23 February 2020

Interaction- Krishna Kumar, Divisional Head- Tower Cranes, Liebherr India

‘German engineering’ Make in India


Liebherr is among the few players offering niche products in the Indian market for tower cranes. In an exclusive interview to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES, KRISHNA KUMAR, (DIVISIONAL HEAD -TOWER CRANES), LIEBHERR INDIA PVT LTD, discusses his outlook for the Indian market.


Give a brief overview of the cranes industry in India.

The demand for tower cranes is expected to increase in the following years. Currently, the demand for these products is mainly in metro cities. Many builders and contractors in small cities and towns still use the old methods for lifting materials, so, utilisation of tower cranes is a development that is yet to follow in many companies. Considering these facts, the tower crane industry definitely has a bright future in India.


Tell us of your various crane offerings their lifting capacities, applications and their demand in the Indian market. Do you plan to launch new products.

Liebherr ranges from 13 to 4000 meter tons. Which is suitable for high-rise projects and also on big infrastructure projects like bridge constructions.

Here we can benefit from our Tower Crane Solution team that finds most economical and safe solution for special site requirements. Factory in India is always working on product development that is close to the market and considers ongoing trends


Detail us on the cutting edge technological innovations featured in your products in terms of safety, ease of operation, etc.

Liebherr works consistently on developing modular systems for simple, practical, and quick assembly by taking into account the relevant safety, quality, and reliability aspects.

We are also very keen to support our customers very closely with project proposals, technical solutions and planning through our tower crane solutions. We also provide support via our after sales department which includes familiarisation, training etc, so that our customers can execute projects safely and on time.


Tell us about the indigenisation efforts undertaken by the company to meet the market requirements.

It is also our commitment that production steps are adopted from our European production plants and also our Indian customers can expect their cranes to be 100 per cent in the well-known Liebherr quality.


To what extent are aftermarket services a strategic differentiator?

After sales services have a major role in our business and our after sales department in India is committed to our customers. We have competent service support at various locations in India.


Tell us about your manufacturing base in India.

Liebherr produces tower cranes from our Pune factory in India. Our models are; the 85EC-B5i which has a 50m working radius and maximum capacity of 5 tons, the NC-B6-62 and NC-B9-62 with 62.5m working radius and maximum capacity of 6 tons and 9 tons respectively.


How do you expect the Indian market for tower cranes to shape up through 2017 onwards?

There is a continuous slowdown in the real estate market since the last couple of years due to various reasons, and the tower crane industry depends mainly on real estate projects for demand. However, after demonetisation, introduction of RERA etc, we expect the market to be improving steadily from the end of 2017.

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