03 June 2020

Table of Contents for Post Event Report- Concrete Show India 2017

Voices from Ground Zero

We have a variety of modified guar applications


Tell us about the product portfolio of your company.

We manufacture a wide range of Guar Gums and other hydrocolloids and their derivatives specifically designed for applications in Food, pharma, personal care, oil & gas, paints, construction materials, paper, textiles, explosives, mining etc. Specifically for Paints and Construction Materials sector, we manufacture our “Rheoluc” range of Hydroxypropyl Guar Gums (HPG) that are useful as Rheology modifiers, thickeners, water retention aids etc.


What kind of demand do you see for your products, which sectors are demand drivers.

Demand for our products across all application sectors, both globally and domestically, is growing for us. Currently 2 sectors are targeted for rapid growth – Construction Materials & Paints and Personal Care products.


Tell us about something you have developed for Lucid Colloids.

I have developed our Rheoluc range of Guar derivatives for Paints and Construction Materials which are import substitutes for Hydroxyethyl Cellulose (HEC) and Methyl Hydroxyethyl Cellulose (MHEC).


Give a feed back of the trade fair.

This is the second time we are participating and we are getting good response. This is very useful and a good learning curve for us. I think it will take us to cover wider customer base.



Nobody else can compete with us


Tell us about new products you are launching.

Forest Press, recently launch the latest addition to the product range BM 4 Machine which could produce 4 blocks or 12 pavers per cycle resulting 5000 blocks or 15000 pavers/fly ash brick per shift.  Apart from this the models like BM 5 SA, BM 6 FA, BM 9 FA and in association with AME Austria, the models of BM 15 FA and BM 20 FA will be available. Forest Press is associated with WKB from Germany for AAC blocks for the main items like cutting machine and tilting will import and all the other items will be manufacture in India with top quality parameters. Forest Press India is doing 400 ton Single Station Wet Press Machines as well as the batching & mixing plant for the production of kerb stones, slabs, flag tiles and value added stones. Forest Press Hydraulics UK is doing Triple Station Press and Five Station Press Machines with Robotic handling. All these machines having multiple options and features for the production of value added products for construction industry.


Your outlook for the domestic market.

Government of India under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken great steps to improve the overall situation in the country. Construction activities related to Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Infrastructure seems to improve heavily in 2018. We need some patience and right products suits to entry level markets with a cost effective and quality solution. The corrections are happening in different levels which ultimately results into better structure and growth rate. We are very keen to associate with private players or government projects related to housing, road and railway constructions as well as river and canal linings.





Evolving in line with technology trends


Tell us about the USP of your software and how clients have benefited.

Candy and BuildSmart are tightly integrated to provide a complete construction management system. Candy provides Project Control  applications via Estimating, Planning, Forecasting, Cash flow, and Cost control. BuildSmart is a web-based ERP solution to record actual cost/expenditure through specific Procurement, Plant & Machinery, Accounting and Payroll.  We are continually evolving in line with technology trends. Candy, our Estimation and Project control software offering, is offered on a subscription model with upgrades available free of charge to users on a regular basis. BuildSmart is web based and regular upgrades are done centrally on the client server. We have a unique approach of adding enhancements to existing software rather than developing and releasing separate “new” applications.


Major projects where your products are used.

Our software solutions are used in major projects across India and globally, such as metro projects in Mumbai, Dubai, Doha, Saudi Arabia, the iconic Burj Al Arab, Panama Canal, Cape Town Stadium, Hong Kong, Heathrow and Dubai airports.


Your feedback on Concrete Show in terms of footfall and business generated, did it meet your expectations.

This was the first year of our participation. It was relevant for CCS India to showcase its solutions for the Construction industry. The event attracted specific prospects unlike other generic events where prospects are not necessarily from our industry. We are reasonably satisfied with the enquiries generated and hope to convert them into genuine customers.



100 per cent made in India product, no foreign collaborations


Your feedback on concrete show.

Last year we had a good response, we have already sold 2-3 machines due to Concrete Show and hopefully this year also response will be good.


Tell us about your product line, the number, type and capacity, of machines that you offer.

We have nearly about 12-13 type of machines, regarding capacity as per 1000 bricks per hour up to 15,000 bricks per hour. Fully automated, and semi-automated, depending upon the customer’s requirement.


Do you design and develop your own machines.

This is a 100 per cent made in India product, no foreign collaborations. We have in house R&D in our factory. Basically we are selling 3-4 models with a capacity of 1,500 to 2,500 bricks. Recently we developed fully automatic robotic system for our brick machine. In this system, you don’t require any type of manpower.


