31 March 2020

Table of Contents for Industry Focus- Lubricants & Engine Oils

Guest Article-S.Venkatesan, Chief Manager, (Technical Services), IOCL HO

Servo  lubricants - in the construction equipment and mining sector


Lubricants play a major role in the overall efficiency and productivity of any machine/equipment. Over the years, in line with the rapid changes in OEM design and structure of the equipment, IOCL has continuously upgraded its lubricants in accordance with various operating parameters like speed, load, temperature, etc..


The following are the few major emerging trends in this segment:

  • Advanced Electronic controls/ Electro Hydraulic controls
  • Increasing Power density which requires pumps that can handle higher pressures while being able to save on weight and dimensions. The current standard goes up to 450 bar nominal pressure for closed circuit pumps
  • Increasing hybridization of aggregates involving a combination of a central pump/motor and hydro-pneumatic accumulators for storing energy generated during braking, and supplementing to the transmission— during acceleration.
  • Increasing thrust in Hydraulics to be safer, reliable and fuel efficient. Main drivers for this are the regulatory requirements on safety, fuel consumption and total cost of ownership.
  • Increasing Emission Regulations like Tier-4 or equivalent regulations are driving major changes in the machine like after-treatment devices [SCR/DPF/EGR] resulting in larger engine compartment.
  • Drive towards Cost reduction to offset added costs with new emissions modules
  • With changing global market dynamics OEMs are developing in India and taking them to world market. Therefore the trend is changing from  “Global > Local” and becoming “Local > Global”


Keeping in line with these developments Indian Oil has been continuously developing its lubricants to meet the highest standards of lubrication, as well as giving additional benefits of Emission Compliance, Reduced cost of Ownership etc to its customers.


In the Engine Oil Segment, the API CJ4 oil - Servo Pride Max 15W-40 which is the Tier-4 emission compliant grade was developed as early as 2008, when it was introduced world over. Apart from the above, IOCL has also developed Fuel efficient Low Viscosity oils in 10W-30, 10W-40 and 5W-30 ranges and in API CH4, CI4+ performance levels.


In the Transmission and Final Drive segments, IOCL has been carrying out several studies in its R&D Centre to study the impact of Fluid viscous drag on the Transmission efficiency and Fuel economy. As a result of this, several new generation transmission and axle oils have been developed which, apart from providing Long drain and durability, also contribute substantially to fuel economy gains.


Servo Transmission XL 439 (Meeting latest Allison specifications), BEML ALS Transmission oil (developed for BEML), Servo Trans TH SAE 30 (Developed for Tata Hitachi) , Servo Transmission TO4 10/30 (Meeting Caterpillar requirements) are a few such grades.


In the Hydraulic segment, Indian Oil products are available in all the three platforms: Regular, High and Very High Viscosity Index.

  • The regular segment includes the SAE 10 types as well as the ISO VG 46/68 types catering to a vast majority of the customers. Grades like Servo Ultra 10w/KB10, and Servo System HLP 46/68 etc are available in this category.
  • In the High VI segment, Servo Hydrex TH 46 is a proven, industry acknowledged product capable of delivering fuel economy benefits compared to the regular Hydraulic fluids.
  • In the VHVI category, IOCL has developed premium products like Servo Hyvis EE 46, which is currently setting the Industry benchmark on Fuel Economy Benefits. Field Studies have established a FEI benefit upto 12 per cent .


Other products like Servo Hydrex TH 46 Plus , Servo Hydro Supreme 10 have also been developed which offer much longer Drain Intervals than conventional oils.


Summing up, Indian Oil is in the forefront of Lubricant development technology. With its Strong R&D infrastructure and facilities backed up a professional team of Technical Services Engineers, IOCL continues to be the Market Leader in this segment.

The Author is – S.Venkatesan, Chief Manager , (Technical Services),  IOCL HO

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