26 May 2020

Interaction- V .G Sakthikumar, MD, Schwing Stetter Sales & Service

Our machines are user-friendly, Smart, robust


Global pioneer in RMC equipment, SCHWING STETTER is among the few companies which offer a complete and integrated RMC equipment portfolio. In an exclusive interview to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES,  V.G.SAKTHIKUMAR, MANAGING DIRECTOR, SCHWING STETTER SALES AND SERVICES PVT LTD, underlines the Smart features in their equipment and discusses his outlook for India’s RMC market.


Tell us about your portfolio of RMC equipment.

Schwing Stetter India is one of the largest producers of batching plants, in a wide range and capacities, ranging from 18CBM per hour to 240 CBM per hour, besides special plants for concrete block and paver production, pre-cast element production. Concrete batching plants offered by Schwing Stetter India are listed below:

  • 18 CBM/ hour mobile batching plant: CP 18/ CP18 TM
  • 30 & 45 CBM/hr. compact batching plant: CP 30/ CP 45
  • 30 to 130 CBM/ hr. mobile mixing plants: M 30Z/M21Z/M1/M1.25/M2.25/M 2.5
  • From 30 CBM/ hr. to 240 CBM per hr. horizontal concrete mixing plants: HN2 to HN4/H5 to H6 /H1.25/H1J/H1JR

Besides these, we also produce recycling plants of 12 CBM and 20 CBM. .Schwing concrete pumps — like stationary concrete pumps from BP 350 DXT to SP 3000, and truck mounted concrete boom pump in capacities of S17, S20, S36 X and S43 SX, are also being used in the RMC industry, along with Stetter concrete mixers from 3m3 to 10 m3 capacities.



Smart technology featured in your products. What is the level of automation in your equipment?

Schwing Stetter India consistently works on delivering products that are user friendly, Smart, and robust. When we talk about user friendliness then the first thing that comes to our mind is software, and Schwing Stetter India is probably the only company in India who have an in-house electronics and automation department. This department is involved in design and production of control panels for our truck mixers, concrete pumps, batching plants, and so much more. Because of the in-house expertise available, with a vast experience of over 19 years in India, we are able to quickly respond to customer needs and feedback on our equipment. Schwing Stetter India has an in-house team for both, panel building and software development, and the customisation is done based on customers’ requirements.

Our advanced control systems help the customer right from initial quotation to production planning, the production of concrete itself and management of mixer and pump fleet, right through to the issuing of invoice for concrete delivered. Besides this, the system can be integrated with peripheral equipment like weigh bridge, cement feeding system etc. which helps the customer in correlating of various statistics for production and accounting management, inventory management/control, etc. We have not only the capability of linking our system with the customer’s ERP system, but also we provide own ERP solution for smaller customers.

Control System for Smaller Plants:

Our new control systems MCI55 for smaller capacity batching plants have many added features, using the Siemens Micro PLC. This control system can help the customer operate the plant in both, manual as well as auto mode. There will be a SCADA software interface, which will be offered as an option. Besides this, there will be a touch panel, graphic mimic screen, manual and automatic moisture correcting system, and additional weigher capacities.

Control System for Medium size Plants:

For medium range batching plants, we have a MCI 100 control system, again with Siemens Micro PLC, SCADA, Data Transfer and Alarm Annunciation, SMS facility giving critical alarm on production quantity, automatic moisture correcting system, and automatic calibration for weigher, online water correction for discrete and continuous mode and many more.

Control system for higher end batching Plants:

For the high end batching plants, we will introduce our New MCI550 control system. This control system will come with an automatic calibration facility for all weighers, silo changeover possibility during operation, accurate manual consumption, schedule based batching, maintenance scheduling, all kinds of statistical reports, SMS facility giving critical alarm on production quantity, PID (Proportional Integrated and Derivative Control) based batching operation, auto batch power recovery mode, authorizing based password control, plant networking, etc. This control system can also be integrated with weigh bridge measurements, and GPS facility.



Game changing technology/products developed by your R&D Centre.

Our R&D works based out of our manufacturing plant in India, and in close coordination with our headquarters in Germany. Schwing Stetter has the experience of developing products for different applications that are used across the world. Again, our three main product range: batching plant, concrete pump, and truck mixers, have different requirements when we decide on future development for this product. For example, even though our truck mixer looks like a simple product, we have to work very closely with truck chassis manufacturers whose design are governed by Regulations on axle loads, overhang, wheel base, etc. These aspects vary between country to country and therefore we need to bring a collaborated product that can be a winner in our market. Batching plant also requires different features depending on the industry in which they are used. Therefore, we are constantly researching making the product even simple under the same product address niche applications.

Our cutting edge technologies include; hydraulically driven twin cylinder pumps, patented rock valve technology, patented mixer design technology, in-house electronics and automation wing, and “EASY system” which allows the customer to use the concrete boom pump in a restricted area. A normal operation involves extension of all four outriggers to stabilise the equipment. However, the customer has the option of using only two outriggers and stabilising the boom in a space which is only and still able to operate the boom with a coverage area of 141 degrees. This system is very advantageous in tight spaces. This option is very special from the Schwing Group.



In what way will using your RMC machinery help an end-user company.

Ready mix machinery are designed to produce homogenous concrete with accuracy. This helps in producing quality concrete that meets the end use criteria with optimum cost. A good batching plant mixes concrete into homogenous mix thereby increasing the strength of the concrete.So that the customer is able to optimise their resources. Similarly a concrete pump uses the minimum energy from the diesel engine to deliver concrete at a distant place. So using readymix machinery will help the customer in saving the money and produce highest quality of concrete.



Aftermarket services offered by your company. Especially O&M services.

Schwing Stetter India provides after sales service and spares from its branches located across the country, through its 29 spares stores and 9 service centers. Its well trained resident service engineers are available near jobsite clusters at Hubli, Trichy, Madurai, Nellore, Goa, Nasik, Bhopal, Jabalpur, Siliguri, Uttarakhand, Rajkot, Dahej, and many more. The service centre located in different strategic locations also offers services like overhauling of all range of equipment from minor to major, periodic maintenance, conversion, mounting, insurance handling, retro fitment, repainting of equipment, and much more. Our company also offers annual maintenance contract, operation and maintenance packages, turnkey projects, re-erection and commissioning of batching plants. We also buy back old machines, upgrade them, and resell with limited warranty; these used machines are also sold to new upcoming customers.



Your outlook for the RMC equipment market in India. Which sectors will be major demand drivers?

Road, irrigation, RMC, railways, metro rail, power (i.e nuclear, thermal, solar, wind, hydro, gas based), real estate and other community buildings are the major demand drivers for our Stetter batching plants. Stetter mobile batching plants are extremely popular on road projects and projects where the plants have to be shifted frequently. They save huge cost on foundations.

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