11 July 2020

Table of Contents for Event Focus- Ifat India 2017

Interaction- V .G Sakthikumar, MD, Schwing Stetter Sales & Service

We had a very good experience last IFAT


German global major Schwing Stetter is a major player in the Indian construction equipment market. It offers sophisticated pumping equipment for the Cleantech segment.

In an exclusive interview to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES on occasion of IFAT, V.G. SAKTHIKUMAR, MD, SCHWING STETTER SALES & SERVICES PVT. LTD, discusses their product line and his outlook for the Indian water treatment market.



Tell us about your firm and products/solutions offered in the environment and cleantech – water, sewage, refuse and recycling – space.

Schwing Stetter India, is a 100 per cent subsidiary of SCHWING GmbH, Germany – an 83 year old, $1 billion concreting equipment manufacturer headquartered in Herne, Germany.

We offer Sludge pumps, Muck Pumps, and Waste water treatment plants, for Cleantech – water, sewage, and refuse areas. Two recycling plants for recycling concrete in capacities of RA 12 and 20.

SCHWING Sludge pump system are developed for industrial, environmental, and sewage applications, with fully automatic operations via remote monitoring. Our sludge pumps are standard design with a continuous electro-hydraulic adjustment of the delivery rate. Depending on installation size, it ranges from 0.1m3/h to 200m3/h. Reliable operation with pumping pressures even above 100 bars. We also manufacture hydraulically driven twin-cylinder sludge pumps (KSP) and provide turnkey solutions for transport and storage of sludges and materials with high solid content.



What is the company’s approach towards R&D and innovation.

The Schwing Group's R&D division is headquartered in Germany and works closely with group companies worldwide. It strives to ensure that all products meet the highest possible quality standards, and are cost efficient. Such use of state-of-the-art technology ensures timely project execution.



Cutting edge technology/products offered by your company.

SCHWING Stetter is a pioneer in manufacturing equipment for concrete preparation, placement, transportation, and recycling. Concrete mixers, concrete batching plants, concrete pumps, concrete placer booms, mobile concrete conveyors, shotcreting machines, recycling plants, water chilling plant, and weighbridges are well-established products past 17 years. Self-loading mixers, tower cranes, wheel loaders, motor graders, working platform, piling rigs, horizontal directional drilling machines, truck cranes, sludge pumps, are newer range of equipment launched recently. We cater to infrastructure developers and are also OEM supplier to various cement companies who offer RMC.  Our cutting edge technologies are hydraulically driven twin cylinder pumps, patented rock valve technology, patented mixer design technology, in-house electronics and automation wing, and “Easy System” concrete boom pumps in restricted areas. A normal operation involves extension of all four outriggers to stabilize equipment. However, we use only two outriggers and stabilising boom in a restricted space and are still able to operate the boom with a coverage area of 141 degrees. This system is very advantageous in tight spaces. This option is very special from the Schwing Group.
Are you planning to make any new additions to your product line– how different will they be from the ones which are already present in the market?

Since the sludge pump market is in the nascent stage, our smaller machines are having applications. However, we have the experience of supplying higher capacity machines for developed markets like Europe and USA. We can bring them as and when the requirement arises.

Going forward, for the high rise segment, these are the innovations we are working upon: Customised solutions for concrete conveying pipeline and clamping arrangement to improve pumping efficiency. Compact placing booms to make the system feasible and to improve output. Easy switchover of high and low pressure systems in concrete pump hydraulics to save time and convenience in operation. Concrete pressure measurement system (sensors) to be incorporated so that concrete consistency will be monitored.



Tell us about your manufacturing facilities –location, capabilities, investments planned in the coming year.

SCHWING Group has 12 manufacturing units worldwide and is present in over 145 countries. The company was registered in June 1998 and began operations in 1999. In 2001, it set up its own manufacturing facility at Sriperumbudur in Chennai, followed by a second facility in 2004, exclusively to manufacture truck mixers. In December 2006, the company inaugurated its third facility for concrete batching plants.

In March 2012, we inaugurated a fourth facility for world class boom pump production to meet growing demands. Manufacturing concrete equipment in India through our “Make in India” campaign has always been our forte. The company is also a part of SCHWING – XCMG Group for non-concreting range of product line, and recently we signed a partnership with GOMACO, USA for pavers. We will also be announcing our investments planned for the coming year.



Critical challenges in your area of operation and your marketing strategies.

Maintaining concrete rheology till pouring point is the major difficulty during pumping of concrete at a high rise tower construction site, for example. A setup is made for handling, holding, cleaning, and maintenance of the concrete conveying high pressure pipeline. Placing of concrete at the top level to match the pump output. Even though there are variety of applications, India has just started worrying about wastewater treatment and preserving waterbodies. Hence when the investments starts moving, we can see actions coming up in this area.



Tell us about your experience at the last edition of IFAT. What are your expectations from IFAT 2017.

We had a very good experience last IFAT. This year with investments announced like Namami Ganges, we expect more decision makers to visit IFAT 2017 and discuss machines in wastewater management.



Future outlook on the industry and from a company perspective.

The future outlook on the construction equipment industry is to grow at 5 per cent as stated by ICEMA, due to the high rate of GST slab for construction equipment. The impact from it will be seen at a steady pace, both for the industry and from a company perspective.



Key projects and clients using your machines.

Three of our key projects in the power segment are:

  • 50 MW Spectrum Power project in Korba-Chhatisgarh is utilising our TWIN cylinder, KSP 110 sludge pump with a pipeline length of 1500 meters with 10 meter static lift, wherein the slurry concentration is 65 per cent by weight.
  • Subansri dam project is a 2000 MW dam constructed for National Hydro Power Electric Corporation Ltd. It measures 116 m from the bed of the Subansri river on the Assam–Arunachal Pradesh border. It is built to generate 250 MW power capacity using eight Francis turbines. It is the world’s largest concreting site. In Subansri dam project, the automated aggregates was delivered at -10o Celsius through a conveyor belt.
  • In 100 MW Sianj Hydroelectric power project by Himachal Pradesh Power Corporation Limited, The project is on river Sainj, a tributary of river Beas in Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. It is approximately 52 km from Kullu. A tunnel of 6 km with a height of 4 metres was being constructed wherein a world record was created for long distance pumping of 2.7 km horizontal using Schwing concrete pumps of SP 4800. Schwing Stetter equipment of 4 m3 transit mixers along with two numbers of CP 30 batching plant enabled this world record pumping.

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