26 May 2020

International Update- CRCHI

Tunneling is an integral part of building Smart Cities, be it for metro trains or laying water distribution pipelines. Here is an update on latest CRCHI’s TBMs used in China


CRCHI EPBs for Shenzhen Metro

Last month, production of two Earth Pressure Balance Machines (EPB), machines of similar appearances and functions were completed in CRCHI. Both machines are 6.98m in diameter, 85m in length, 550t in weight and 2160Kw in power. With independent property rights, they were developed and manufactured by CRCHI, based on ‘National 863 Program’ and supported by Hunan Province Major Science and Technology Projects, and Strategic Emerging Industry Projects. The machines will be used for construction of Shenzhen Metro Line 20. The 6.7km-long tunnel has uneven rate of decay, uneven hardness and high rock strength.

To meet the requirements of the project, technological innovation and specific designs are adopted. Main bearing with a large diameter is used to enhance the bearing capacity. Variable frequency motor is adopted to provide high drive efficiency and torque. A large cutter is equipped to increase rock-breaking efficiency and the material of cutter has high wear resistance. The ceremony was hosted by Sha Mingyuan, Chief Mechanical Engineer at CRCC Equipment Department. At the ceremony Liu Guangjun, Director of CRCC Shenzhen International Convention Center Supporting Municipal Project Headquarter, spoke highly of CRCHI’s contribution to China’s railway construction. He said that with the help of the two machines construction of Shenzhen Metro Line 20 could be completed in 20 months.


China’s First Minimum Diameter Open-type TBM

China’s first minimum-diameter Open-type TBM manufactured by CRCHI for water resource distribution project started its trial tunneling in Hubei province.

 CRCHI has independent property right for the Open-type TBM. Its excavation diameter is 4 meters, the length of the shield and back-up gantries is 290 meters, weight of the machine is 750t, and its installed power is 2400kw. A technical service team has been assigned by CRCHI to the jobsite for life-cycle management, which has done preparatory work for assembly, stepping, installation of belt system and other parts before tunneling, to ensure successful launching of the TBM. With regard to the water resource distribution project for North Hubei province, water is channeled from Dan Jiangkou reservoir through the tunnel into urban areas and countryside of North Hubei province where water is insufficient.  Baolin Tunnel, constructed by Sinohydro Bureau 6 Company, is the 16th section of the water resource distribution project. Geology here is complicated and construction space is narrow and small, so it is very difficult if we use drilling and blasting method and there will be many difficulties in ventilation and material delivery. The TBM specially designed by CRCHI will tunnel 10.6km of which the largest overburden depth is 649 m. According to Cheng Yongliang, General Manager of CRCHI, “We have solved many problems such as system integration of small-diameter TBM, piping layout for ventilation and dust removal, design of conjoined cutter holder for small-diameter cutter head. It is featured by high efficiency, high quality, safety, and is environment friendly. This is China’s first minimum-diameter Open-type TBM used in tunnel construction, showing that TBMs manufactured by CRCHI have been widely used in national hydropower projects.”


EPB for Chengdu MetroLine 18

An 8.6m diameter EPB manufactured by CRCHI for No.18 line of Chengdu Metro was launched at the Xing Tianfeng shaft. Due to space limitation of jobsite, the EPB was launched in separate sections. The tunnel is 2.3 km long. Main geology is moderate-weathered mudstone with gas. Considering umbilical launching and partial stratum with gas, CRCHI specially designed and improved the EPB for Chengdu Metro. The machine is Chengdu’s first big diameter EPB in umbilical launching. Construction difficulties include narrow construction site, much overlapping work and high-intensity work. In the process of construction, the construction contractor Sinohydro Bureau 5th Company closely cooperated with CRCHI to ensure TBM assembly and commissioning. Good performance of EPB won praise of clients.


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