Who are your major clients in India.

We are supplying hydraulic systems to construction equipment manufacturers like JCB, Escorts, Sany, etc., also supplying hydraulic cylinders, and fully automated systems.



Our multipurpose plant is booming


Tell us about your company products.

We produce green products; fly-ash bricks, block and interlocking paver machines, and our technology is German. Our machines are high vibration and high compaction based plant and can produce minimum 10,000 bricks/day - 60,000 bricks/day. There are various capacities as per market for rural areas and urban areas.


How wide spread is the trend of using fly-ash bricks now.

Last 8-10 years awareness of fly-ash bricks is very good and government is also strict to convert to fly-ash bricks. We are not just selling our machines, our main goal is to promote green construction in India and abroad. Our multipurpose plant BW-119 is a 3-in-1, it can produce bricks, blocks, and pavers. The product is booming in Africa and surrounding countries like Bhutan.


Give us a feed back about the concrete show. Did it fulfill your expectation.
Our expectations were met 100 per cent, I am participating second time. In fact we got prime clients here. If we go for another show there will be so many other products, so our products won’t be focused upon.



Our Planetary Mixers are a perfect example of cutting edge technology..


Which sector is the biggest demand driver for your products?

Infrastructure projects – and currently road sector majorly is going to be big driver. Also demand for our Mixers is picking up inirrigation projects and pre-cast projects. Demand for pre-cast products has always been there in India at various levels. There are various factors influencingthe demand supply gap.But now the market has become more mature and end customers have realised the importance of the right machinery required to produce high quality pre-cast products.This is where we can play a significant role by leveraging our global expertise. There is going to be a big demand for pre-cast machinery in the coming years.

Tell me some cutting edge technology featured in your products.

Our Planetary Mixers are a perfect example of cutting edge technology for high performance mixing. They can handle ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC) and UHPRC (re-enforced concrete) in a very efficient way.

What is the extent of local content in your Mixers?

For Mixers that we locally manufacture in India, our localisation level is up to 75 per cent, and for those that come from our Italian HQ, about 25 per cent localisation is there in those Mixers.


Your feed back of the concrete show.

We are generally happy with the quality of visitors. Biggest plus point of this show is visitors are people who are actually connected with the industry. So you get to discuss real issues.



Increasing product range to bigger capacity


Tell us about Sany’s range of products for the concrete industry.

Sany is the global leader in manufacturing concreting equipment. In India we have transit mixers and batching plants manufacturing in our ‘state of the art’ Pune plant. Currently We have 6 and 7 cubic meter transit mixers. Batching plants we have from 30 cubic meters up to 360 cubic meters. Concrete pump, our group company Putzmeister, will be dealing in India.


So what is your market strategy, you are a late player in the Indian market.

In India, we are offering our latest series Batching plants and transit mixers which is meeting international standards. For example in all our batching plants we offers superior twin shaft mixers with inline bin configurations. Our 60 cbm and above capacity batching plants are offered with semi covered / fully covered mixing stations, keeping in mind the stricter pollution control norms expected in future


Are you planning to launch any more products in the concrete segment.

We started with 30 and 60 concrete equipments last year. We are increasing the product range to bigger capacity batching plant line from 90 and 120 above and we are also coming up with a bigger range of transit mixers.


Quick feedback about Concrete Show. Did it meet your expectation.

Yes, We feel this will give us a good mileage in and around Mumbai and in the western part of India



Huge opportunities for pre-cast in infrastructure


Tell us about your product portfolio.

We are a more than 50 year old German company, we produce and supply pre-cast concrete machineries, to produce various pre-cast elements like, columns, beams, floor slabs, wall panels, stair cases, and any element which forms part of buildings.

Pre-cast is catching up in India across all verticals from real estate to infra EPC projects, what kind of demand do you see for you machinery.

I totally agree that there is lot of opportunities for pre-cast in infrastructure, as well as buildings. We mainly concentrate on machineries for precast buildings. Because of the Housing for all scheme from the Government, we receive lot of enquires across India for mass housing projects.


How robust is the demand for pre-cast in real estate sector.

The demand is not robust. There is a big gap between technology and the real demand. Builders are still reluctant to prefer precast except very few. Precast is the best available option to construct large number of quality houses at a rapid speed. There are enough evidences already in India to prove that precast is the best-proven technology.


What differentiates your machines from competitors.

There are no standard factories. We understand the demand of the customer and suggest them the right solutions (combination of various machines, mostly customised). We don’t sell just machines, we sell solutions.We are single supplier for pre-cast machinery, we produce them in our factories.



