05 July 2020

Spotlight-Everest Engineering Equipment

Tower Crane Anti Collision Systems

Now fully automatic, inbuilt SLI, Anemometer

Considering the amount of tower cranes operating at a particular construction site, collision among them is a major hazard. Therefore it is critical to install anti-collision devices on all cranes.
P V RAMDEV, MD, EVEREST ENGINEERING EQUIPMENT PVT LTD, elaborates on the anti-collision system his company has developed for any make or model of tower cranes. These apart, Everest offers solutions for tower cranes of 200 m and above heights, and passenger hoists to fit inside the lift shaft, high speed passenger hoists for 200 m – 600 m heights to suit customers’ specific requirement.


In India, now several tower cranes working within one building, or one construction site, is quiet common. Collision between the tower cranes, nearby tall structures, and trees, can happen, which in turn damages the crane and other structures. This can results in heavy losses due to fatal accidents, which will prevent timely project execution. After a year long market study, we have seen that most of the tower cranes do not have anti collision systems, even the Safe Load Indicator (SLI) is not being installed. Some tower cranes have safe load indicators but are unable to link with the anti collision systems. Multiple monitors/displays in the operator cabin can confuse the operator and lead to accidents. Frequent power failure at construction sites adds other problems like improper shut down, data corruption, non-detection of radio signals, restart etc.


After studying all these problems, we have developed an anti collision system with built in SLI and wind velocity control gives tremendous safety features for any make or model of tower cranes. These ‘anti collision devices’ (ACD) have a ground monitoring system through which you can monitor the functions of all tower cranes as well as upload data changes (like height increasing, protect some zones…etc) to all the tower cranes without stopping the cranes. A single display shows the anti collision functions as well as the SLI functions like load, radius, hook height, slewing angle, and wind velocity, to the operator without any confusion. This system integrates with tower crane control panels and will take care of the cut off, alarm and display, automatically without changing any OEM set up.
These systems are developed with micro processor and have battery backup, so any power failure at the site does not affect its functioning. The communications are made through radio controls with non-licensed frequencies specified by Ministry of Communication, Govt. of India. L&T, JMC, Simplex, Billimoria, BG Shirke, etc, are our major customer since last 4-5 years.
We also conduct onsite training as a part of our Warranty Policy.

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