04 July 2020

Interaction- R C Mangal, SR. VP – Sales & Mktg, Truck And Bus Division, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.

Successfully able to address key market requirements


An iconic Indian multinational, this company has an industry first to its credit, the company was the first to offer 5 years or 5 lakh kms transferable warranty in the Indian trucking industry. For its tipper customers, Mahindra provides comprehensive and round the clock Service Support, which includes onsite support of mechanics and spares stocking to fleet of 10+ vehicles and provides standard warranty 4000 hours or 24 months and extended warranty of 6000 hours or 48 months. As an Indian company, it has a rich experience of the Indian market, reflected in its versatile trucks. In an exclusive interview R C MANGAL, SR. VP – SALES & MKTG, TRUCK AND BUS DIVISION, MAHINDRA & MAHINDRA LTD. discusses their mining tippers based on the Blazo platform with CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES.



Give a brief overview of the mining equipment industry. Which type of mining equipment is currently most in demand.

Tippers are the mostly employed in all forms of mining, ranging from initial excavation till the time excavated ore is transported to the points of further process.

We offer tippers suitable for open cast mines and transportation of excavated mineral. We offer 25T and 31T Tippers.



Tell us of your various product offerings and their demand in the Indian market. Do you plan to launch new products.

Our product portfolio consists of HCV tippers (both 25T and 31T) which can be customized to suit varied operating conditions and loads. With this portfolio of products, we are successfully able to address key market requirements.

On 25T Tippers, we have combinations of 6 speed/9 speed gear box along with bogie and non-bogie combination. Based on the BLAZO platform, the vehicles are equipped with ‘Fuel Smart Technology,’ which offers customers the option of choosing differing power band based on the requirement of terrain and load.

There are plans to introduce more variants to address varying and evolving market needs of the customers.



Detail us on the Cutting edge technological innovations featured in your machines.

Mining industry is highly competitive. Every paisa saved on every ton of ore transported translates to higher profits to customers. Technological advancements are the key here. MTBD trucks have several technological innovations like the Fuel Smart Technology: Switch the power requirements of tipper at the tip of fingers based on the operating terrain and load conditions. Generally different type of vehicles are employed for different terrains. With this technology, we are eliminating the need for maintaining different kinds of vehicle.



Tell us about your manufacturing base in India.

Mahindra Trucks & Bus has a manufacturing base located at Chakan in vicinity of Pune. This is state-of-art manufacturing facility planned with an intention of offering comprehensive trucking solutions.

The greenfield plant in Chakan, one of the most advanced manufacturing plants in India, is where Mahindra trucks are created. Massive in scale, the Chakan plant is also renowned for its attention to detail. Each vehicle is put together with robotic precision and utmost care to ensure the highest standard of reliability. A young, enthusiastic, and very well-trained group of technicians, ensures the quality of vehicles that roll out from this plant. Its cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices make it a plant that’s ready to give the world generations of outperforming vehicles.



To what extent are aftermarket services a strategic differentiator.

Mining is an intense time consuming process. Ensuring vehicle operating up to 22 ~23 hours per day is the key for profitability. Identification of right product to suit the operations ensures right beginning. Post start of operations maintaining the vehicle is of paramount importance. At this point, aftermarket services are the key differentiator.

We offer comprehensive AMC and other customized aftermarket services to suit the operating requirement of customers. We offer onsite support to customers and ensure 99 per cent plus availability of tippers at site.

After market services being a major differentiator, we have recently launched ‘Delhi-Mumbai Service Corridor’ to make service available at every 60 km across industrial corridor. Guaranteed service support reach within two hours anywhere on the corridor. We are in process of setting up more exclusive Parts Retail Outlets – MPARTS Plazas to ensure fair priced original genuine parts availability pan India. At these parts plazas 150 maintenance parts are guaranteed for availability all the time or else given free.

For its tipper customers, Mahindra provides comprehensive and round the clock Service Support, which includes onsite support of mechanics and spares stocking to fleet of 10+ vehicles. Additionally, Mobile Workshop support along with critical, fast moving Spare Parts is also made available. Mahindra provides standard warranty 4000 hours or 24 months and extended warranty of 6000 hours or 48 months.

Total Network Strength of MTB climbs to 84 3S dealerships, 120 Authorized Service Centres and 2900 roadside assistance points, and spares network of 2069 retail outlets.



Emerging trends in the equipment finance and rentals in mining equipment. To what extent is consumer behaviour influenced by cost.

Leasing as a concept is now picking up in Indian mining industry. Of late couple of financial institutions have come up with lease financing models in mining equipment industry. In mining industry customer is evolved and he looks for ‘Life cycle costs’ more judiciously then initial capital cost.

What is the company’s approach to implementing the ‘Make in India’ campaign.
Mahindra is one of the best examples of an Indian MNC and is on the forefront of the Make in India drive.



How do you expect the market to shape up for the mining equipment industry through 2017 onwards.

Mining industry is slowly picking up. Mining contributes approximately 30 per cent of industry volumes and we expect the traction to continue.



Future outlook for the industry and from a company perspective.

The industry volumes substantial growth in F17 Q4 owing to implementation of BSIV norms. This year we expect the industry to see a modest growth.

Acceptance for our new Blazo HCV range series has increased, thanks to our guaranteed product performance. We are expecting the momentum to continue.

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