26 May 2020

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Interactionm Yuvraj Patil, Propreitor, Shree Premix Industries

We will show savings practically, not just on paper

Barely a year later since its inception in February 2016, this company has already developed products across the premix spectrum of smart building materials. In an exclusive interview YUVRAJ P PATIL, PROPRIETOR, SHREE PREMIX INDUSTRIES spoke to SATISH P CHAVAN about their Green cost saving products.



Tell briefly the smart products that you offer across various verticals like tiling, bonding, water proofing etc.

We have twelve products, out of that ten products come in powder form, and two products in liquid plus powder form. We are coming up with admixtures plus white plaster in other products. Ten products we are manufacturing basically using 53 grade cement, manufactured silica sand, means we are not wasting natural resources. Since it is clean the product does not crack. Plus chemicals we are using are German made. We don’t use any local brand because there is no uniform quality and consistency. We are using Chemicals from Wackers, Netherlands we are taking through importers. These are the USP of our products, we have done survey on what products are available, and what they are giving, what is the benefit or plus or minus for clients. Considering that we have developed our products, which give Speed,high Strength in lesser time, with stability, durability with economy.

We have ready mix block joining mortars, Plaster, Putty. We are manufacturing tile adhesives in two types, as per BIS 15477 Type-1 (Shree E Tile Bond+) for Ceramic tiles, and Type-2 (Shree E Tile Bond++) for vitrified tiles. For fixing Stones, Marble, Granite as well as for cladding we have latex based adhesives which is special product available in two components, liquid plus powder. Our other two components products are ECW (Elastomeric Cementitous Waterproof coating ) for which we got good response for waterproofing purpose of roof, walls, tanks. People are using gypsum for finishing wall, Instead of that we have our white Cement base water resistance putty (Shree E Putty+) apply one coat after filling the gaps of A.A.C /Concrete Masonry with putty and let it dry, apply second coat and you can finish it off. Gypsum cost is @ Rs.18 to 20 /Sft + cost of bonding agent instead of that our putty material costs will be approximate Rs.7 to 10/sft well as surface will be ready to paint no need to apply any additional finishing material. Means you save approximate Rs.8-10 per sq ft. Like that we have lot of solutions. If people call us for technical guidance, or for costing, or anything they discuss freely. we will try to save maximum money with supplying good quality material which is technical sound with additional benefit.



What kind of savings can you bring for customers.

See there is a lot of scope, the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, if these people concentrated on our products they will save lot of money. What subsidy they are getting you concentrate on that, thirty five to forty per cent of that also they can save. Suppose the value of a flat is Rs.10 lakh, and the government is giving Rs.2.65 lakh, if they use our products since planning stage they will save additional approximate Rs.0.85 Lac to Rs.1.35 Lacs. People are negotiating with us for rates, but instead of cutting rates if they will give more attention on workman ship,planning, levelling and aligning they will save a lot of cost. we will show them savings practically how and where they can minimise the cost not just on paper without comprising in quality.



What is your marketing strategy for a price sensitive market.

We have done lot of R&D, tested our products from Third Party NABL accreted labs, we know we can do X price lesser price than available in the market. But we do not want to supply such type of products, the queue is big, say, suppose the ready made plaster cost is Rs.5/Kg, there are Rs.4.85, Rs.4.95 like that which we have to use in more thickness and strength are less + additional expenses, there is lot of queue, we do not want to stand in queue, we have ready-mix multipurpose plaster which can be applied from 3MM on wards with high Strength, Hydrophobic, Non Shrinkage property which can be applied directly on R.C.C without hacking and bonding agents no additional cost. Like this we have developed products which is used minimum thickness and having high strength to the products. We have our in-house lab testing facility for every product we have sale, batching, testing records for products we manufactured. If you ask for delivery, we will ask you to either hold for three days till then we will get the results. We have kept that strategy, because if we test then we are confident, then we can give confidence to our customers. We give best quality at reasonable price with quick 24 to 48 hours delivery with technical support. Clients itself are telling us your product is good, but sometimes they compare back to back then it becomes expensive, but they are not adding other expenses like Curing, supervision cost, bigger expenses, nobody counts these expenses. See, now you are buying the cement bag Rs.350. Our Tile Adhesive Standard Bag Rs.400 what is the difference Rs.50 but we are giving polymer modified, high compressive Strength, bonding Strength, Pull of Strength tested quality and guarantee material due to which tiles will not fall down. We are doing a lot of comparisons presently. Currently we are supplying our products to L&T Construction, Oberoi Realty for Oberoi Esqure (Goregaon,Mumbai), Axis Realty, Nirmal Lifestyle, Ruparel Realty, Eco homes, etc.



