05 July 2020

Interaction- Nitesh Gangaramani, Director-India, Al Fara'a Group

Construction of tall buildings is inevitable

Founded in 1980, the Al Fara’a Integrated Construction Group, comprises twelve fully integrated construction and related businesses in the United Arab Emirates and India. It has a strong presence in Asia and the GCC region. Among tall building projects under construction by the Group in India, Tata Housing’s 48 storeys project in Mumbai is the tallest. In an exclusive interview to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES,
NITESH GANGARAMANI, DIRECTOR, INDIA, AL FARA'A GROUP, discusses major challenges faced in constructing tall buildings and why they are inevitable in India.



Your opinion on the rising population of tall buildings in urban India. What factors are fuelling the rise of tall buildings population in India.
The advantages of tall buildings and increasing trend in India.
•    Space saving and accommodates more residents.
•    More airy and receive more sunlight which increases indoor environment quality and invite more green building features in energy conservation.
•    Economical and affordable for buying compared to widespread land construction.
•    Cleaning and maintenance of property is easy and less.
•    More ideal for peaceful and uninterrupted living.
•    All round security of the residents is more easy and manageable.
•    Commune and society advantages for enjoyment of social life including the day health activities like, swimming, club house gymnasium etc.



In terms of geography which regions will see major rise in tall building population.
Mainly the densely populated area where land constrain are there, althoughthe trend of tall building is getting popular in Tier I and Tier II cities due to the above advantages, especially the corporate areas like, Mumbai and its suburbs, Ahmedabad, Gurgaon, Noida, Bangalore, Chennai etc.



Do you think the tall building trend is going to be widespread in India. What is its level of acceptance among urban residents across the country.
Looking at the increase in the land cost and current construction and statutory procedures, tall buildings are better options for the residents, also due to small family culture, it invites better option with budgeted economy for acceptance.
Tall buildings give ready to move options and reduce the waiting time with multiple easy finance schemes and minimise the probability of fraudulent land risk.



Challenges faced in complying with tall building construction laws. Are India’s existing laws of real estate construction adequate for tall building construction.
Ever since RERA was introduced, new modifications have been done in tall building construction laws, the effectiveness is still to be evaluated. But prima-facie, we believe it will surely add value to improve the current construction challenges.



Your views on tall buildings’ design as a complete self-sufficient unit including residential/commercial and retail mixed use design for its residents.
•    Since these are highly skilled design jobs, all competent designers and architects are involved with lots of creativity and innovation.
•    Space utilisation is efficient, involving the concept of “Vastu Shastra.”
•    Precisions in building design risks like earth quake resistance, controlled design for reducing the carbon footprint as environment positive.
•    Design rendering options to select the interior and with customised final product options.
•    Indoor and outdoor environmental quality.



Tall building projects executed/under execution by your company.
•    Tata Housing – Mumbai (48 storey) and Pune
•    J P Deck (39 storey) and J P Rehab (20 storey) – Mumbai
•    Lodha Commercial Tower – Wadala (40 storey)
•    KUL – Pune, Prestige – Bangalore (28 storey), Monarch – Bangalore
•    Mantri Group – Bangalore
•    Jain heights – Bangalore
•    DNR – Bangalore.



Major challenges faced in executing tall building projects.
•    Speedier completion- Due to very tight timeline of project, speedy construction is a major challenge.
•    High degree of safety and quality.
•    Project hindrance due to statutory clearance from client which affects the progress momentum for timeline delivery.
•    Adoption of advanced construction equipment and technologies.



Most challenging project executed by your company.
Most Challenging project is Lodha Commercial Tower, Wadala, Mumbai, having 40 floors “State-of-Art building” having 12 lakh sq.ft. construction with customised design shuttering and highly skilled engineering operation with safety.



Tall building construction technology used in your projects.
•    Jumping formwork technology – PERI
•    DAN Aluform shuttering with attractive surface modulation over exposed concrete
•    Jumping Crane System
•    High Speed Passenger cum Material Hoist.
•    Boom Placer
•    High capacity concrete pump upto 170 meter height.
•    Safety Screen



Smart building systems featured in your projects.
The building consists of open office system with façade to get the natural light and energy saving concept, also has building automation (BMS - Building Management system).



Future trends in tall building space in India.
As predicted, that with 50 per cent of Indian population expected to live in urban area by 2030, resulting in lack of space, construction of tall buildings is inevitable. With the advantages of tall building concept, the trend is going to increase and will have widespread acceptance.

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