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POLYAL’s innovative recycled Green materials


Eastern Cargo Carriers Pvt. Ltd., is an excellent example of how a company grows over time and looks to diversify into new areas. It is basically known for its core competence in the logistics sector, and is affectionately known as Eastern in the cargo world. Now it has diversified into a totally unrelated sector, construction -- manufacturing recycled construction materials into synthetic sheets with various applications.


The world is always evolving and with it come new technologies. Participating in line with this process is a dynamic firm, Eastern Cargo Carriers Pvt. Ltd. whose philosophy of work is focused on the future. The company develops and applies the latest technologies in their products, providing the most modern options market in recycled products.


Their brand POLYAL products includes corrugated roof sheets and flat sheets, which are produced synthetically, which by their versatility and durability have multiple applications, in addition to excellent weather resistance of nature. They meet the diverse needs of many market segments such as civil construction, industrial packaging, furniture, auto industries, farming among others.


Compared to other roof sheets POLYAL roof sheets have a layer of aluminium on their surface and aluminium inside (approximately 30 per cent). This operates in the reflection of sunlight, leaving a cool and pleasant environment indoors, thus avoiding the greenhouse effect generated by high temperatures. Further, during cold temperatures outside it acts as an insulant providing thermal comfort inside.


The POLYAL flat sheets are an excellent option for utilisation for centring and shuttering during construction, commercial panels, partitions, ceilings, molded parts, cabinets, drawers, boats floors etc.


Further due to the aluminium content POLYAL products have high residual value in the market.

Application: Centring and shuttering during construction

Dimensions: Size: 8ft. x 4ft.

Thickness: 12mm


Acting in competence and adequacy of quality standards applied to raw materials, processes and finished products, POLYAL products guarantees its customers the pre – established Standards so they can get better performances in their final applications.

Currently the actions for preservation of our eco – system cannot be restricted to not damage what is available to us. We should reverse or minimise the damage around us.


Thinking this way POLYAL products are eco-friendly and have been developed using varieties of technologies and systems for reuse and transformation of solids and residues. This has only been possible through partnerships and technical assistance from recognized global institutions such as Tetra Pak.


A prime focus area of the Government of India is Swachh Bharat – in line with which POLYAL offers traditional and bio toilet made with their products . Flat Sheets are used as side walls and base along with the corrugated roof. The toilet can be installed within 1 hour and later can be detached and moved to another location easily.




Size:1mt. x 3mt.

Thickness: 6mm

Additional Benefits include:

  • Water Proof
  • Fire Retardant
  • Resistant to High Temperature (100°C)
  • UV Protection
  • Recyclable
  • Non-Toxic
  • Non-Corrosive
  • Rust Proof
  • Borer Resistant
  • Long Lasting
  • Environmentally Friendly

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