31 March 2020

Interaction-Navin Rajpal, Co-Founder & Director, Across & Beyond Real Estate Solutions

It is a great time to be a Change Agent

CONXN CONSTRUCTION INTELLIGENCE based out of Navi Mumbai – is pushing the boundaries of industry intelligence in India’s burgeoning building industry. ConXn tracks thousands of projects and companies, and their inter-relationships, thereby helping customers achieve operational, sales and business development success. In a freewheeling interview with CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES, NAVIN RAJPAL, CO-FOUNDER & DIRECTOR, ACROSS & BEYOND REAL ESTATE SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD., shares his insights on how ConXn is creating substantial value for their customers.


Briefly give us an understanding of your digital platform www.conxn.in
ConXn Construction Intelligence is a professional market intelligence and research platform exclusively focused on private sector building construction industry in India. We track and document thousands of significant projects and companies in major metropolitan areas in India. This validated and structured information is used by business development and sales professionals within consultants, contractors, manufacturing (construction products) and other service companies to strategize and reach out to their target clientele in a focused and streamlined manner. ConXn is also being used by several developers in Mumbai as a vendor discovery platform considering our deep coverage of major consultants, contractors, and service providers, in 200+ categories. This actionable information is extremely useful for Contracts/Procurement teams to quickly find reliable vendor alternatives for their projects.



How do you engage with your customers.
We align with our customer’s sales, BD, management teams, through one of these models -
•    Platform Subscriptions: Geography wise, periodic subscriptions for immediate access to information on thousands of projects and companies. Customer teams are given a login id/password and they receive periodic emails on upcoming/under construction major projects. In short, sales and BD teams can immediately start acting on this lead pipeline based on their target clientele. We also hand-hold our customer teams to ensure they get most out of the platform.
•    Research Reports: Custom reports for unearthing deep actionable insights, formulating strategies based on specific mandates. Example – mapping a geography for key Clients, Projects, Products, and past trends
•    Bespoke Consulting: Closely working with customer teams as an extension to their strategic, business development, and sales teams. This involves finding and connecting with subject matter experts and delivering a comprehensive solution covering data, insights, and leveraging professional connections.



What kind of Projects and Companies do you track.
We track major Residential, Commercial, Hospitality, Healthcare, Retail, etc, projects which are typically 400,000 sq ft/ Rs.50 cr and above in major metropolitan areas of India.
Similarly we track significant companies (Consultants, Contractors, Project Owners, other Service Providers) which are involved in execution of these complex projects.
We have a proprietary data sourcing and validation process and typically we spend close to three hours documenting each project before sharing it with our customers. Our vision is to map/track majority of building construction industry in India during the next few years and provide opportunities as well as deep insights to our Customers


What are the industry issues which you are solving through your platform.
•    We have streamlined the process of discovering project opportunities for sales/business development teams of various Consultants, Contractors, Construction Product Manufacturers (Chemicals, Elevators, Plumbing/Electrical Accessories, etc).
•    ConXn acts as a Vendor Discovery Platform for Developer’s Procurement/Contract teams and they use our validated company profiles for drastically cutting down their prequalification timelines.
•    We have also developed several tools within the platform which allows subscribers to discover Projects/Companies based on industry parameters – such as construction area, building height, annual turnover, inter-company relationships, etc


Who are your customers.
Our current subscribers include major construction companies such as Capacite Infraprojects, Arabian Construction Company, Talib Shamsi; project and cost management consultants such as Hill International, construction chemical manufacturers such as Penetron, vertical transportation companies such as Omega Elevators and many more.



How has the industry responded to your initiatives.
Since 2015 we have been closely working with major industry stakeholders on developing this platform and their recommendations have been steadily incorporated at each stage.
We are indeed humbled with the support and encouragement we have received from all directions. It is very clear that industry leaders realise that the technological intervention in each aspect has become mandatory to keep up with the urbanisation trends prevalent in India. The industry is recovering from a pessimistic phase and it is a great time to be a change agent. Even outside the industry; major Indian start-up accelerators such as Zone Startups India, as well as Nasscom 10000 Startups, have also recognized our efforts and selected us for pushing these ideas further. In fact we are working out of NASSCOM’s state-of-the-art facility in Navi Mumbai over the past month.



How is your platform more resourceful than other similar businesses? Can you provide a few use cases?
A major differentiator for us is that we understand construction and are an integral part of this industry with a strong technical background in design, engineering, and project management; experience of delivering millions of square feet in various geographies within India, the Middle East and the US. This, coupled with being in touch with the ground reality, has allowed us to benchmark against Best Practices all over the world and create a state-of-the-art product for the building industry.
As an example, while tracking a project; it is our internal policy to document project parameters;
such as location (geo-tagging), project type, land area, construction area, numberof floors/basements, maximum building height, project phasing/ configuration, project status (quarterly update on statutory approvals, construction update), developer/ architect /contractor relationships (wherever available), use-based tagging (such as affordable housing, luxury, high rise, etc).
Now how does this help our Customers? Here are a few use cases -
A waterproofing manufacturer primarily interested in early stage projects of a certain size (say 200,000 sqft and above), which has minimum one basement can find hundreds of opportunities throughout India in a few clicks. Similarly a major construction company interested in reaching out to upcoming super tall projects of a certain size in top 5 metropolitan areas can find those 30 target projects immediately; a premium plumbing accessories company pushing their products into luxury projects across India can find these opportunities immediately. There are innumerable use cases involving formwork manufacturers, project management consultants, interior fit-out companies, etc; on how we can align with Sales/BD teams of companies and help them get connected. As a subscriber to ConXn Construction Intelligence, your sales and business development teams do not have to worry about sourcing project opportunities anymore because we are doing it for you.


How can interested Companies reach out to you.
Any company within the Indian building construction industry wanting to put their sales and business development initiatives on overdrive should connect with us immediately.
For more details please reach out to us
Email: conxn@conxn.in

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