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Company Profile - Ashtech


Mumbai based Ashtech has been a major contributor to the green tech space in India’s construction sector In more than a decade and half of its existence, Ashtech India Pvt Ltd has earned an outstanding reputation as a leading manufacturer, processor, distributor and exporter of fly ash and various types of construction materials.


PRODUCT MIX: The ISO 9001:2008 certified organisation has been a prominent player in the area of Fly Ash, ready mix concrete, solid and hollow concrete blocks, aggregates, light weight blocks, reflective pavers and tiles, gypsum plaster etc. and has a presence in every major infrastructure or construction project being done in the country.


MANUFACTURING UNITS:  Ashtech, which has state-of-the-art processing and distribution facilities at Dahanu, Wanakbori, Gandhinagar, Ennore, Badarpur and Dadri near Delhi defines excellence through its products and processes.


PROJECTS: Ashtech’s fly ash has been used on some of the most prominent and landmark projects in the Middle East. Its products have supported airport works in Saudi Arabia, Oman and Qatar, not to mention projects in the UAE like the Abu Dhabi Cricket Stadium, Dubai Marina, Burj Dubai, Palm Islands and the Emirates Tower. Among the key projects Ashtech has been associated with in India are the Bandra Worli Sealink, Imperial Tower, the airports at Bengaluru and Chennai; metro rail projects in Mumbai, Bengaluru and Chennai; the L&T monorail project in Mumbai; Pipavav Shipyard and Pune’s Magarpatta City.



In the decorative segment Ashtech DecoCrete Imprint Sytems offers original cast-in-place concrete flooring and paving which while contributing to a distinctive architectural feel to a project also offers durability to withstand the toughest traffic loads and environmental conditions. Ashtech DecoCrete provides an imprinted pattern with a smooth surface between the joint lines. The tools used in imprinting offer patterns in the concrete surface that are akin to cookie cutter patterns through cookie dough. Ashtech DecoCrete simulates a wide variety of natural materials like limestone, slate, sandstone, wood, cobblestone. Meanwhile limitless combinations of geometric graphic patterns and colours can also be created in Concrete which offer license to make a bold creative statement.


Ashtech’s DecoCrete Imprint Systems are available to homeowners and design professionals in a large variety of colors, textures, and patterns. And all of this is available at a fraction of the cost of traditional materials. These are used in a wide variety of residential, commercial and municipal applications where the intention is to upgrade plain concrete or asphalt, or alternatively, to subtract on the expenditure of installing natural paving materials. Customers can have a choice of more than 100 patterns and custom tooling options which are available in a wide variety of standard and customcoloring options. The product Designs are available in myriad combinations of geometric graphic patterns and colours.  These can be used in places like streets, pathways, plazas, building entrances, pool decks, showroom floors, theme parks, retail walkways, road junctions, petrol pumps, sidewalls, parking areas, gardens, driveways and factory sheds, docks and ports.


DecoCrete Custom Polishing System

It is also well established that Ashtech’s DecoCrete Custom Polishing System, which is a patented technology, delivers the industry’s best concrete floor finish. Among its winning attributes is the ability of the polish to chemically react with the concrete and to lock in the color, the mechanical application closing the surface to segregate the contaminants. All that is required is a single application with permanent results. The DecoCrete Polishing System is available in lustrous color, in finishes of satin to gloss, is environment friendly – it is non toxic and non flammable – protected by a tight, beautiful sheen. It offers resistance to slipping, abrasion and impact. Also remarkable is the ability of the finished surface to repel water and oil and to be dust-proof. The finish does not necessitate replacement, recoating or waxing and is superior in all respects to other limited life products and is user friendly. The finishing system is available only through Ashtech’s licensed DecoCrete network and exclusively by trained and certified contractors


Sandwash Texture

Intended for outdoor applications Sandwash Texture by Ashtech’s decoCrete employs specialised mix designs, additives, topical treatments and advanced application procedures. It is used as an alternate to conventional concrete finish. The finish resembles sand blasted concrete and offers an economical alternative to other decorative concrete finishes while producing a monolithic concrete slab at low life-cycle cost. Sandwash Texture is used in combination with a variety of colors and staining options. The finish creates consistent texture and is ideal for plazas, walkways, shopping centers, schools and more.


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