23 February 2020

Interaction- Ajay Kumar Somani, Director-Mobile Crane Division, Liebherr India

We believe in strong service support back-up for customers


A global major in construction equipment, Liebherr is an entrenched player in the Indian market. In an exclusive interview to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES, AJAY KUMAR SOMANI, DIRECTOR - MOBILE CRANE DIVISION, LIEBHERR INDIA PVT LTD, discusses their latest offerings in cranes.


Give a brief overview of the cranes industry in India.

The market is still growing and better than previous years. The crane market depends on few sectors like, metro projects, road construction, cement industries, steel plants, refineries, thermal power plants, nuclear power plants and wind mills. Most promising areas are nuclear power and wind mills which will have majority of requirements. In nuclear power, there are lots of projections but practical implementation is very slow.


Tell us of your various crane offerings, their lifting capacities, applications, and their demand, in the Indian market. Do you plan to launch new products.

Increase in lifting capacities and working at greater heights are a regular demand. Most applications in construction are demanding it. We are moving with time to meet customers’ expectations and have come out with stronger cranes like LR 1750/2 with SX boom to meet new requirements in wind mills. We also offer LTR crane, crawler mounted cranes with telescopic boom which are excellent for girder erections in metro projects and bridge construction. As the crane can travel with full capacity, it does the work for which a normal tyre mounted crane needs almost double capacity.

In tyre mounted cranes, we have come out with a new concept VarioBase allowing work in congested areas. Our 3,000 ton crawler crane is being supplied in other countries for refineries and nuclear power plants of 1,000 MW plus capacity. We expect a similar demand in India also.


Detail us on the cutting edge technological innovations featured in your products in terms of safety, ease of operation etc.

Worth mentioning innovations are in crawler crane of 750 ton capacity new type of boom called SX2 and SX3, in tyre mounted cranes VarioBase, VarioBallast, ECO mode. In terms of safety we have hand railings on all moving parts and hooking system to hinge safety ropes while attending service jobs or doing assembly at height.


Indigenisation efforts undertaken to meet market requirements.

For crawler cranes, our customers can purchase all counterweights in India based on our design, which not only saves in price but also cost on transportation and custom tax. The best part is that foreign exchange is saved.

To what extent are aftermarket services a strategic differentiator.

In high value equipment like ours, it is most important to see that it performs for a longer time giving best output. This is the reason, we have a very strong after sales network in India. Our company believes in a perfect service support back-up for customers. We believe that, first, equipment is sold by our sales department and thereafter further sale are due to high appreciation for our strong after sales support by user.


Emerging trends in the equipment finance and rentals of cranes. To what extent is consumer behavior influenced by cost.

India is one of the most price sensitive market and this is a big challenge to us, how to give best products at lowest price.


How do you expect the market to shape up for the crane industry 2017 onwards.

As it appears, India has a stable government with very clear policy and directive, the market will keep on growing


Future outlook for the industry and from a company perspective

We are very optimistic about the Indian market and with a clear commitment to remain here as one of the quality product supplier.

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