Monday, April 12, 2021

Interview - Melissa Magestro (AEM)

The AEM-MMI partnership focuses on producing world-class shows


MELISSA MAGESTRO, SENIOR DIRECTOR - EXHIBITIONS, ASSOCIATION OF EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURERS (AEM) responded to SHRIKANT RAO’s queries on the advantages of the partnership of her organisation with Messe München and the bC India connection. 


On AEM’s experience in the exhibitions organising space and India’s potential as a trade show destination:

In our particular market segment, just in the space of time we have been operating in India, we have seen other organisers enter the market but not have as much success as bC India with the combined CONEXPO and bauma brands. With bC India, you have the leading global show organisers, AEM and Messe München, bringing a world-class exhibition to the region for the benefit of show participants and the entire industry. A strong and comprehensive event such as bC India gives manufacturers the right sales and marketing opportunity in the region; there is less need to exhibit at so many other events so our members and all exhibitors can better manage their budgets and still be assured of a quality show. While the number of exhibitions taking place in India has increased in the last few years, it is still difficult to find a truly modern venue; we were fortunate in moving the show to Delhi as we can now hold bC India in the type of up-to-date convention center that our international exhibitors are used to. AEM is optimistic that with the new government in place, there will be a renewed increase in infrastructure projects that present even more opportunity for our members in India, and thereby will also continue to build the show’s momentum.


On the advantages and synergies the bauma-Conexpo partnership has brought with it: 

For show visitors, they have the unparalleled opportunity to see what the future holds in new products and technologies to improve productivity, efficiencies, safety and sustainability. Exhibitors know we work for the industry and that they will find a high level of quality and professional organization since we operate bC India in much the same way as we operate all the CONEXPO and/or bauma branded events around the world. And there is now a bauma and/or CONEXPO presence in every major and growth market. Rather than competing with each other, AEM and Messe München cooperate to maximise our resources and focus on producing world-class shows for the benefit of all show participants. This helps our members and all exhibitors better manage their overall global exhibition strategy and the number of shows they exhibit at in any given region. Our combined marketing approach gives us the most reach to attract the right visitors. And our shows benefit from exhibitor-led advisory boards and show managing committees that assure the direction and scope of the events are in line with industry needs.


On the contribution of Messe München and bauma as a global exhibition brand:
Messe München is an esteemed global partner of AEM. The AEM-Messe München partnership brings strength for both organisations in the global exhibi  tion market. bC India was the first joint project in an agreement we signed a few years ago for closer cooperation and we see continued collaboration with Messe München in the future. This cooperation helps us to better provide global business solutions for members and foster industry development.


On the role played by AEM in the hosting of the event and the strengths it brings to the trade show table:

As a co-owner of bC India, AEM is involved in the overall strategic direction of the show. Additionally, AEM is responsible for promoting the event to potential exhibitors in North and South America, as well as using our sizeable database for visitor promotion. Our teams in India, Germany and the United States work together to provide the best return on investment for our exhibitors and visitors. AEM’s membership includes the major North American equipment manufacturers; their top executives serve on our board of directors, industry sector boards and other key committees, and they provide significant input and guidance.



On the conduct of the two bC India editions held previously in India:

Overall we have been pleased with the success of bC India which has grown in both exhibitor and visitor numbers between its 2011 launch and the 2013 show. While the market has shown some instability earlier in the year, we are optimistic that the new government will bring an increase in infrastructure spending and buyer confidence. AEM, as an industry association, is focused on meeting the needs of its members–to connect with their channel partners and customers. Our expectation with bC India is not on making a lot of money but to provide cost-effective exhibiting options
and services for our members in this important region for their business growth.


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