02 June 2020

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Birthdays are always time for contemplation – the reflection could relate to the past, present or the future. So it is as we move into August, and closer to yet another annual day on which we celebrate our nation’s independence. What should ideally be lassi swilling time – in deference to millions of Indians below the poverty line we will leave out the champagne popping – needs to be utilised for stock taking of what has NOT been accomplished in India’s development sector.


It is important to swallow that bitter pill if only from the point of view of the poverty of legacy that the present will leave for future generations.

But this is not recounting of a ‘has not been done’ list but rather about the steps that need to be taken to put the nation back on the growth trajectory it had once set for itself before it lost its way.


Ergo, against that background it is heartening to see the Narendra Modi led NDA government get down to taking tough steps as opposed to financially debilitating populist measures. This is amply reflected in last month’s Union budget – it is high time the nation tightened its belts.


If there is a sense of urgency it stems from an understanding of ground realities – that we are way behind China because we are merely hoping to emulate them but not doing anything really substantial at a policy and implementation level to achieve it. This finds reflection in the niggardly inadequate pace at which all our major ‘must do’ infrastructure projects are being initiated, policy inertia – not to mention the financial constraints.


It is against such a background that project management – an area

in which India witnesses a gigantic deficit –becomes so imperative. The idea is underlined by an interview with Mumbai based project management guru Matthew Grant, who offers onsite mentoring to construction and real estate firms.


But that is not to say it is currently a ‘bleak house’ mood for India Inc. A better description of the country today would be to say it lives on Hope Street. That people expect the current Union government to really act at long last is the message coming out from various corners of the country. The slew of project announcements lends credence to growing public optimism.


Further, if the presence of the globally celebrated bauma brand – the third edition of the bC India show will be held in Greater Noida this December – is any indication, the tide of international opinion seems to be turning in India’s favour. The view from the organisers Messe München International and Association of Equipment Manufacturers in Munich and Milwaukee carried as part of our Cover Story this month seems to confirm that the worst is over. And that the nation can look forward to the continuation of the India Growth story.


We can still hope to join the august company of developed nations.


Happy Birthday India!


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