05 July 2020

Interaction- Debasis Bhattacharya, Head – Sales, Marketing & Product Support, Ajax Fiori (India)

Economic Sense, Investment Sense, Productivity Sense

A global major in concreting equipment, Ajax Fiori has been making a lot of Sense on important fronts for its Indian customers last 25 years. In an exclusive interview to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES,
DEBASIS BHATTACHARYA, HEAD – SALES, MKTG & PRODUCT SUPPORT, AJAX FIORI (INDIA),  discusses their product line and their outlook for the Indian market.


A brief background of your company, products offered, and details about your manufacturing units – location and capacities.
Ajax Fiori (India) Pvt Limited is among leading concreting machinery manufacturers. Incorporated as a collaborative venture between Ajax Engineering, India & Fiori S.p.A Italy in 1992, we have over 25 years of strong experience in manufacturing, distributing and supporting Ajax Fiori branded concreting equipment solutions. We are committed to providing customers with concreting equipment that make economic, investment, and productivity sense. In a nutshell, solutions that ‘Make Concrete Sense.’
Our range of innovative products, including Self Loading Concrete Mixers, Batching Plants and Concrete Pumps, designed to help our customers produce and deliver quality concrete, whenever the demand, wherever the need arises, and whatever the volume required. Our versatile user friendly machines help customers improve productivity, while increasing profits along the way.
We have over 10,000 plants and machines working across the country, which are a familiar sight at various infrastructure development projects. Major sectors we cater to include Irrigation, Roads & Bridges, Railways, Housing and Urban Development, Wind & Solar Power Projects, etc.
Our flagship product, the Self-Loading Mobile Concrete Mixer (SLCM) is a unique machine, combining functions of a Loader, Mobile Batching Plant and Transit Mixer, and is suitable for small to medium volume concrete requirements.
Our SLCMs are available in 3 models viz. Argo 4000, Argo 2000 & Argo 1000, with 4 cu.m, 2 cu.m & 1 cu.m batch volumes respectively. SLCMs are also available in variants as tunnel dumpers and transit mixers.
Ajax Fiori offers a variety of Batching Plants featuring optimal configurations, including:
•    Compact Bin Batching
•    Plants: the CBP and CRB series, with planetary mixers, available in capacities of 30 cu.m/hr & 60 cu.m/hr.
•    Self-loading Radius Lift Arm Batching Plants: RLA series, with reversible drum mixers, available in 2 models viz. RLA 20 with 20 cu.m/hr and Ambison with 30 cu.m/hr capacities.
•    Inline Bin type Batching Plants with planetary/twin shaft mixer options, and in capacities ranging from 30 to 180 cu.m/hr.
We have three State-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Karnataka for manufacturing our range of products and all plants. Our flagship product, SLCM is manufactured in Doddabalapur, Bangalore, and the plant is running to its full capacity.
The Batching plants are manufactured at our new plant in Gouribidnur, in Chickbalapur district, Karnataka, which has an installed capacity of 300 plants /annum.



Tell us about the USP’s of your products vis-à-vis your competitors.
The Compact Reduced Bin Batching Plant (CRB) of 30 cu.m/hr. capacity was designed to fulfill the need of customers in RMC and Infrastructure segments. In today’s competitive world capital and operational cost plays a vital role in the success of the business.
•    The CRB 30 eliminates need of belt conveyor for handling aggregates, thereby reducing capital cost by 30 per cent, compared to similar plants available in the market.
•    Aggregate weighing system is independent of skip transfer system, reducing cycle time and increasing productivity
•    Entire plant can be transported in a single trailer, reducing transportation cost compared to competitors.
•    Swivel control cabin fixed to the plant, so Operator can have full view of the plant during operation.
•    Plug and Play electrical system, allowing fast erection at site.
•    Compact layout requires minimal space.
•    Minimal concrete foundation required for erection
•    Skid foundation is optional, which eliminates need of a foundation.



Major clients and projects your company has been associated with, and benefits accrued to them.
Ajax Fiori is associated with all leading companies, so it will be difficult to name few clients. But we are proud to be a part of “Largest single location Solar Power Plant” in the world, which was installed in Tamil Nadu with a capacity of 648 MW. 100+ SLCM were deployed to concrete around 3, 80,000 foundations for solar panels. Our machines were able to finish the entire project in stipulated timeline.



New products you intend to introduce and markets where you will launch them.
Ajax Fiori continuously strives to bring in new technologies to the Indian market from its wide range of concreting equipment, with plan to showcase new products in the upcoming Excon 2017.



Which sectors will fuel demand for your products in coming years.
Ajax Fiori products are widely accepted in all Infrastructure projects and especially in Irrigation, Roads and Bridges sector. With the government focus on renewable energy segment, we also expect a huge demand for our products in solar and wind mill projects in coming years.



How smart and efficient are your products. Your focus on R& D and technological innovations and your market and aftermarket strategies in India and overseas markets.
Ajax Fiori is focused on R&D and technological innovations in all our solutions. The result can be seen in our concrete pumps, namely JSP 40 & JSP 70, and reduced Bin Type Batching Plant CRB 30.
New products are always based on changing customer needs and their regular feedback. Our R&D continuously brings new products into the market as required by concreting needs of construction industry. Our strategy is to provide products which make Economic Sense, Investment Sense, and Productivity Sense, to our customers. Currently we have 25+ Dealers operational in India and overseas markets.



Do you offer rentals and equipment financing to prospective customers.
Currently we provide rental opportunities to customers. Nearly 25 per cent of our customer base is hiring segment, and there is huge potential in years to come.



How widespread is the acceptance of precast technology in India. What are you doing to disseminate knowledge about it among end-users.
A majority of Indian commercial and residential structures are being built the cast-in-place or in-situ mode. However there is a growing popularity for precast technology among Indian construction community. Precast construction technology is not new in India, but it was mostly limited to major Infrastructure projects like tunnels, bridges, flyovers, and underpasses.
Today, precast technology is making rapid inroads and is becoming an acceptable technology. There are several reasons for why precast building technology is rapidly gaining prominence in India. First, socio-economic development means demand for affordable housing is increasing fast. Secondly, government regulations are changing in a way they favor precast because of its advantages compared to other building techniques; it is affordable, fast, and safe.
Ajax Fiori aims to create awareness about precast concrete buildings by conducting workshops and educate possibilities and current challenges faced by the industry, and the way forward for smoother integration of this technology into the Indian construction industry.



Your market outlook for the precast concrete sector in India.
With the smart city initiative from the government and its focus on infrastructure projects over next 2-3 years, precast Industry will see an upswing and acceptance in the Indian market.



Future outlook for your company.
Ajax Fiori has witnessed a consistent growth of almost 30-35 per cent Y-o-Y , thanks to our customers who had faith in us to make this happen.
Our products and technologies have proved reliable and viable for the last 25 years compared to competitor products. We will strengthen our position in existing product lines to become preferred manufacturer for concreting equipment by providing reliable products, backed by efficient after sales support through our pan India dealer presence.

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