29 May 2020

Spotlight- Wienerberger India

Wienerberger’s Porotherm keeps it waterless!


The Global Leaders in sustainable, green building materials introduce a revolutionary system that can drastically minimise the huge water consumed during building construction.


An exponential growth in population, followed by the obvious rise in building construction to accommodate the growing population, has put an enormous stress on the cities available ground water. The changing climatic conditions and effects of global warming, has resulted in a drastic seasonal difference in rainfall in the city.Which means, ground water is depleting faster than it can be replenished naturally. It is estimated that an average of 27,000 liters of embodied water gets consumed for every square meter of built up area of a building! Taking this disturbing fact in to consideration, Wienerberger has come up with a simple solution that can help radically reduce water consumption during the construction phase of a building.


Generally, during construction, the maximum water usage occurs during preparation of sand, cement and mortar. Also during curing of walls before and after plastering. An average of 350 liters of water is consumed for every one meter of wall construction. Using Porotherm Dryfix.System removes the need of wet mortar and drastically reduces the requirement of water for any type of wall construction (infill masonry or partition walls as well as external walls). The system also eliminates the need for curing, thus further leading to water savings. Considering the volume of construction in urban areas, saving water in pre-construction stage can give a huge relief to the city’s water crunch.


Porotherm Dryfix.System comes along with Porotherm Grinded clay hollow bricks or Smart Bricks as a total solution. The bricks are a hallmark in precision technology resulting in exceptional dimensional uniformity that can reduce plaster thickness leading to huge savings for the builder.


“Porotherm Dryfix.System, a dry mortar system, that can entirely replace the conventional mortar and help you build walls without the need for curing. Thus saving precious natural resources like water and sand. The product is mason friendly, saves time and enhances thermal protection. It is a revolutionary world class system to build the perfect wall for your house.” Appaiah Monnanda, MD, Wienerberger India.


Advantage Porotherm

  • Dryfix.System is ready to use, mason friendly, easy to transport, fastest masonry system compared to any other.
  • Clean dry construction, with zero debris, absolutely ZERO WASTAGE, with very strong reliable bond.
  • No curing and no chasing, next construction activity on the wall can begin after 24 hours.
  • Porotherm Brick, which is a combined offering with Dryfix.System, is a natural, clay product, with inherent thermal insulation properties that promotes healthy & comfortable in-door living environment all year round



For more details contact:

Email: anasua.mitra@wienerberger.in

Website: www.wienerberger.in


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