17 October 2018


Pulsating, Dancing, "Digi Vege" Greenhouse

Although disco dancing in most greenhouses might be inappropriate, the fun Digital Vegetables installation in Tokyo is enticing visitors to groove among the greenery. Created by Tokyo design company, Party, the installation is a digitally-equipped greenhouse whose plants set off a disco-like light and sound show when touched. Located in Tokyo's Midtown's garden space, the installation is part of the’ Design Touch’ event, whose 2017 theme is unsurprisingly "Touch."

The Digital Vegetable ("Digi Vege" as it’s known locally) is a fun greenhouse pavilion filled with seven different kinds of veggies with tags on them that invite visitors to touch the plant, which is connected digitally to a programmed system that immediately triggers a series of disco-like lights and sounds. The idea behind the fun installation is to encourage people to consider the shapes and sounds that make up the hidden ecosystem of plants. The Digital Greenhouse is currently on display in Tokyo.