05 April 2020

Interaction- Souma Ray, Director, Haulotte India

Leading brand of new machines sold in the country

AWPs are a critical equipment vertical in the construction of tall buildings, and the Haulotte Group from France is among the few global OEMs offering the entire range of AWPs. In an exclusive interview to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES,

SOUMA RAY, DIRECTOR, HAULOTTE INDIA PVT LTD, discusses their product line in India and his market outlook.



Tell us about your products offered in the tall building equipment market.

Haulotte India Pvt. Ltd. Is a 100 per cent subsidiary of Haulotte Group (France), and we are one of the largest ‘full range manufacturer’ of Aerial Work Platforms (AWP), in the world and take pride that in India Haulotte is a leading brand of new machines sold in the country. Our direct local presence in India for the past 4 years is to reaffirm our Group’s global policy of “Customer Proximity.”

The use of Access platforms is multifarious, all sectors need them to work at heights productively and most importantly safely.

Our product portfolio for India includes:

Seven AWP products across 60 models.

Articulating booms – from 12 to 41m working height – diesel or electric powered.

Scissors lift, from 8 to 18m working height, equipped with rough terrain diesel for outside applications or silent electric for interior use, platform capacity ranges from 230 kg to 1000 kg.

Telescopic booms, from 14 to 43m working height.

Vertical masts, from 6 to 10m, for outdoor and indoor.

Push around from 7 to 14m working height, this light compact machine is designed for fragile floor surfaces.

Trailer booms, from 12 to 26m, their compactness and lightweight allow them to be towed to any site.

Telehandlers: Its locked rear axle ensures maximum chassis stability. Apart from a wealth of on-board technology, and multiple accessories. Its general ergonomics improve visibility and allow easy maintenance. Eight models include:

10m working height: 5 machines with maximum lift capacity 3200kg, 3500kg and 4000kg, 5200Kg and 7000Kg.

14m working height: 2 machines with maximum lift capacity 3600kg and 4000kg.

17m working height: 2 machines with maximum lift capacity 3600kg and 4000kg.

Tell us about your manufacturing facilities.

We have 6 manufacturing locations across the world, 3 in France- Lhorme (telehandlers and 18m articulated booms), Le Creusot (articulating and telescopic booms over 20m, diesel scissors), Reims (vertical masts and electric scissors-only for Europe), one in Romania- Arges (articulating and telescopic booms below 18m, rough terrain electric scissors), one in USA- Archbold, Ohio (Light Weight Booms), and one in China- Changzhou (electric scissors and 6m vertical masts).



Level of indigenisation in your equipment.

India is still a very nascent market for AWP, hence major manufacturers are yet to start manufacturing in India. Current demands are met with imports from Europe and US. However as the market grows, we are sure many like us would certainly think of having a local manufacturing base in the future.

What is the pattern of demand in terms of technology and cost/rentals of this equipment.

AWPs are defined by height and applications. Haulotte strongly believes in doing application study for customers and suggest most suitable machine for them. Each variant is based on customers’ need.

We always listen to our customers and constantly innovate user-friendly products in line with latest technology. That is the reason to be different and proactive to customer needs by incorporating newer, state-of-the-art technology in our machines making them dependable and user-friendly. These new generation of machines are technically and operationally much ahead in comparison to our closest renowned competitors.


Cutting edge technology featured in your products.

We are revamping our older models with newer technologies. Our R&D team is working relentlessly to incorporate best safety features, like the ‘Entrapment Prevention System, ACTIV' Shield© Bar’ introduced in our diesel boom lifts. This is a secondary guarding system ensuring worker safety in an entrapment situation. The system can be reset from the platform itself, saving time and money. Each model has its USP. We have the Haulotte Diagnostic Screen providing details of performance and related parameters like fault diagnosis with pictorial description of nature and location of the fault, reducing downtime by allowing intervention in the shortest possible time. Our newest introduction is LED lights on our new HT28RTJ 28m meter telescopic boom to ensure safe loading operations at night. Future emphasis will ensure increased availability of equipment, enabling users to get higher rental rates and productivity.



To what extent does operational safety and tall building construction equipment regulations influence product design.

Following are the set of standard safety features on Haulotte machines conforming to the CE EN280 standards for safety requirements for AWP’s.

Overload System, cuts off function from the platform when overloaded.

Tilt Cut-off System, cuts specific functions which assist in increasing horizontal reach of the machine when the entire machine slope has exceeded permissible limit.

Radius Limitation, cuts off movement if it exceeds it’s designed reach radius.

Back up emergency system on the lower control box can be activated if an operator on the upper control box is incapacitated, to bring the operator down safely. Once the operator brings the machine to the normal operating environment all these features reset themselves as per design.

Additional safety features on our AWP’s include:

Our Anti Entrapment System from operators on Platform, patented as ACTIV' Shield© Bar’ (ASB), is a secondary guarding system activated when an operator is trapped in a crushing situation. Once activated it will stop upward and forward movement, allowing the operator to extract himself from an entrapped situation by lowering and reversing the machine. Once the situation has been averted the system can easily be reset from the platform itself by pressing a button and it’s ready for use again.



Aftermarket services and consultancy offered by your company.

We believe that a customer relationship is just not based on selling our machines but providing the best after sales customer support experience to them. All our machines are backed by prompt after sales support by Gemini Power Hydraulics, with additional specialised support from Haulotte India service team, whenever required. Gemini service engineers check machines once a month for preventive health-check-up. The team remains available on 24x7 basis for any emergency. When it comes to overseas customers in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka the Haulotte India service team provides direct support. We also provide regular training to Gemini service team to upgrade their skill sets and also to our other customers as and when they request it. approach us for the same.



What factors influence the decision of contractors to own or rent equipment.

The decision to buy or to rent depends solely upon the duration it is required for. For a short term it’s economical to rent but when usage pattern is for long term, or there is constant demand of such equipment, it is always better to buy an AWP.



Important projects where your products have been installed with success.

Access equipment are broadly classified into “People Lifting Equipment”- Push Around, Scissor lifts, Vertical Mast and Boom Lifts (Articulated and Telescopic) and “Material Lifting Equipment”- Telehandlers. The usage of access equipment is universal and not specific to any particular sector. Wherever there is need to work safely at heights, access equipment is required. Be it hotels, malls, hospitals, warehouses, manufacturing industry, facility management, construction, mining, all across access equipment are required. Our machines are working satisfactorily in both segments end user and rental. To name a few of our prestigious customers would be Powergrid, NTPC, Punjab State Transmission, ABG Shipyard, Naval Dockyard, Mazgaon Docks, Mumbai International Airport, Bangalore Metro, IOCL, TATA, Cummins, Reliance and a host of others in both Private and Government Sectors. With the new focus on Infrastructure sector we foresee substantial demand for our equipment in this sector, and with the Indian economy getting stronger we foresee similar rise in AWP demand in other sectors too. Last but not the least, we expect that the Government will formulate legislation related to safety for working at heights and this will be the most important factors which will spur growth of the AWP industry in India.



Future outlook for the AWP equipment industry and from a company perspective.
On a global perspective the demand for AWP’s has certainly increased, both in government and private sector. Rental sector is also seeing good demand of our equipment, which is an encouraging sign. But going forward as the AWP industry matures in India and people become more aware about the multiple advantages of using such equipment, the AWP industry will start seeing steady growth. In coming years this industry will become one of the fastest developing sector.

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