05 July 2020

Spotlight-Bauer Equipment India

BAUER Maschinen GmbH: “Drilling Deep and Aiming High”


With the motto “Drilling Deep and Aiming High,”BAUER Maschinen Group, a global market leader in Civil Foundation Industry, together with its customers, is always striving to be at the forefront of technology and achievement. All the Group's activities are focused on delivering the highest quality.


Bauer Machines have always been associated with high productivity, latest technological advancements, superior quality, safety, environment friendly, and versatility - they work on harder strata, wider diameter requirements and deeper depths, and can meet all the stringent quality requirements for efficient performance.


With the Value-Line and Premium-Line segments, BAUER Maschinen GmbH is offering two Drilling Rig Product lines that address the most diverse customer-specific requirements. The Value-Line rigs are optimized for Kelly drilling - features include a long mast for large drilling depths, an extended drilling axis distance for larger drill diameters, high winch tensile forces, high torque, and an efficient diesel engine. The Premium-Line rigs are highly modern, multi-function machines for all different kinds of applications in specialist foundation engineering. The Premium line base carrier can be fitted with 14 different attachments such as the vibrator for Driven sheet piles, Precast pile driver with hydraulic hammer, Ground Improvement attachments- Displacement piles, continuous flight Augers, soil mixing and cutting, soil mixing etc.


The Government of Andhra Pradesh has recently inaugurated the Pattiseema lift irrigation project, described as the first river-linking project in the country, linking the Godavari River with the Krishna River.


To supply the Krishna River with the necessary volume of water, the Ministry of Irrigation of Andhra Pradesh proposed the construction of a lift irrigation structure with 24 intake wells and two holding basins on the banks of the Godavari River near the village of Pattiseema. The intake wells are equipped with pumps with a capacity of 10m³/sec each and are connected by 2000 mm and 3200 mm diameter delivery pipes. Each pipe line will be about 4,500 m long.


To complete the project in the specified period Bauer proposed a new and time-saving construction method: The permanent containment wall for all 24 intake wells should be constructed by the diaphragm wall technique to a depth of approximately 38 m below ground level, which differs from the traditional time-consuming well construction method.


On Metro Rail jobsites- Besides cost savings, especially the reduction of noise levels is getting more and more important. Bauer's Value-Line Piling Rigs are optimized for Kelly drilling – features include a long mast for large drilling depths, an extended drilling axis distance for larger drill diameters, high winch tensile forces, high torque and an efficient diesel engine.This line of machines are characterized by high safety standards as well as excellent environmental friendliness, efficiency and performance. Further advantages include easy transport and fast set-up as well as long service life.




BAUER: Innovation – Identity – Inspiration


Bauer Rigs in Action- Setting New Standards in Rock Socketing with BG28 in India.


With the ValueLine and PremiumLine, BAUER Maschinen GmbH is offering two drilling rig product lines that address the most diverse customer-specific requirements. While the ValueLine rigs are optimized for Kelly drilling, the PremiumLine comprises highly modern, multi-function machines, for all different kinds of applications in specialist foundation engineering.


BAUER BG 28 is a machine from the PremiumLine generation working at various projects in India. This Premium line rotary drilling rig is equipped with a KDK 275 K Rotary Head, which provides a maximum torque of 270 kNm. Through these exceptional forces, the rig has a capability to install casing deeper and overcome unexpected geotechnical conditions better than any other machine. To cope with these enormous forces, Bauer relies on the extremely robust V-kinematics for the mast attachment, which has proven itself over many years. So when it comes to torque, these properties make the BG 28 to the powerful rotary drilling rig currently available in India.


The BAUER BG28 Premium Line Rig has already proved itself on-site: the machine is characterized by reliable operation with very high levels of productivity and low fuel consumption. The state-of-the-art, fully automated control system supports the machine operator perfectly in the wear-optimized operation of the machine and guarantees maximum comfort for daily life on the construction site. Together with the high performance in rock drilling and the outstanding technology of the BAUER BG28 Premium Line Rig, we actively support our customer in the successful execution of this construction project



Bauer India- Sales Service Network


BAUER Equipment India Pvt. Ltd. has presence across the country through highly skilled technical sales team positioned in Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai, which provides right solutions to the customer as per their requirements. Local team is supported and reinforced by technical experts from Germany to train and keep customers abreast with latest technological advancements.


In order to achieve maximum availability of the equipment, Bauer India has developed a team of trained Service Engineers/Technicians who have been trained by European representatives at manufacturing units in Germany. In case of any emergency, a global service network of engineers and technicians assures prompt and competent technical assistance at a short notice. Recently, experienced Welders and Operators have been hired to resolve any emergency on customers site.


Long-term Service Contracts along-with Service Car equipped with all necessary tools and tackles required for servicing and maintenance are also offered to facilitate maximum availability of equipment.


“Bauer’s belief is not only to sell equipment, but also to work with customers from planning stage of the project, selection of the right equipment as per the nature of a project, providing requisite support services, etc, till completion of the job.. It is always our endeavor to involve ourselves with end user to attain maximum productivity and efficiency with a special emphasis on Safety factors. The focus has always been to nurture and develop long-term relations.

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