05 April 2020

Interview - Ketan Shah (MFE Formwork)

Ketan Shah, Managing Director, MFE Formwork  Technology (India) Pvt Ltd 


On types of projects done by MFE: We work mainly on residential projects. Mumbai is a major market for us as also Bangalore and Delhi-NCR; almost 80 per cent of the work comes from there. We are also working on projects in Lucknow, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mohali.


On the challenges and opportunities: The challenge was when there was little awareness among users, people were scared to use formwork technology, and the price would further restrict usage. Depending on the quantity of formwork, the cost would vary from Rs 2 crore to Rs 20-30 crore. The general notion among developers was “I’d rather invest that money in buying land than buying formwork.” But only later when they realised the benefits the situation began to change. People are accepting of this technology now. Earlier it was used only for mega-sized projects. Now we have medium sized formworks. There will soon be a time when we will create a system formwork for small sized projects too.


On new innovations from MFE: After two years of testing, MFE has introduced a new technology that is used in the aviation industry to weld two pieces of 300 mm extrusions together to make one strong, solid formwork panel. The process, now tried on MFE formwork, is a solid-state joining process that intermix the two aluminium extrusions together. The two pieces are fused together using mechanical pressure.The weld is unbroken and is of the same strength as the rest of the material. 

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