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Spotlight- Wirtgen India

HAMM: the right solution for every compaction task

At EXCON 2017, the long-established roller manufacturer HAMM is presenting a cross-section of its product portfolio from the comprehensive range of modern, future-proof machines, for road construction and earthworks. The full programme currently consists of 88 tandem and combination rollers, 18 pneumatic tyre rollers, and 63 compactors, clearly subdivided in the weight classes customary in the market. HAMM supplies rollers to the various markets around the world with locally demanded equipment and exhaust gas levels. HAMM has developed two machines specifically for the Indian market: the 311 compactor and the HD 99 tandem roller.


Since 2011, at the WIRTGEN INDIA production plant in Pune, HAMM has been manufacturing compaction machines for the local market according to the high quality standards of the WIRTGEN GROUP. Jointly developed by engineers from Germany and India, the rollers are designed to meet the requirements of the Indian market.


For instance, the engine and exhaust emission technologies as well as the lighting system fulfill Indian requirements. In addition, the cooling systems have been modified to cope with the sometimes extremely high temperatures.


This combination of German top technology and a systematic focus on the Indian market is the reason for HAMM being the market leader in India today in the field of compaction technology. Moreover, all HAMM rollers offer ergonomically optimised workspaces with excellent visibility and exceptional ease of operation.



HD 99 tandem roller for the Indian premium segment

The HD 99 tandem roller has been developed for the premium segment in India. The articulated double vibration roller has an operating weight of 9 t and is a powerful all-rounder for road construction. With a drum width of 1.68 m, it is ideal for urban projects, as well as compaction on motorways, airports and other large surfaces. The generously sized fuel and water tanks minimise refilling stops, ensuring high productivity.


Drivers enjoy outstanding visibility of the construction site from the operator’s platform of the HD 99. The seat can be turned 45° in either direction, and the open design of the frame provides a clear view of the drums, sprinkler system and drum edges. The roof comes as standard and protects drivers from sun and rain. The HD 99 is powered by a robust, water-cooled 4-cylinder engine in accordance with CEV BS III, for which an optional diesel pre-filter is available. It is fuel-efficient and quiet.



311 compactor: great climbing ability and high compaction force

With an operating weight of 11 t and a 2.14 m wide vibrating drum, the 311 compactor brings high compaction force and a large static linear load of up to 30 kg/cm to the construction site. It goes without saying that the compactor is fully compliant with all Indian laws and regulations. Its environmentally friendly engine is in accordance with CBV BS III and is remarkably quiet and economical. Covered by an attractively designed engine hood made of GRP, the engine compartment is easily accessible for maintenance and service tasks. The maintenance points for regular check-ups are all within easy reach.


HAMM offers the vibration compactor in three variants: the standard 311 version with a powerful rear-axle drive, the 311D version with an additionally powered drum, and the 311P version with a padfoot drum. In the version with a powered drum, the compactor can easily climb slopes of up to 53 per cent.



HD CompactLine: articulated compact rollers from 1.5 to 4.5 t

With a total of 18 tandem and 9 combination rollers in the HD CompactLine, HAMM has the world’s most diverse product programme in the compact segment. The drum widths of these articulated rollers range from 0.80 to 1.38 m. The agile and maneuverable compaction machines are user-friendly all-rounders for road construction and landscaping. Among their key features are perfect visibility, low vehicle height and good transport and handling characteristics. Modern Kubota engines ensure a quiet, yet powerful drive. At EXCON 2017, HAMM is showing a type HD 12 VV double drum vibrating roller (2.7 t / 1.2 m drum width).



HD series: articulated tandem rollers from 7 to11 t

In addition to the HD 99 developed especially for India, there are other HD series models with weights ranging from 7 to 11 t for compacting roads and other surfaces of any size. Equipped with Tier 3 exhaust emission standard engines, they are available as double drum vibrating rollers, as rollers with an oscillation and a vibrating drum, and as combination rollers.



