Saturday, January 16, 2021

Company Profile - Spartan



Many construction activities like external glass cleaning, external texture painting and plastering, chimney paintings etc are automated using machines like Rope Suspended Platforms. It has replaced the conventional scaffolding systems as temporary working platform at heights. With heights of buildings reaching up to 350 m in India, there are some serious dangers posed on platforms during execution of projects due to high wind speeds. At such heights where there are high wind speeds, there is a real possibility that platforms will swing uncontrollably. To countervail this, Spartan Engineering Industries, has introduced Anti Swing Device, an advanced safety feature for the Rope Suspended Platforms. Ideal for high rises and structures like chimneys, where the labourers are plastering, Spartan has come up with an array of accessories to increase performance, productivity and make the SRP safer and more effective. Spartan’s new Anti-Swing device arrests the swinging of platforms during various applications. It is a simple accessory which customers can fix on to any platform and the building. This device is made from a set of arresting galvanised wire rope, robust and strong counter weight tray to hold weight on the ground and few other robust components. The accessory not only brings stability, but it also allows adequate working distance between the building and the platform thereby bringing more accuracy at work. It increases life of the wire rope as it reduces swinging and causing less undue stress on the
wire rope.

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