26 May 2020

Interaction- Shalabh Chaturvedi, Head of Marketing, Case India

Case India constantly endeavours to develop clever innovations


Known for developing innovative products, this time round Italian global CE major CASE has introduced two major innovations in its products. In an exclusive interview to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES,  SHALABH CHATURVEDI, HEAD OF MARKETING, CASE INDIA, underlines Smart technology in their machines and discusses his market outlook for India.


Tell us about the various products/equipment you will be displaying at EXCON ’17. Are you planning to launch any new products?

CASE will be showcasing its entire gamut of products being currently offered in India. CASE compactors are known for their excellent fuel efficiency, unmatched reliability, high centrifugal forces, and all round visibility. CASE is planning some launches in this EXCON but same are under wraps of now, request you please visit our stall OD3 at EXCON 2017. 


Smart technology and innovative features in your products.

The company’s R&D team constantly endeavours to develop   innovations to make equipment more fuel efficient for reducing emissions in the environment. The company has introduced Eagle Eye Telematic System, a real time vehicle tracking and communication based on GPS technology that helps deliver better value for money. Intelligent Compaction System (ICS) is one of the recent technological innovations with several advantages over conventional compaction technologies. However, it being still at a nascent stage suffers from lack of adequate knowledge among engineers and is costlier than conventional compactors. The equipment used in small scale projects are selected by contractors. Hence the recommendation and acceptance of intelligent compaction systems has to come from the contractor fraternity, who have to educate themselves and get to understand the advantages this technology offers. In ICS, the sensors automatically generate reports on temperature of the strata and the number of passes. CASE India offers these systems as an optional attachment along with our equipment. Among the other initiatives in the same direction, the company has successfully lowered the sound levels in all the construction equipment enhancing operator comfort, which in turn increases productivity.


How do you plan to capitalize on the robust opportunities that will be generated at EXCON 2017?  As an Exhibitor what are your expectations?

EXCON is the most anticipated and sought after event in the CE industry in entire South Asia. 2017 edition is anticipated to be even more special as it marks the revival of the Indian CE industry. With an objective to bring quality infrastructure, Government have taken several initiatives like Smart Cities, Make in India, Swachh Bharat, National Highway Projects, and Rural road flagship schemes. All these collectively bring a positive outlook to infrastructure industry in general and construction equipment industry in particular. Participation in EXCON 2017 will reaffirm the confidence of all the major CE players and the associated companies in the Indian infrastructure space towards the long term growth story of India.


Tell us about your manufacturing base in India, and the level of automation in your plants.

CASE India operates a manufacturing plant in Pithampur. In May’2017 WCM Audit awarded CASE’s Pithampur plant prestigious BRONZE Level Certification and we are continuously working to convert it into SILVER.

The plant applies the advanced “World Class Manufacturing” processes that are implemented in CNH Industrial’s manufacturing plants across the world and is certified for ISO 9001:2000 quality and ISO 14000 environmental standards.

The sprawling factory complex, which produces CASE vibratory compactors and backhoe loaders for the Indian market, is spread over 40 acres and occupies over 28,000 sq. m of covered area.


Your marketing strategy in a price sensitive market.  

The marketing and growth strategy of CASE Construction Equipment India Ltd. is producing quality products, with innovative technology, vast distribution cum dealership base, and exemplary customer service in India. Any machine that is rolled out first undergoes a series of testing under extreme conditions to ensure maximum performance, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. The company believes productivity is not only achieved by machine alone but also by operator skills.


Impact of  GST on your business    

GST aims to bring one uniform tax across the country, eliminating several layers of tax collection. I do agree that people will be little confused initially, however things will come back to normal in sometime. Talking about the road construction sector, the road construction equipment has been put in a higher tax bracket of 28 per cent which will affect the industry in one way or the other.  


After a recession last few years in the sector, do you think the construction sector is on the verge of a turnaround now? How are you geared up for it?

After a continuous phase of market sluggishness and recession, the construction sector is certainly on the verge of a turnaround now. The sector received a boost with renewed focus on road building from the new government and as a result the market grew by 16 per cent in 2015, and further by 39 per cent to peak in 2016. With the introduction of GST which aims to bring one uniform tax across the country, eliminating several layers of tax collection, things will take some time to come back to normal in a quarter.

However, there is still a massive amount of work yet to be done in the country, and this will call for large volumes of equipment to complete it. We are ready with our range of construction equipment products and considering the set of conditions prevailing in the country and other foreseeable factors at this moment, we expect the market will follow an upward trend in the coming years as well.


Your market outlook from the company and industry viewpoint.

We expect significant growth and are positive in terms of increase in volume for the next year. Hence, we are bringing new products to cater to the newer opportunities and customers who are becoming more deserving and demanding. The Indian customer is becoming increasingly discerning and demands products with higher efficiency and performance, especially in applications where the project needs to be delivered within a certain timeframe. Our company sells and supports complete family of construction equipment products, and with the market evolving, we offer our support by using our skills and expertise at their best. Sentiments are becoming even more positive as time passes by, the long term outlook for the Indian market is very promising with huge potential. With the way we see governance, we are quite confident and optimistic on the growth. In coming years we shall reap the benefit and customers should take the advantage.

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