HD+ series: tandem rollers for the highest demands

HAMM’s multi-award-winning articulated tandem rollers in the HD+ series are available in weight classes from 7 to 14 t, among them models with engines meeting the Tier 3 exhaust emission standard. These rollers are ideally suited for compacting traffic surfaces of any size. In addition, large water tanks ensure long, uninterrupted periods of work. The HD+ series rollers feature an ergonomically optimised workspace with a perfect view from a panoramic cab. In terms of compaction, they score highly thanks to an exceptionally even weight distribution. Perfectly smooth surfaces are thus created in a short time, especially in curves and on roundabouts. Moreover, the water sprinkling system on the HD+ has an adaptive speed control.



3000 series compactors

The 3000 series compactors with weights ranging from 10 to 25 t are easy to operate and extremely versatile. They feature high compaction performance and outstanding driving and maneuvering characteristics.

Models equipped with the Hammtronic (HT) machine management system have a remarkable climbing ability and very low fuel consumption into the bargain.

At EXCON 2017, HAMM is showing a 3520 compactor in this series with a weight of 20 t and a drum width of 2.22 m.



3625 VC compactor: rock crushing and compacting

With the VC compactor, HAMM has developed a machine capable of crushing and compacting rock in one workstep. The 25 t compactor based on the 3625 HT model is equipped as a heavy duty machine. Its drum is fitted with 150 tool holders. They can hold cutting tools of the type used in mining. With the cutting tools, the vibrating drum creates extremely large point loads to crush the rock while the ground is being compacted.



GRW 10 – 24 series pneumatic tyre rollers

The HAMM GRW 10 – 24 pneumatic tyre rollers are exceptionally sturdy, robust, and proven in practice. Their operating weights range from 9 to 24 t and they are equipped with a Tier 3 exhaust emission standard engine. With HAMM pneumatic tyre rollers, the weight is uniformly transferred to all wheels, resulting in a homogeneous compaction effect. A hydrodynamic transmission makes for gentle, continuously variable, driving. Moreover, the high transport speed of 20 km/h enables great mobility on the construction site. HAMM is showing the GRW 15 model from this series in Bangalore.



GRW 280 pneumatic tyre rollers with asymmetric frame

The GRW 280 series pneumatic tyre rollers are recognisable from far away, thanks to their asymmetric frame design. It makes for an outstanding all-round view, in particular an unobstructed view of the outer wheels. The GRW 280 is available in base weights of between 10 and 27 t. An intelligent ballasting concept facilitates rapid adjustment of machine weight with even distribution of the weight over both axles. Thanks to the special wheel suspension, the machine weight is distributed evenly on the ground, producing extremely flat surfaces. The hydrostatic drive, aided by an electronic control system, facilitates precise speed setting as well as even acceleration and braking. The powerful braking system brings even the heaviest rollers in this series swiftly to a standstill.



Oscillation: a powerful compaction technology

35 years ago, HAMM revolutionised dynamic compaction when it developed oscillation. The main benefits of this technology are a rapid increase in compaction, a larger time window for compaction, no over-compaction or grain crushing, perfect smoothness, and optimum seam compaction. Today, HAMM offers machines with oscillation drums in all tandem roller series. In the compact class, HAMM is even the sole manufacturer of oscillation rollers in the world. It is a similar story in earthworks: only HAMM produces drums with this technology for compactors. The VIO drums can compact with oscillation or vibration as desired. Four VIO models with weights of 12 t and 14 t currently available for the Indian market.



Options to suit every need

Thanks to a large number of variants and options, customers can equip their HAMM roller to precisely match their individual requirements. The spectrum encompasses split drums, padfoot segments, dozer blade, chip spreader, as well as edge pressing and cutting equipment, various lighting packages, air conditioning, ROPS cab, and an extensive range of modules for compaction measurement and documentation.



ICS & HCQ: everything under control

To satisfy the most demanding requirements in asphalt construction and earthworks, HAMM offers the ICS (Intelligent Compaction System) for the 311 and HD 99 models. HAMM has developed the HCQ Navigator for machines from the Tirschenreuth plant. Both systems stand for higher quality through compaction monitoring and documentation. During compaction, the systems record data from the compaction process. At the same time, a DGNSS receiver determines the roller’s position.

The ICS or HCQ Navigator, respectively, collates the process and position information and records this data. In addition, drivers are able to see the progress of compaction in real time on a display.

This results in extremely homogeneous compaction, even on large or irregularly shaped areas.



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