Tell us about Green Certification of your products.

Since inception we have immediately taken the membership of IGBC. First reason, government is making mandatory you should use all green products. We have IGBC certification; we will soon acquire LEEDS certification. Our products conserves natural resources, our products are Eco friendly, Green building material.



Landmark projects using your products.

We are already supplying to a lot of projects. Vijay Wadhawa & Associates, they have a project at Thane where we are supplying. Then we are supplying to two- three more projects, we are supplying at Mahalaxmi to Lokhandwala Infra for their building projects. Panvelkar Housing at Badlapur. There are lot of projects where we are giving the materials and we have already done demonstration for around 70 to 90 more clients and the orders are in pipeline, and along with upcoming projects in Governments, Municipal Corporations. We are also there at S.D. Corporations (Shapoorji Paallonji and Dilip Thakkers joint venture) site: “Alpine Tower “at Kandivali Mumbai., Ekta Projects, A&O realty such types of lot projects in Mumbai & surrounding area along with out of Mumbai at Akola, Nasik, Pune, Aurangabad and Nagpur, We have also made strategy to go pan India.


Shree E –Bond+

Dry mix mortar for joining A.A.C Blocks/Concrete Block/Bricks/Chira (Stone) in the wall / masonry.

Shree E –Plast+

Readymade plastering material for plastering Internal and External surfaces of the walls made from Bricks, concrete Blocks, A.A.C Blocks, Fly ash bricks and R.C.C. For Plastering Ceiling, other surfaces as well as for repairing work.

Shree E –Putty+

For Providing water resistance, smooth and Finish level surfaces to concrete/ Masonry / Plaster and wall surface, For direct application on A.A.C Blocks surface, RCC surface and Ceiling.

Shree E–Tile Bond+

For fixing Ceramic tiles on floor/walls, Pores stone tiles.

Shree E – Tile Bond++

For fixing Vitrified tiles /tiles slabs on walls / floors, heavy tiles, tile on tiles.

Shree E – Tile Grout+

For filling the gaps between two tiles on floor, walls, kitchen or various places (Available in White / Ivory / Brown / Black / Red / Green / Blue Colours)

Shree E – NSG 60+

For anchoring machinery base, Column base, Anchor Bolt, Casting foundation of Pump, compressors, Generators, grouting applications.

Shree E Floor Hardener+

To get highly abrasion resistance surface to concrete floors of ware houses, Heavy industries, Railway platform, Parking bays, heavy traffic car park, workshop, machine stop.

Shree E - R Mortar+

For repairing work, fill up the holes of scaffolding in the walls, Plumbing,, Electrical conduit laying in the walls for concealed work slot / gap, Ceiling repairing etc.

Shree E – Micro Concrete+

For repairing, restoration work of R.C.C Structures of buildings / industries, Repair the damage structures / Structural Members.

Shree E – LB Adhesive+++ (Two components)

For fixing Heavy stones, Marbles, Granites, for fixing marble granite for door/window frames, Kitchen Otta, Cladding work.

ECW Coat+ (Two components)

For water proof coating on terrace, on walls, water tank, sunken portion of bathroom, toilet, balconies, for flexible coating to bridge shrinkage cracks, to apply on damp substrates, for coating on sloping, flat slabs, on retaining and basement walls.

Newly Launched

Shree E White Plast+


For plastering internal / External walls of Commercial buildings, Hotels, Public buildings, Temples, Religious Places, Columns, Health Clubs, Restaurants, Basements, Car Parking Area, Hostels, Hospitals, Industrial Buildings for skipping paints, Textures on walls and for various decorative Purpose.

SPI Admixtures


To gain the Strength to the concrete, reduce water cement ratio, increase the quality of concrete, Use of accelerators, retarders for modification of Concrete properties as per site requirement for various purpose in various projects.

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