01 June 2020

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Interview - Sanjay Sharma (Wood Barn India)

Wood is emerging as an alternative in the realty sector

 Wood Barn India is an entrepreneurial venture conceived in 2006 by two aspiring entrepreneurs with a vision to deliver environment friendly and environment conscious world class wooden structures in India. Wood Barn claims to have been able to devise and develop more than 120 models which are highly suitable in the Indian context.  SANJAY SHARMA, CHAIRMAN, WOODBARN INDIA responded to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES queries on the advantage offered by wood as a mode of house construction.  


Briefly tell us about the company and its objectives in the eco friendly housing space?

Wood Barn has given India approximately 200 structures, delivering structures at the most extreme sites. Our team has the capability to create out houses, farm houses, terrace houses, temporary homes, eco resorts, tree houses all of which are energy efficient. The structures are made from the finest spruce pine wood from British Columbia and Scandinavian countries. For this we have tied up with companies from Finland and Canada. We are members of the IGBC. Our vision is to provide to our customers structures which are eco-friendly, energy efficient and absolutely easy to make, manage and live. Through consistent innovation in architectural design and technical execution we want to provide to the market world class structures. Our objective is to spread log culture in the country and to evade all the myths associated with usage of wood for construction works. We also want regarded as the most reliable name in the wooden structure segment in the country.


Can you share with us details of the country’s first ever wooden house your firm constructed within 30 hours?

The first such structure we made was our own office at A-100, Chattarpur. This was an experiment done under constraint for a visiting Canadian delegation comprising top wood manufacturers. But that proved to be a breakthrough.
The second such experiment we did was at Acetech Delhi and Ahmedabad in 2013, platforms where it was documented and witnessed by the media .

We won a Gold stand design award at this platform.


Tell us about the key wooden house projects Wood Barn India has done since 2006?

We have done more than 5 resorts and holiday destinations and one dormitory for the government in Uttaranchal which is an extreme site. Among the landmark projects done by Wood Barn are the wooden cottages at Ashtamudi Backwaters in Kerala for Club Mahindra, The Tamara, Coorg for Infosys and The Micasa, Goa. We have completed an eco-resort in Vaishali, Bihar. Our projects include GMVN Trekkers Guest House at Sakri, Gangotri for Uttaranchal Tourism; GMVN Ski Resort in Auli for Uttaranchal Tourism, The Blue Bay Resort, Mahabalipuram, Mohan Meakins Guest House at New Delhi, a guest house for J &K Bank in Gulmarg. We have also done private farms and villas for personalities like Nafisa Ali, Naina Balsawar, Shatrughan Sinha, KPS Gill and others.  


What is the feedback your firm has received on their construction? Where is the demand coming from?

Terrace houses, out houses, beach houses are gaining in popularity. Our main clients are high net worth individuals who want to explore the concept of holiday homes, eco-resorts and hotels constructed in wooden formats. Wood Barn’s organisational structure, its delivery timelines, finish, quality, technology and certified material meeting international standards are all its highpoints. The uniqueness of designs and aesthetics are especially appreciated by people.


What is unique about the wooden homes that are constructed by your company? From where do you source the wood for construction?

Wood barn uses lumber produced from spruce-pine-fir species (marketed together as SPF). SPF is ideal for residential and commercial construction due to its low cost and high strength to weight ratio. The combination of the species and growth conditions in western Canada result in tall straight trees which produce strong straight lumber that, when dried correctly, is stable and ideal for construction. SPF has been used extensively in North America for structural applications in wood-frame construction – the construction method of choice for almost all single-family homes. And now, countries in Europe and Asia seeking economical and durable construction to replace aging or damaged housing or to house growing populations are looking to wood-frame construction and SPF for practical solutions. This seasoned wood is sourced from Canada, Scandinavia and China and is treated in fabrication houses there. Wood Barn has collaboration with all such major fabrication houses in Estonia, Finland and China to ensure a strong supply chain. The technology used is the Tongue and Groove. It is the interlock log format. We have tie-ups with Nordic Houses, Estonia, Sea-star China, Honkajmat, Finland and others.


What is the cost of an average house?

The construction cost may vary from 3,000 to 4,000 per sq ft depending upon the thickness of the wood.     



With fast depleting forest cover how enthusiastic are you of the future of wood as a building material in India?

As we all are well aware now, the need of the hour is to create structures that are environmentally responsible and resource-efficient throughout their life cycle – from siting to design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation, and demolition. Wood merges with the environment. It plays a vital role in saving the planet from increasingly adverse environmental conditions. Unlike other products that deplete the earth’s resources wood products grow naturally and draw largely on bio-energy for their manufacture. Using wood products in place of non-renewable materials is a powerful way to reduce the environmental impact of a housing project. The growing awareness among people augurs well for the log house industry. Wood is emerging as an alternative in the realty sector as a construction mode. We are at the beginning of a paradigm shift in the construction segment but wood still has a long way to go. Wood has huge scope and potential waiting to be tapped. Not only can these structures be raised without disturbing the topography, they are easy to dismantle and relocate. Maintenance is as easy as is the installation of it.

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