28 March 2020

Spotlight- Pumpman

BHL powers Pumpman


A revolutionary product which can convert any make of backhoe loader (BHL) machine into a concrete pump, Pumpman-BHL-CP, has been invented by Greencon Equipment. The pump is protected under multiple patents in India. The Pumpman BHL-CP is a concrete pump which works on the backhoe loader hydraulics. Provided with 100 per cent Indian technology with zero import content, it has a very few parts and hence much lower operation and maintenance cost compared to conventional concrete pumps.It also has a lower capital cost as it does not have any engine or motor and is actually driven by the loader-backhoe engine and hydraulics.



The unique gate valve of BHL-CP is protected under patent laws and is especially designed and made for Indian market conditions. It can be restored to its original dimensions even after wearing out due to its symmetrical design and hence does not require any replacement. It is protected by a separate independent patent application already published by Indian patent office.

The BHL-CP concrete pump attachment can be easily attached to any loader-backhoe within 15-20 minutes and can be easily detached as well after completing the concrete pumping work.



  • Very few parts resulting in very easy & user-friendly operation.
  • Low rpm Duty-Cycle friendly to Backhoe-loader engine.
  • DN180 Internal diameter hard chrome plated pumping Cylinder.
  • Gate valve protected under patent laws.
  • Basic pump hydraulics protected under patent laws.
  • Basic pump design registration certificate already issued by Indian Patent Office.
  • Low operating & maintaining expenses.
  • Low capital cost compared to trailer pumps.
  • Highly compact & light weight .
  • Suitable for all infra-structure projects.
  • Gate valve can be rebuilt after wearing out & no replacement required.
  • All parts made in India.
  • Can be adapted on all models & brands of Backhoe-loaders, tractors & all types of hydraulic equipment.


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Email: theindianconcretepump@gmail.com

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