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Spotlight- Eirich India

EIRICH Intensive mixer

Neutral study:

Better concrete of greater uniformity with EIRICH mixing technology

More than 100 years ago, in 1906, EIRICH invented the planetary mixer –and discontinued its production in 1924 following the development of the mixers, today available in their 5th generation and known worldwide simply as “EIRICH mixers”.

The requirements imposed by customers on concrete quality and surface ?nishes are continually on the rise. For more than 30 years there have been reports from numerous concrete block producers that better pigment blending and an absolutely homogenous concrete are achieved with the EIRICH mixer.

Unlike all other mixing systems on the market, the EIRICH mixer allows the speed of the working tool to be adapted with optimum effect to the product in question. The EIRICH mixer mixes with circumferential speeds of between 2 m/s and 30 m/s. Energy input into the mix can thus be controlled within broad limits. Together with the rotating mixing pan this results in mixes of the highest quality.

The mixing principle is totally unique. What many EIRICH customers have known for years has been con?rmed in 2003 by a neutral study: With EIRICH technology you get better concrete of greater uniformity.

EIRICH engaged the Institute for Prefabricated Element Technology and Prefabricated Building in Weimar (Institut für Fertigteiltechnik und Fertigbau)


Neutral study:

Best mixing quality reachable with EIRICH mixers only

From the contribution “Focus on mixer performance and glass batch quality” by Fons Rikken, Philips Lighting Components, Eindhoven in GLASS INTERNATIONAL SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER 2004, pp. 76 – 77


1. Mixers with low power input

(1 up to 2 kW/100 kg)

Result: The best mixing effect is obtained with the mixer with rotating mixing pan (EIRICH mixer type D)

Weimar e.V. ) to conduct a ?rst-ever neutral study on  “planetary mixers / EIRICH mixers”. Facing concrete samples were taken from a leading German manufacturer of prefabricated concrete road, garden and landscaping products, which operates with various types of mixer many locations throughout Germany.

On February 11, 2003 the institute presented its report entitled “Investigation of the Quality of Mix from Face Concrete Mixers”. The following is a direct quote from the report: “The EIRICH mixer characterized by very short mixing times. With mixing pans of identical capacity, the EIRICH intensive mixer is thus able to achieve a uniformity of mix more quickly than mixer X; this has economic bene?ts”

A further point emphasized by the report is the high uniformity of the concrete prepared with the EIRICH mixer. Measurements of the fresh concrete raw density ?uctuated by 0.19% on 5 samples taken from the EIRICH mixer and by 0.46 % on 5 samples from the planetary mixer. A similar picture was discovered with the water content, the solids content and the de-icing salt resistance. The EIRICH mixer is attested “a better uniformity of concrete quality” – achieved “within a far shorter mixing time than in mixer X”.

In practical terms this means: Each new mix is like the one before; fewer surface defects mean less scrap. An investment in EIRICH mixing technology soon pays for itself.


Philips has been operating more than 40 mixers from different manufacturers. Investigations were carried out in order to ?nd out how good quantities of 100 ppm can be admixed by different mixing systems. For this purpose, 5 samples were taken from each mixer with glass batch in intervals of minutes and subsequently divided into 4 portions for examination. Every point in the curves, which represent the coef?cient of variation depending on time, is hence the medium value from 20 determinations.


2. Mixers with higher power input

(up to 5 kW/100 kg)

Result: The best mixing effect is obtained with the mixer with rotating inclined mixing pan (EIRICH mixer type R)

The second best result is obtained with the mixer with rotating horizontal mixing pan (EIRICH mixer type D, with agitator)

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