Website: www.murphybyenovationcontrols.com

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