We produce all kinds of moulds


Tell us about your company’s products.

NUSPL is a stationary mould producer for the pre-cast business and we were incorporated in 1955, we produce all kinds of moulds required for housing projects and infrastructure projects.


How sophisticated is the Indian market compared to the European market.

I think it is different, every country has its different requirements so we focus on the demand of our customers, they have different techniques and also special kind of production methods so you have to find a proper solution for them, mostly individual solutions, with a lot of knowledge we can just establish very precise solutions for a customer.


Tell us about some innovative product or technology developed by your company.

Last year we produced a lot of moulds, different moulds for different kinds of concrete products, so we can combine a lot of techniques to get a very proper mould, we know how it must look like and which kind of technique we have to use.


Any other comments on the Indian market, how different do you find the Indian market.

I think it is becoming more like pre-cast business; increase is much more because of huge projects now, they will all be developed in pre-cast. I think five years ago pre-cast was not very famous, now everyone is focusing on this. Also some smaller companies try to produce every kind of system we produce in Germany, so the more pre-cast you can do the more efficient it is and faster.



Potential for pre-cast increasing


Tell us about your product line in India.

We have recently set up our factory in Uttar Pradesh and plan to make all steel moulds in India because the customs duty being so high it reflects on total overall pricing. Some specific items which are very critical we are importing from Germany.


Pre-cast is just starting in India now. What kind of market potential do you see for your products, which sector is the biggest demand driver for your products?

When we started five years back, we were very skeptical whether this will take off or not because people were using conventional technology. But now the mindset has changed, and they are going towards new technologies which have been done in pre-cast, and one of our most prestigious projects in pre- cast is ‘Shoba’ at Bangalore. Last year we have seen increased number of enquiries about pre-cast. Another two or three years down the line we see the potential for pre-cast increasing because the main factor is affordable projects, that is the ‘Pradhan Manthri aavas yojana,’ which has promised 50 lakh homes in 2022.


Us a feedback on the concrete show. How far has it met your expectations?

We are participating in it for the first time, today we have got 2-3 customers, let us see tomorrow what happens, the first day is a very lean day, we expect something better tomorrow, let us see, we’ll keep our fingers crossed.



We have grown rapidly


How do you see the Indian market evolving?

Definitely, the last couple of years we have grown rapidly, architects are now specifying RECKLI patterns on the concrete, and they realize as they cast concrete they get the finished products on the concrete at the same time, they don’t have to fix on marble or stone or other products of glass or aluminum, so the concrete is finished and it is permanent, there is no maintenance work for the job.


How does the Indian market compare to the global market?

I think as far as our company is concerned, India is the fastest growing developing country for us, in the last three or four years. India is a fairly new market for us. We have been here for nearly fifteen years, dabbling here but we have been seriously tracking the market in the last few years.


Some unique product you have developed.

Our product is fifty years old and we were the founders of this product and we have a lot of copycats, but we have a massive range of products that we can offer the customer and custom make products for them. We have recently developed Photo Engraving Form Liners, which can enable any Image to be permanently cast in Concrete.



Can customize any pattern that Architects want


Tell us about the major projects, real estate projects RECKLI is involved in right now.

Reckli has been in India for over 15 years now. Our initial focus, due to our erstwhile partner, was more on infrastructure projects. For example you could look at many iconic infrastructure projects like the Bandra-Worli sea link, most of the flyovers that you see, all had grooves, and those grooves have been achieved by Reckli form liners. In the last 4-5 years we have really shifted our focus into the high rise segment. The primary reason being our products offer you multiple reuses, up to 100 reuses from a Single Mould. So, it makes sense to actually use it on a Project which has that kind of a longevity or capacity to be reused. For a right Project, the effective Project Costs can be as low as `45/- per Sq Ft of the Exposed Concrete Area. The Patterns achieved using our Form Liners are sustainable and have zero maintenance costs. Some of the real estate Projects include W54 (at Matunga), Atmosphere (at Nahur), Seasons (MIG, Bandra), Hindustan Mills (at Prabhadevi). We are also proud to be have been associated with the prestigious Statue of Unity Project at Kevadia.

To what extent can you customise the form liners according to the architect’s specification? You know the artistic form liners?

This is the thing that the architects look for. Architects want to achieve some kind of distinction in every Project. We can customize any pattern that the architect wants and help achieve the finish that they desire. We can work with the existing concrete mix design that the contractor uses. If the contractor uses good form work, and can do a decent job of vibrating the concrete, that is good enough to ensure excellent Patterns on the Concrete façade.

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