21 February 2020

Interaction - G Sadishkumar,

Our products deliver Value for Money


PRD RIGS, founded in 1972, is a leading manufacturer of drilling and exploration rigs. In an exclusive interview to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES, G. SADISHKUMAR, DIRECTOR - GLOBAL OPERATIONS, PRD GROUP, details on his company’s products.



Tell us about your piling & drilling equipment product portfolio, in terms of types, capacities, and applications.


Our product o ering are as below:


  • PRD Tractor Mounted Rig – DTH Drilling and Piling.(300 mm to 1200 mm Depth upto 75 Mtrs)
  • PRD Drill Max HC 500 M – Dimension stone industry.(90 mm to 127 mm upto 15 Mtrs)
  • PRD EX 65 –Blast Hole Drilling for Coal & Iron Ore Mines.( 115 mm to 165 mm upto Max 20 Mtrs )
  • PRD 650 Blast Hole –Drilling & Blasting for open cast mining. (165 mm to 200 mm upto 30 Mtrs)
  • PRD Mini Core Drill 200 - Core Sampling for various exploration sites (NQ upto 200 Mtrs )




What di erentiates your products visà- vis competitors? In what way will your clients benefit?


  • Tractor Mounted Piling rig is Very Cost Effective Drilling in terms of Dia Meter and Depth comparing to international Brands.
  • Faster Mobility of the product from Hole to Hole Shi ing.
  • Enhanced Up-time when comparing competition.
  • Assuring better A er sales & Service response.
  • Completely Customizing according to voice of the customer.
  • Customised Drilling Rigs With Faster Delivery & Lead Time .




Tell us about some major projects where your products have been used?


Some of the major projects where our products have been used are:


  • L&T Construction Major Piling Sites in Chennai.
  • ULCCS Ltd  yover projects in Kerala
  • Major Solar projects in Philippines / SEA .
  • CMRL Metro Projects in Chennai , NBBC Metro projects in Kolkata.
  • SHP canal / Hydel power projects – Darjeeling.
  • NBCC Civil project in New Delhi



What is your cost/quality equation in a price sensitive market like India?


Our USP is the uality of our product, which is superior and the cost is 40 per cent economical. More importantly in this market Uptime is very critical and demanding, so all our products perform to this requirement and ‘Our products deliver Value for Money’ to customers.




Your market outlook for foundation equipment in India. Which sectors are major demand drivers for your products?


We expect demand for our products to turn robust in the near future as EPC and urban infra construction pick up steam on the back of fast track roll out of major projects. Other infra sectors like Solar Projects, DTH Drilling Projects, Metro, Road , Hydro Power and Irrigation, etc will be the major demand drivers.




What potential do you see in the rental segment?


We are not in rental segment.


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