26 May 2020

Table of Contents for Special Focus: Smart Building Materials and Techno

Spotlight- Elematic

Elematic helps B. G. Shirke to build India


A classic example of two niche pioneers collaborating to push precast technology to new frontiers. B. G. Shirke Construction Technology is doing precast construction since late 19th century, and Elematic has been developing precast concrete technology since half a century.


With its history deeply rooted in civil engineering and high quality housing projects, B. G. Shirke Construction Technology has been operational for over seventy years. Early on its founders decided to focus on quality and modern ways of construction - an ethos that still carries through today.  “It has been the dream of our founder Chairman Padmashri B.G. Shirke to industrialise the civil engineering construction in our country by manufacturing standardized precast components for building construction,” says V.G Jana, Senior Chief Executive, B G Shrike Construction Technology Pvt. Ltd.


Shirke’s key to success has been its ability to adopt new construction technologies early. “We were the first company to adopt prefab construction technology in India and till date prefab residential construction amounting to over 50 million sq. ft. built-up area, comprising over 200,000 tenements especially in Economically Weaker Section (EWS) and Low Income Group (LIG) category,” adds Jana.




B.G Shirke leveraged precast technology from Finnish pioneer Elematic, who supplied three production lines - Circulation lines for room size floor slab, special walls, and hollow core columns. “Shirke had their existing design which they wanted to use and therefore special demands, which we delivered for them,” explains Tarmo Sahala, Area Sales Director, Elematic.  “All molds and equipment were designed accordingly. The wall and floor slab lines are in same building in two sheds, both have transportation and distribution systems, molds, all production and handling equipment, and curing system,” Sahala elaborates.


The hollow core column is a unique product, relatively new technology. Elematic created the application for B.G Shirke based on a previous machine model for a similar product. “These columns are not too heavy to handle and install. The hollows are filled with concrete and necessary reinforcement,”  explains Sahala.


Elematic technology has helped B G Shirke to grow from strength to strength. “Presently, we are executing mega housing projects comprising over 50 thousand tenements for Delhi Development Authority (DDA), and dozens of other projects across the country,” Jana says. Speed is of essence for creating enormous housing projects. It needs prompt project schedules with little room for delays. “Their time frame for projects is very strict, which is impossible to execute in a traditional way,” adds Sahala.


“The technology provides crucial factors such as stability of the structure incorporating earthquake resistance, safety, adaptability to various climatic conditions, thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, and conformity to codal provisions that form backbone of 3-S technology,” Jana explains.




An ability to increase production, create higher quality finishing, material savings and less waste, and Shirke has a winning formula with pre-cast technology. Water saved by using pre-cast technology can make a real difference in India, where resources are scarce.  “With pre-cast, almost no water is needed at a building site and overall water consumption is less compared to traditional way,” Sahala says. “Few years back we delivered them a floor slab production line and everything went well and they were happy with us. They also trust us the way we handle after sales and services and our workmanship being high quality,” beams Sahala.


The relationship between both companies is set to grow in years to come. “Because they have special demands, it allows us to make new innovations and applications, which means the entire industry benefits,” Sahala concludes proudly.

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