23 February 2020

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Spotlight-Chowgule Construction Chemicals

Sustainable waterproofing solutions




Chowgule Construction Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. and Chowgule ABP Coatings (India) Pvt. Ltd. are the two divisions of the Chowgule Group that have been set up to cater to leakage related waterproofing problems and industrial floorings, with products manufactured in our plant in Goa supported by technical collaboration with our partners in Germany.

These products are focused on providing high quality solutions for waterproofing, concrete repair, industrial floor coatings and a variety of sealants. Other unique standalone products include solutions for rising dampness, salt efflorescence, thermal insulation, soil stabilization, oil removal system, anti-corrosive coatings, permanent moisture barrier system, waste water solutions and chemicals.

CHOWGULE’s unique advantage is its specialised contracting division and skilled applicator network that is fully equipped to carry out large projects on turnkey basis.

CCCPL believes a unique solution without sustainability does not carry any importance. That’s why all the solutions in the field of waterproofing, repair and coating are unique and ensure endurance by performing in critical conditions.

Some of CCCPL’s flagship projects include Bombay Stock Exchange, Salt Works Jetty repair and various projects from the Lodha Group, Oberoi Group and Larsen & Toubro.

Renowned industries, builders, developers and contractors have successfully used these products and services, to ensure longevity of their structures.

In India, there is increasing urbanisation and plans for smart-cities, housing for all, mega cities. To build these smart cities, advanced, high performance materials meeting international construction chemical standards are essential. Furthermore, sustainable, energy efficient, green buildings will promote the requirement for environmentally friendly protective coatings and safe construction chemicals.




CCCPL brings a range of products keeping in mind the requirements of a sustainable waterproofing solution for smart cities.

  • Acrylic elastomeric waterproofing coating is used to protect concrete structures from attack by acid gases, chloride ions, oxygen & water and at the same time it is APEO free and formaldehyde free which makes it suitable for drinking water tanks.
  • Epoxy coatings are “Nonylphenol free” and solvent free, which contributes towards providing eco-friendly solutions.

Note: Nonylphenol is a hormonally dangerous and carcinogenic chemical which is dangerous to aquatic life if exposed. These chemicals are frequently found in epoxies.

  • Car park systems which are designed to save electricity and energy have good reflectiveness even in case of low lighting, good adhesion to concrete and abrasion properties which thereby increases the life of the concrete floors.
  • Epoxy coatings are food grade making them suitable for potability in case of drinking water tanks and their chemical resistance properties makes them useful to be used in STPs and ETPs.
  • Thermal insulation coating is specially designed for heat insulation, high reflective index and good waterproofing properties. It is based on selected polymers, inert graded fillers, polyethylene beads and high quality light fast and durable white pigments. These beads exhibit remarkable insulation properties which are produced by thermal expansion. They are closed cells and the resin of the shell of microspheres is more effective than glass or inorganic particles and is suitable for light foot traffic. The thermal conductivity of shell resin of microspheres is 0.013W/mK. Due to its heat insulating properties, it reduces the consumption of power by reducing the loads on air conditioners and other cooling system used internally.

Today’s buildings require high-performance building envelope systems that surround a structure and protect it from the elements. Every part of your building’s structure, from terraces and exterior walls to podiums and basement, can be vulnerable to water ingress and weathering causing premature deterioration. CCCPL solutions minimise threats to buildings and help maximise return on investment.

CCCPL building envelope systems provide superior protection for exterior walls, wet areas, water tanks, terraces, balconies, plaza decks, basements, car parks and other below-grade areas. In addition, they help control energy costs, an increasingly important consideration in today’s construction.

Increased focus on infrastructure investment, vertical growth in metros and airports, participation of overseas investors and Governments' plan to build smart cities in India will propel the construction chemicals segment.


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