02 July 2020

Interview - R R Prasad (Eureka Forbes)

The new urban expansion provides huge opportunities


Eureka Forbes, part of the Shapoorji Pallonji Group provides world-class solutions in Desalination Plants, Effluent Treatment Plants, Membrane Filtration, Sewage Treatment Plants, Zero Discharge Plants and such other systems. R R PRASAD, BUSINESS HEAD–WATER PROJECTS, EUREKA FORBES offered an assessment of the opportunities available for the company in the urban and rural space.


Tell us about the projects you are currently doing in the water and waste management domain?

We have been executing water and effluent treatment plants for power projects. Currently we are executing sewage treatment plant for large industrial townships and water recycle system for leading automobile company. Further we are also executing desalination plant for power projects


What are the requirements in this zone across cities and what role do you expect to play in the urban development thrust?  

India is witnessing rapid urbanization. The availability of water in these urban conglomerations have become scarcer as demand has outgrown the supply coupled with inadequate planning whilst developing urban infrastructure. We find that new urban colonies have come up with little or no supply of piped water. Further the increased load of waste water has lead to increased pollution levels in the water bodies where these are being discharged. We therefore expect the planners of urban infrastructure to pay great importance to the aspect of water supply and waste water management so as to enhance the quality of living and also protect the urban environment from degradation. The suggested road map is to seriously look at decentralised water and waste water treatment systems so that each urban conglomeration becomes self contained. The greater thrust should be towards waste water treatment so that present gap in the supply and demand can be bridged along with protecting the water bodies from being polluted. Since we are into both the aspects of water and waste water treatment we propose to partner with the urban authorities at the planning stage itself so that water and waste treatment strategies are developed so as to make the urban infrastructure self sustaining. We are also developing specific treatment systems for optimal water and waste water management by in house development or collaborating with foreign partners so as to bring the best practices currently in vogue in developed urban infrastructure. 


What measures must municipal town planning take into account while designing water drainage and setting up waste water treatment plants in upcoming townships and new cities in India?

The traditional drainage system focused only on the disposal aspect but did not concentrate on the treatment and reuse of waste water. In most of the cities/towns, the waste water is being discharged into some water body like a lake, river or sea and with increased urbanization and waste water load; these sources are becoming more polluted. The town planners should concentrate on setting up de-centralized waste water treatment plants so that waste water from a particular locality/area is treated within its precincts. The treated waste water may thereafter be piped back to the dwelling units for re-use. The advantage of de-centralized waste water treatment plants is that the amount of piping/drainage lines would be lesser and also reduce the cost of re-distribution. We recommend that every town ship coming up should have its own waste water treatment plants so that the gap between supply and demand of water can be bridged.


What are the opportunities you will be seeking in new urban expansion and growth?

We are excited about the opportunities the new urban expansion provides for our products and services for water and waste water treatment. We look forward to partnering governmental and non governmental agencies engaged in developing urban infrastructure in providing optimal water and waste water treatment solutions by way design, supply, erection, commissioning, testing, operation and maintenance.


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