04 August 2020

Interaction - Sudhir Chaudhary, GM-Sales, Hyva India

Almost all OEMs use Hyva hydraulics

The HYVA GROUP is a global Dutch multinational with manufacturing base in Brazil, China, Germany, India, Italy, and the Netherlands, operating in over 130 countries. Its local subsidiary HYVA (INDIA), supplies Front End and Special Underbody Cylinders to tipper OEMs in India. In an exclusive interview to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES, SUDHIR CHAUDHARY, GENERAL MANAGER-SALES, HYVA INDIA PVT.LTD., discusses their overview for hydraulics in the Indian tipper market.



Tell us about the range of tipper body and hydraulics offered by Hyva.


Hyva has the complete range of hydraulics for 16T to 49T GVW chassis and prime mover range in M&HCV category both for tipper and tip trailer applications. Besides, Hyva has the unique telescopic under body hydraulics for both LCV as well as MCV categories for tipper application. For SCV category of vehicles, we have the scissor type of hydraulics. So it’s a complete range of hydraulics across all categories of vehicles.

On the tipper body range, Hyva has the complete range from 6cum to 43cum capacity designed on M&HCVs suitable for various applications like construction, mining, and transport. Besides, Hyva can offer unique tipper body designs on LCVs for city and semi urban applications.




Cutting edge technology featured in your products. What distinguishes them from competitors.


Every cylinder is designed after extensive research and analysis using sophisticated techniques such as linear and non-linear finite element analysis, destructive testing techniques, and strength-to-weight optimisation. Every design is laboratory tested to verify performance matching the specifications using 5 test rigs specially designed for the purpose.

Every cylinder manufactured is tested before it is quality cleared for delivery. This extensive and detailed analysis, designing knowledge, and testing, makes our cylinders most reliable, which is what distinguishes Hyva from competitors.




Tell us about your best selling telescopic front end cylinders, which have the largest population in the tipper segment.


Hyva’s largest selling telescopic front end cylinders are the FE129 range for the 25T GVW category of tippers which are widely used in the construction application. For the mining application, Hyva’s FE169 range of front end hydraulics is unmatched.



Tell us about your customised hydraulic systems for different tipping types.


Hyva offers many customisation on the hydraulic systems to suit the customer’s requirement and applications. Hyva can customise the stroke length to suit the body type for various cylinders. Besides, the hose routing is again customised for each chassis type and make so that it is easy to fit and given optimum life.

Hyva offers different pressure systems and valve types suited to varying needs and applications. Besides, Hyva offers as a system hydraulics in various combinations so that customer has specific solution for their requirement. Further, Hyva also offers integrated hydraulics systems to operate, for example hydraulic tail door in a tipper body. So Hyva offers very high level of customisation and most importantly integrated with tipper body too, which is unique.




Tie-ups with tipper OEMs to supply hydraulics and other components.


Almost all OEMs use Hyva hydraulics for their tipper trucks, for superior, reliable, and trouble free, performance to their customers. Along with the hydraulics, we also supply gear pump and power take off units for an integrated solution. The combination of these together with the hydraulics, brings to the customer very reliable and lifelong superior performance as they are designed to match each other perfectly.



Aftermarket services as a strategic differentiator.


Hyva has always believed that the customer should find aftermarket support at any time anywhere. Towards this Hyva has the largest aftermarket network across India and can reach the customer in less than 24 hours at most locations/sites, thus enabling minimum downtime for the Hyva systems.Besides, Hyva also offers onsite preventive maintenance, annual maintenance contracts, onsite mounting of tipper bodies, special kits to enhance the tipper body life, Hyva care oil for larger service intervals, all as a basket of aftermarket services to enable the customer to derive maximum benefit of Hyva systems.




Your strategy to play in a price sensitive market.


Hyva believes in giving the most value to customers. Towards that Hyva’s products bring in superior performance giving substantial savings, thus offsetting much more than the gains of small price differential. Reliability of the system and minimum downtime also contributes to higher productivity, thus deriving much more from the Hyva system as compared to the competitors. Hyva focuses on being reasonably priced for Indian markets but offering superlative gains of efficiency and trouble free working.




Which sectors are major demand drivers for your products.


Road construction is currently the major driver for tipper segment and thus for Hyva products. We expect in coming months the mining segment also to improve significantly.




Outlook for the industry and from a company perspective.


Hyva has a favorable outlook and expect that the post monsoon months will see lot of activities in the construction and infrastructure sectors, thus driving demand for our products. Besides, the focus of the government to improve infrastructure across and lot of projects being announced will favor growth. Hyva is poised to meet this demand and looks forward to a very exciting times ahead.




What is the USP of your new Alpha Series.


The USP of Hyva’s new ALPHA series cylinders is FASTER, EFFICIENT, SAFER, LESSER MAINTAINANCE. These new generation cylinders are proven to be 30 per cent more productive than competitors in some of the intense usage applications, be it soil removal for road construction or mining segments, bringing substantial savings to the customer. They are extensively tested and validated in Indian conditions since more than 2 years. Besides they also contribute to improved environmental performance due to lesser oil requirement.


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