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See it! Feel it! Own it!


The Putzmeister Discovery Days target Tier II and Tier III Cities

Indian Infrastructure has seen a healthy growth of 2.4 per cent compared to a mere 0.8 per cent in August last year. With drastically increasing purchasing power due to increasing levels of disposable income emerging beyond India’s metros, Tier II and III cities are seeing a level of growth in infrastructure like never before. Attributed to a newfound interest in rejuvenating a new wave of urbanised Indian cities, a substantial amount of infrastructural projects of affordable housing, educational institutions, shopping centers and corporate offices have been initiated in Tier II and III cities. Due to widespread initiatives like ‘Smart Cities’ and ‘Housing for All’ across the country, Tier II and Tier III cities are estimated to be the ‘next big thing’ in India’s near future.

Following the commendable success of Putzmeister Discovery Days in 2016, that saw a substantial response through attendance and lead generation, Putzmeister India has now kicked off their campaign in 2017 for Tier-II and III cities all over India. With an objective of reaching out to a market that has considerable potential but no significant awareness of modern technologies like Putzmeister stationary and truck mounted concrete pumps, batching plants, mortar and underground machines. The event aims to discover the growing potential of India’s lesser known cities. The event’s motto “See it. Feel it. Own it.” encapsulates the idea of giving our customers an insight into what Putzmeister’s world-class products, services, and application know-how, can deliver.


PDD Campaign 2017

Putzmeister’s first PDD event this year was organised for the district of Ratnagiri, a port city on the Arabian Sea in the southwestern part of Maharashtra, India. The city was chosen as the first location considering the important surge in infrastructural development with projects like affordable housing, high-end luxury residential apartments, shopping and convention centres, coming up throughout the region. Putzmeister makes its presence felt through its contribution to the extensive road development projects currently on-going in this region.


What a Putzmeister Discovery Day delivers

The concept of a PDD is to go to where the customer is; saving them the trouble of seeking and locating Putzmeister for their requirements or queries, thus giving the event a more comfortable and personalised feel. Putzmeister provides its clients with a platform to interact and get to know the organisation and its products, services, and application. Putzmeister Discovery Days, is a user conference aimed at giving the company’s Sales and Service teams an opportunity to build a network in India’s market of Tier-II and Tier-III cities in each and every district of the country. The clients and guests are taken through a journey of some of the world’s most remarkable construction feats like the Burj Khalifa, Hoover Dam Bridge and the Buddh International F1 Circuit that were all made possible through Putzmeister pumps!

Putzmeister Discovery Days or PDDs for short, involve an introduction to the brand Putzmeister: the history, its legacy, and the trust in its product quality. This is the perfect medium for personally sharing expert knowledge on new technology available in India and to increase the awareness of Putzmeister’s latest launch and product range under the mortar, tunnelling, and mining equipment segment.

As observed in the recently organised PDD in Ratnagiri, a majority of guests were really keen on learning more about Putzmeister plastering machines (mortar) and their various applications in construction. The event also saw a higher level of interest in Putzmeister’s Batching Plants MT 0.5 and MT 1.0 than usual.

Existing as well as new clients are taken through a detailed explanation of all Putzmeister products, giving them an insight into the various applications and technical workings of PM concrete pumps, batching plants, mortar and underground machines.

At the end of the event guests and clients alike are invited to a buffet dinner, where our teams interact and connect with them building strong, concrete relationships!


Why Tier-II, Tier-III cities?

With ever increasing infrastructural development in India, the construction industry is experiencing a boom like no other. Tier II cities like Ahmedabad, Kanpur, Patna, Pondicherry and Dehradun having a population of around one million and Tier III cities like Madurai, Baroda, Ratnagiri and Nashik with populations less than a million are all seeing extensive development in the last 10-15 years.

In such locations, the concept of affordable housing or low-cost housing works brilliantly. With considerable development of roads, highways, bridges and railways there is a sizable increase in demand for construction equipment.


Customer Feedback is one of the most vital attributes that Putzmeister relies on to know exactly what their customers expect from them and how they can serve their customers better. According to the feedback received from the recent PDD Event, 100 per cent of the respondents indicated that the event really helped them understand Putzmeister products/services better and that they would surely recommend the event as well as PM products and services to their colleagues.

Putzmeister plans on taking their campaign forward with 12 more planned PDDs in Tier II and Tier III cities in the coming three months, continuing on their quest of delivering the best customer experience and service to existing as well as new clients. This momentum will be rounded off right upto their participation in South Asia’s Largest Construction Equipment Exhibition: Excon 2017 in December.


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