11 July 2020

Interaction-Pravin Patel, Chairman & Managing Director, Spantech Engineering Industries

Indian market still to mature for Tall building construction

This is a homegrown company specializing in tall building construction equipment with in-house design capabilities based on firsthand experience of tall building construction, with a focus on safety. In an exclusive interview to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES,

PRAVIN PATEL, CHAIRMAN & MANAGING DIRECTOR, SPANTECH ENGINEERING INDUSTRIES discusses their product portfolio and laments the lack of Safety Standards in India.



Tell us about your products offered in the tall building equipment segment.

Spantech Engineering started with a focus on giving an upgraded technology to the Indian construction market. High rise construction has become a common trend today in A grade and B grade cities.

To aid this development we manufacture and supply high quality construction machineries and equipment like bar bending machines, bar cutting machines, multifunction material hosts, suspended rope platform and gantry hoists.



Tell us about your manufacturing facilities.

Spantech is established by group of design and production engineers with wide experience in engineering. We aim at providing most suitable and state-of-the-art solutions for all our customers. It aims at providing quality service and solutions. Our Manufacturing setup in Vadodara, Gujarat, is equipped with state-of-the-art solutions and ISO 9001 systems.

The administrative overheads are reduced as all manufactured components, electrical and hardware parts, needed are available at one place only. This makes the procurement process fast and cost saving at the same time.

Extent of indigenisation in your equipment.

We have been very strategic in location of our manufacturing set up. We have established the plant in the engineering city of Gujarat i.e. Vadodara. This ensures that we get all our vendors within close proximity of our Factory. Also it gives a better control on inventory, quality, and reliability, of the incoming components. Spantech believes in in-house production hence all major components are manufactured in-house or through a ancillary unit developed under our guidance and systems.



What is the pattern of demand in terms of technology and cost/rentals of this equipment.

Our Rebar Processing Cutting and Bending machines are high in demand. Due to its easy portability from one place to another and maintenance free performance, they have become a necessity of each project. With our low cost of ownership, these machines are mostly owned by Contractors.

Stricter anti-earthquake norms and better construction quality demands have ensured use of high quality steel rebars, which cannot be cut or bend with traditional methods. Also speed of construction is affected. These all factors have created a high demand for our machines.

Vertical shifting of material has always been a challenge in high rise projects. Multiple activities are done simultaneously so they need handy lift and shift hoists which are easy to assemble and operate. Also safety is of paramount importance. These demands have been well addressed by our Mini Lift – Gantry Hoist, which have major demand in metros for finishing contractors and in Tier II cities for the civil contractors.



The safety features in your products. To what extent does operational safety and tall building construction equipment regulations influence product design.

In India, there are no prescribed safety standards for operational safety in tall building construction equipment, but as guidelines, we have followed the International Safety standards while designing our products.

The Spantech Gantry Hoist can be used in construction building site, factories, mines, agriculture, dock and warehouse for installation of machines, lifting materials-cargoes, loading and unloading trucks. Our products are in compliance with national standards. Our materials used in manufacturing ensure highest level of safety and reliability of our equipment which use advanced design parameters and factor in safety.

  • In normal mini lifts, the laborer is not safe as he has to tilt out of the building structure for unloading the material on the slab at heights. in Spantech Gantry Hoist, we have introduced sliding-in technology which not only ensures safety of labor but also gives him fatigue free operation of the hoist.
  • The entire hoist is in fit and lock form, so it can be easily dismantled, allowing carrying it from one floor to another.
  • The attachments are user friendly and help to carry the entire range of material at heights with safety.




Aftermarket services and consultancy offered by your company.

Our spare parts are available across India, speeding up repairs of breakdown. We are choosy in selecting our team and have smart and friendly people that portray our culture. Our team holds true to high standards and ensures that our values of excellence, teamwork, commitment are reflected in our work. Our team works on a simple philosophy that we are not Equipment Sellers but we are Solution providers to the construction industry. The average experience of our team members is over 15 years which helps them understand the perspective of the construction project team and offer tailor-made solutions accordingly.




What factors influence the decision of contractors to own or rent such type of equipment.

The Ownership cost of these kinds of equipment is very low and the RoI is of almost a year, so it makes more sense for contractors to own the machines. For Rack & pinion material hoists, there is a concept of rentals as the total requirement of this equipment in smaller projects is 10 to 15 months, so rentals make sense if they are considering for a single project. The overall life of our rack & pinion material hoists is over 7 years, so for long term contractors owning the machine is a reasonable option.



Volume and value of the tall building construction equipment market in India.

Indian market is still to mature for the Tall building construction equipments. Unlike EU and the US, equipment safety standards are lax and not clearly defined in India. Also, there is an issue with implementation and monitoring of safety norms.

Project construction sites are a risky place to work if the equipment being used does not meet the highest safety standards. At such project sites, the speed at which events happen, mixed with the sum of possible safety hazards, make heavy construction equipment safety a top priority. Also the cost of labor is still not very high. Clients and Contractors adopt mechanized vertical shifting equipments only when it’s a fast track project.




Cutting edge technology featured in your products.

Our Rebar Cutting & Rebar Bending machines have focused on productivity and low cost of ownership resulting in better RoI (Return on Investment). Our Design team studied major pain points of contractors and addressed them.

  • Our Cutting Machines have a design with sturdy support system to push lever of the blades for ease of cutting and long life of blades.
  • Our Gear system is of double reduction for better engagement of gear teeth and long life.
  • The Gear system is designed to have better conversion efficiency of electrical power to mechanical power, reducing cost of operations.
  • Each component is made on high quality CNC machines and manufactured  from high grade steel to give long life to machines.
  • Our Lift and Shift – Gantry Hoist has got all safety features needed for equipment working at heights.
  • The structure is designed with advance design parameters and factor of safety.
  • The machine is a combination of elegant designed looks and a compact body.
  • The carrying weight is light; the hand pull force is small and parts have high strength, big tenacity.
  • Instead of rotating entry onto the landing slab it has got a sliding technology ensuring safety of labor.




Future outlook for the tall building equipment industry and from a company perspective.

There has been paradigm shift in the purchasing criteria, from buying on the basis of upfront price to buying on basis of total cost of ownership (TCO). Spantech is focusing on concept of maintenance free machines. Thus owning, operating cost, fuel efficiency, availability of long term maintenance contracts, and excellent after sales service will be our Benchmark values.

We are coming up with technology and products which can benefit upcoming smart cities and mass housing projects, which include; Shear line cutting machine, Stirrup bending machines, and Rack and Pinion material hoists.

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