11 July 2020

Interaction-Amit Gossain, MD, Kone Elevator India

We are from KONE. We take care.


Finnish pioneer of E&E equipment, Kone Elevators’ niche focus on Gearless elevators is reaping rich dividends. In an exclusive interview to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES,       

AMIT GOSSAIN, MANAGING DIRECTOR, KONE ELEVATOR INDIA PVT LTD, talks about their product line for the Indian market.




Your product portfolio of E&E products for the Indian market.

KONE’s product portfolio consists of solutions for Low, Mid, and High-rise for Residential, Retail, Medical, Leisure, Education, and Infrastructure sectors.

Low and Mid rise: KONE Classic™ - Geared Machine room elevators for residential and commercial applications with a maximum travel distance of 50 meters with a speed of 1 mps; KONE Neo™ - Gearless compact machine room residential elevators with a maximum travel of 30 meters at speed of 0.63 mps; KONE I MonoSpace® - Gearless machine-room-less elevators for residential/commercial segment with maximum travel of 90 meters at speed of 1.6 mps; KONE I MiniSpace™ - Compact Gearless machine residential elevators with a maximum travel of 90 meters at speed of 1.75 mps.

Mid and High rise: KONE MonoSpace® - Gearless Machine-room-less elevator for Mid and High-rise residential/commercial segment with maximum travel of 90 meters at speed of 2.5 mps; KONE MiniSpace™ - Gearless Compact machine room for Mid and High rise residential and commercial segment with a maximum travel of 210 meters with a speed of 4 mps; KONE N MonoSpace® - Gearless machine-room-less elevator for Hotels and Luxury buildings with a travel height of 75 meters with speed of 1.75 mps; KONE N MiniSpace™ - Gearless compact machine room elevator which for Hotel and Luxury buildings with a travel height of 135 meters with a speed of 2.5 mps.



Some innovative technology/product developed by your company, especially niche applications in terms of safety, intelligent traffic management solutions, and smart technology.

KONE MonoSpace® revolutionised elevator industry with machine-room-less elevators. We featured for 6 times in a row in Forbes list of 100 most innovative companies in the world.

Our current volume elevators are 75 per cent more energy efficient compared to our 2008 offering, and 90 per cent more energy efficient than our elevators in 1990s.

KONE People Flow Intelligence is a comprehensive and flexible suite of solutions for access control, destination guidance, information communication, and equipment monitoring. These solutions are seamlessly integrated into building management systems. They address key global trends and challenges of growing cities and provide authorised, efficient, safe, and sustainable, way for people to move within buildings.

Our pioneering hoisting technology “KONE UltraRope®” – a super light carbon fiber core, is 90 per cent lighter than equivalent steel cable, and reduces over 50 per cent in moving masses, and 15 per cent lower in energy consumption. It also allows the elevator to travel up to 1 km in a single run, double of what’s currently possible with a steel cable.

New innovations include bringing connectivity and Internet of Things technologies, which provide new types of services to KONE’s customers.

KONE’s partnership with IBM is an important stepping stone to deliver the best People Flow experience. KONE will use IBM’s Watson IoT Cloud Platform to collect and store equipment data, build applications, and develop new solutions. The platform will gather data from sensors and systems connected to elevators, escalators, doors, and turnstiles, in KONE’s maintenance base. With IBM’s advanced analytics engine, that information will be used to enable new services to customers.



Your outlook for the Indian market. Which segments will be the biggest demand drivers for your products.

In India the residential sector contributes predominantly to our business.. Our KONE I MonoSpace®, a machine-room less, gearless solution, and KONE I MiniSpace™ a machine room– gearless solution, were launched in October 2015. These two products largely cater to the modern residential buildings which are low and mid-rise.

With a lot more growth happening in metros it is also important that we provide elevators that are suitable for their rising needs. Increase in tall buildings being the current trend, providing faster elevators is essential. The need for innovative and eco efficient products is also increasing with the Green Building concept gaining significant grounds in India. Looking at recent trends, the residential and commercial segment demand has been slowly picking up post demonetization. Recent notifications of RERA by various States is a big positive for the sector in the long run. Not only will Acts like RERA bring in more accountability in the sector for all stakeholders but also lift the end user sentiment, which is key to demand revival. The entire economy moved to the GST regime which will bring in more efficiency for both economy in general and real estate in particular.



Importance of aftermarket services in the Indian E&E market.

Preventive Maintenance is at the heart of KONE Care. Each KONE service technician takes ownership of Quality and is driven by continuous Quality initiatives and training.

We have versatile maintenance programs to suit every need. Our digitised nationwide network ensures the building’s equipment is not kept waiting for urgently needed spares.We strive continuously to deliver our promise:

“We’re from KONE. We take care.”



Tell us about your manufacturing base in India. What is the level of indigenisation

We have a world class facility – one of South East Asia’s largest – located in Chennai, which manufactures Indian products at global standards. We have the largest production capacity in India. We will continue investing here to make sure we are able to cater to the needs of the changing Indian market. We also have a new facility coming up at Sriperumbudur, Chennai that will be ready in a couple of years.

Most of our products are manufactured in Chennai factory. There could be certain high end or highly customised products, which are imported either from our factory in China or in Finland. Our technology center in Chennai, develops products for Indian market needs.

We are equipped with the latest cutting edge technology machines viz., Salvagnini aids in punching and bending of stainless steel sheets, Fiber laser cutting machine which is used only for aesthetics of car panels, Paint plant which uses only single coating, V-cut machine which removes radius at the bending of the sheet panels, and Kasto machine which is a sheet panel storage system.



Are you contributing to the “Make in India” and sell Globally campaign.

KONE in collaboration with Best & Crompton set up an elevator factory at Chennai in 1984 and commenced elevator production in the year 1987. Since then we have been producing elevators for the Indian market with some exports to Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka.


Your market outlook for the E&E industry and for your company.

Future growth will be driven by surging popularity of smart intelligent elevators that are equipped with smart access control, advanced and sophisticated security systems, and superior elevator hardware and software technologies.

Our focus will also be on modernising older elevators in existing buildings with modern gearless machines and control systems in order to make them more energy-efficient and increase their passenger handling capacity. Gearless elevators consume 30 per cent less energy compared to its geared counterpart.



What are the USP of your products vis-à-vis competitors.

KONE is strong in Design, Energy Efficiency, Safety, and Service.

Design: While aesthetics is a major factor, our focus remains strongly on sustainability, durability, and functionality.

The KONE I MonoSpace® is a compact range with standard variants, all based on the five natural elements. KONE design themes have won international recognition and prestigious design awards like the Red Dot and Good Design award for elegance, simplicity, and user friendliness.

Energy Efficiency: KONE’s EcoDisc® has resulted in a hoisting technology that has redefined the Standards in ride comfort and energy savings.

Safety: It is essential to maintain both safety and efficiency in our solutions. Several issues concerning elevator use in emergencies; like human behavior, control, training, equipment reliability, and communication, should be addressed. We ensure that our safety policies are clearly communicated to our sub-contractors to preclude deviations in any process. Risk assessment and regular safety audits are done at every stage .

KONE also conducts regular safety awareness campaign under the banner of Liftman™ in all user segments to impart safe usage of elevators and escalators, in particular to Children.

Service: Our 24X7 KONE Customer Care Center handles all queries and complaints and provides the right solution. For KONE it means more than just conforming to local laws and norms. KONE Care Maintenance is designed to detect issues before problems arise, reduce hazards, and prevent accidents from taking place.

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